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How to fly to Tulum Mexico

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Update April 2022: This company has suspended all flights at this time. This tour  is not being offered any more. We are leaving this article online because the video and sights of the Riviera Maya from the air are beautiful. 

We are all the time going on different tours to tell you what they are like and what things there are to do here. We recently went on a flight tour over the Riviera Maya to Tulum and Sian Ka’an Reserve. It truly was an amazing tour and something we want to share with you. This is just one of the options for a scenic flight over the area.

Lets first start with our video we made of going down the coast, over Tulum ruins and  a loop in Sian Ka’an. If anyone is having a hard time making a decision to come to the area, make them watch this video!

Our video of our flight tour over Tulum and Sian Ka’an


So what are the basics of going on a scenic flight?

Taking off from Playa’s airport (PCM)

The first thing you should know is that flights take off right here from Playa Del Carmen (flights can also leave from Cozumel Airport for guest staying on the island or arriving by cruise ship). They leave from the small airport at the south end of town. This makes it very easy to get from your hotel to the plane. You will meet your captain and within minutes you are through security and on the runway.

With just a short taxi on the runway you will be taking off over Playa Del Carmen. In minutes you will be seeing the stunning blue waters of the Caribbean and the shoreline of Playa Del Carmen.

flight tours Playa Del Carmen
This is just south of Playa Del Carmen at the end of Phase 2 in Playacar

Where can you go on these flight tours?

Do you want to see the coastline? Mayan ruins? or just take a flight tour to a remote island to explore? You can! So much more is possible when you take a flight. Here are some of the standard tours that are recommended but you can also create your own itinerary for your flight.

  • Chichen Itza. Fly to the Chichen Itza Airport where you will get a chance to get off and see the ruins with no long drive. Plus along the way you get stunning views.
  • Holbox Island. One of the more beautiful islands off the coast that is not open to mass tourism. You will land at the small airport on the island and be walking the sandy beaches with a plate of ceviche in no time flat. This is a day trip option.
  • Fly over Tulum ruins and Sian Ka’an. Discover the beauty of the Riviera Maya and one of the most stunningly visual ruins in the world.
  • Cozumel Island. See all sides of the island and things that no other tour can show you plus see the famous turquoise waters that have attracted divers for decades.
  • Merida Yucatan. Discover the colonial side of the Peninsula in just one short flight. You can even get a chance to see Uxmal ruins, our favorite ruins in the peninsula! You will get a whole other feel for this part of Mexico by visiting here and you can do it all within one day.
flight tours Playa Del Carmen
This is what Xel Ha park looks like from the air.

How many people can go on a flight?

These flights are all customized to what you would like. You can even go on a tour as one person if you like. Their fleet of planes ranges from small 6 passenger planes to space for 12 people. If you do have a larger group (more than 12), they are able to accommodate you and can give you a group rate.

flight tours Playa Del Carmen
Flying over Tulum ruins. It is a totally different experience from the air than the ground!

What days are the scenic tours?

These tours are offered 365 days a year. They should be reserved in advance since they are limited. Don’t worry about the weather though, they have a refund policy if the weather is bad. They do however try to reschedule with you if possible, so you don’t miss this experience.

How to book these flight tours

This company is not doing tours at this time. 


Do you have a question or comment about these scenic flight tours? Let us know below in the comment section.

flight tours Playa Del Carmen
This is what Sian Ka’an looks like from a scenic flight. You can see a boat crossing the lagoon and entering the canal.


flight tour
This is what Xcacel Beach looks like from flying above it. Looks like a perfect beach day!

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  1. Thank you for the info! Did you check the credentials of the pilots and the safety record for the flights and flight company? Do you know how we can do that before we commit to a tour?

    • Yes we did, they are a very reputable company. You can email them for more details and ask them for further information if you like. We are sure they can answer an questions you might have. We personally know one of the pilots and like everything on our website, research first before we talk about it or recommend it.

    • The prices for this tour is in USD. It is on the upper end of prices for tours but well recommended and will be something you will not forget!

  2. I love your aerial shots! It is so freaking gorgeous and stunningly beautiful!! I wanna go there and try aerial tour so bad after reading your blog. You made me feel jealous with this awesome blog of yours!

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