How to Take the Tren Maya to Campeche City (San Francisco de Campeche)

Campeche Tren Maya Station.
This is the Tren Maya Train Station in Campeche.

Taking the Tren Maya to Campeche

Now that the Tren Maya is running, it is opening up more adventures and exploring opportunities. If you have thought about going to Campeche or want to visit a charming colonial walled city with a nice boardwalk and view of the Gulf of Mexico, this might be a good place to plan a stop on the Tren Maya. 

What is Campeche like? It depends on your experience

If you live in Playa Del Carmen or the Riviera Maya, you will be pleased to discover Campeche. It is not overrun with tourists and provides a nice break from the busy beaches and semi aggressive restaurant and store promoters. Campeche is close enough to go for the weekend but feels like a world away from the modern Riviera Maya. You can enjoy a more laid-back old world feel of the historic center. 

If you are familiar with Yucatan State and the cuisine and culture, Campeche is very similar to Yucatan State. Many of the same dishes and crafts will be found there. It still is a nice, relaxing and charming place to visit. We would describe Campeche by saying it is like Merida and Valladolid having a baby and it lives in Progresso. Medium size city by the beach with colonial past. 

If you have not visited much of the southeast of Mexico, you will be pleasantly surprised at Campeche. There are a good number of restaurants with local cuisine, beautiful crafts including many hand-woven hats. The old-world charm and laid-back atmosphere provide a lot of time to take it in and relax. 

Our map of Campeche

Here is our map we have made for you.

  • The blue line is the route the SUR bus takes from the Tren Maya to the center and back to the station.
  • The shaded green area is the best area to book a hotel. This area is where most attractions are and makes it easy to walk around. 
  • We also have added markers to some of the things that are important. 


How to get from the Tren Maya Station to downtown Campeche

When you arrive at the Campeche Tren Maya Station there will be SUR buses outside waiting and you have the option of a taxi. We will say that there are not many taxis at the station, so you might have to wait for one. It is more common to use the bus. About everyone that got off the train took the bus. Taxis cost about 200 pesos to and from the station to the center. 

Campeche Tren Maya Station
This is the Tren Maya Train Station in Campeche.

Taking the bus to the Historic Center of Campeche

When you arrive in Campeche, walk out of the station and you will see the platforms for buses. There will be one or two SUR buses waiting. These are yellow, white and green buses. You can purchase your tickets at the bus. The price is 50 pesos a person, cash only. Take your ticket and give it to the bus driver when you get on. The ride takes about 25 minutes to the center. The bus can make stops at the Airport, Galerias Mall and others before getting to the center. The stop for the center is the Malecon where the Campeche letters are. This is Calle 59 and the Malecon. It is a short walk from here to the Puerta de Mar, which is one entrance to the historic center. 

Tren Maya Train Station Campeche
This is just outside the station where you can find the SUR bus to the center.

Taking the bus back to the Campeche Train Station

The SUR buses leave from Calle 59 and the Malecon where the Campeche letters are. The buses are on the east side of the street and leave about one hour before the train leaves. The SUR bus is 50 pesos and takes about 25 minutes to get to the Campeche Tren Maya Station. 

Note: Buses can leave a little ahead of schedule and they do fill up with only standing room. Be sure to arrive about 15 minutes before departure time. Also, if you have large bags, there is limited space below the bus for bags and even more limited space onboard. 

Since the Tren Maya will be adding more trains, to get the schedule of the buses, check with the tourist information next to the Puerta del Mar. The official name is Módulo de Información Turistica. 

Bus in Campeche
This is the SUR bus that leaves from the center to the Tren Maya Train Station. As you can see there is not a lot of space below for bags. 

How much are Tren Maya tickets to Campeche?

Here are some prices to and from selected stops on the Tren Maya. Update: There is a new website for tickets for the Tren Maya here

Tren Maya prices Tren Maya Prices Campeche Tren Maya Prices

What to see in Campeche

Campeche is an old walled city that was founded in 1540. It has a unique history of pirates and colonial rule that fuses together cultures of the Maya and modern-day living. The historic center is what most people come for and they also enjoy the Malecon (or boardwalk along the Gulf of Mexico.  There is enough to see for a two- or three-day trip. If you add some daytrips to ruins or places outside of town, then add another day. Some highlights include:

The Historic Center

Stroll around the colonial streets of the historic center. Enjoy the architecture, boutique shops, restaurants and cafes. Many things are close to the main plaza including Casa 6 listed below. Calle 59 is mostly a restaurant street. 

Campeche Historic center
The Historic Center of Campeche.

Casa # 6

This house dates back to the eighteenth century, when it was built. The building was restored in 1998 by the government, making it function as a Cultural Center, better known as Casa 6. The setting is themed around the uses and customs of the nineteenth century. Most of the furniture and fixtures are replicas. The house offers a reconstruction of a typical house of the upper classes of Campeche from the eighteenth to the nineteenth centuries. Located in the historic center, in front of the main park. Entrance is free. 

Casa #6 Campeche


All along the waterfront is a nice walkway that can be used to view sunset or just taking in the views. There are running paths, a bike path and attractions. You can find the letters of Campeche, a water fountain show with music and sculptures. It is a nice waterfront that should be visited when in Campeche. 

Museum of Maya Architecture

The Museo de Arquitectura Maya is a must when visiting Campeche. There is an excellent collection of Maya artifacts. Some descriptions are in English and Spanish. At this museum you also have a change to go up on the old walls of the city and look around. For more about visiting this museum, see the official page here. 

Museum Campeche


Thanks for reading our article. The Tren Maya has opened up more places to easily visit and Campeche is one of them. We hope you find this guide to getting to and from the Tren Maya helpful and if you go to Campeche, you have a wonderful visit. For more about traveling by the Tren Maya, see our article and video here

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