Financing and Mortgage options for buying real estate in Mexico

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Many of our readers have asked up about financing a real estate property in Mexico. Can you get a mortgage in Mexico? What type of loans are available? What financing options do you have? In our effort to get good answers to these questions, we asked our resident expert Sebastian write an article for you. Here it is:

6 Financing options to purchase real estate in Mexico 

There are a lot of expats that are looking to purchase properties in the Riviera Maya for investing and some for retirement or both. Often people have multiple questions for me about the options they have for financing a real estate property in Mexico. I am happy to help any reader interested in investing in real estate and show them all the options available, so that you can decide which best fits your needs. I have more information in addition to this article and will be happy to talk to you about your needs and keeping this tailored to your specific circumstances.

Let us first consider a number of variables that need to be taken into account:

A) Is the property on pre-sale and if so, what is the construction progress. When is delivery due? Conversely, is the property already built and ready to move into?
B) Are you looking to buy a house or condo (residential property) or are you are interested in buying a sizable plot of land or a commercial property?
C) Is the price of the property in Mexican pesos or US dollars?

The first thing that is important to point out is that 90% of the foreign buyers in Mexico are cash buyers. The real estate market in Mexico is a cash market, which is definitely a big plus, since it gives stability and lowers the risk of home loans defaulting.

However, if you do not have the full amount for what you want, there are still several options that a lot of investors don’t know about.

Financing Options for Presale Real Estate in Mexico

There are a lot of pros and cons of buying presale, we will get more in depth in another article. Many investors are looking to buy presale because the purchase price is lower, they are getting a better deal, it’s a brand-new property, and you have payment options during the construction of the property. There are different time frames for delivery of presale units. Most range between a 6 month to an 18-month delivery can depend on how much liquidity you have available now. This is one example of a financing option for your real estate purchase.

1. Example of developer payment options in presale

  • 30% Down payment – 40% in payments during construction and 30% upon delivery.
  • 50% Down payment – 30% in payments during construction and 20% upon delivery.
  • 80% Down payment – 20% upon delivery.

*Usually starting at 50% and above, developers offer a discount for a higher down payment.

Some options offer a 30% down payment and remaining 70% upon delivery. This is very attractive for investors that don’t have the liquidity and would like to finance the remaining 70% with a financial institution like the options you will find below.

2. Developer Financing

There are a few developers that offer in-house financing; however, the interest rate is most likely higher than what you will find in the United States. if you would like to know what options are currently available, please contact us below.
Real estate financing in Mexico
An example of a new condo building going up in Playa Del Carmen. Buying presale can give you more financing options for your purchase.

Financing for immediate delivery properties in Mexico

3. Financing in the US or Canada in USD

There have been several clients that have used this option and they have shared their experience with us. (Before doing any of these, there are some additional tips to make the process go more smoothly. You can use the contact at the bottom of the article to get more details.)
  •  Refinance a new loan (Cash out/Refinance): A client recently secured a 4.2% fixed interest rate, which is the lowest interest option we have found at present. If you would like more information on how to achieve this, please contact us to give you all the details.
  • Home Equity Loan: If you own a property, you most likely have equity in your home and you can tap into that equity. It is a simple and easy process, and you can get something around a 6% fixed interest rate.
  • Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC): This is a more flexible option, and you can take money out as you need it. The interest rate might be variable, and all will obviously depend on your equity and your credit score.
  • Personal loan: Interest rates will most likely be higher in this option.

*Additional fees may apply depending on several factors for any of the above-mentioned financing options.

4. Financing in Mexico in MXN with a Mexican bank

We work closely with different banks and are in a position to furnish you the best option available, we have a tool that will allow you to compare the best interest rates and factor them with the ROI (Return on investment) of the property that you are interested in purchasing. Foreigners can secure a credit with a Mexican bank of up to 70% of the value of the property appraisal. It is the same steps to get the mortgage as a Mexican citizen. Interest rates will be higher in Mexico than the US and Canada, however there are several pros of financing your property in Mexico in MXN:
  • Full legal certainty from the bank that you are getting the mortgage with.
  • Securing a loan in Mexico will not impact your credit score back home.
  • The exchange rate will most likely be in your favor and you can derive income in UD dollars from buying a property that rental clients rent in USD., whereas your mortgage is in Mexican pesos.
  • Having access to extra cash that you didn’t know was available to you.
  • You can deduct taxes on the interest that you have paid on your mortgage in Mexico.

financing property in Mexico

5. Financing with your 401K/RRSP using a self-directed IRA in USD

Clients have the possibility of tapping into their retirement savings account. You can take control of that capital and decide where to invest it. In the Riviera Maya you will find properties that offer up to a 15% guaranteed ROI so many people find this to be an attractive option. We can advise you on how to achieve this.

6. Cross Border Finance Companies

There are several options for cross border investments to finance properties in Mexico. We have worked with one that has given us excellent results. Interest rates and terms may vary.

More information about real estate in the area

Since you are interested in real estate in the area, we also have this very informative video that covers many topics that might interest you. We hope you enjoy it. 

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This video talks about Playa Del Carmen.


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We also have this article with videos about the buying process in Mexico for properties. Many have found this information helpful. 


We hope this article has answered some of your questions about financing property in Mexico and if you can get a mortgage.  Of course, working with a professional that is knowledgeable about the area and what options are available to you is key. If you have questions for Sebastian regarding financing in the Riviera Maya area or would like to work with him, you can contact him below. He is one of our recommended realtors to work with in the area.

Please note that Mexico is a large country, and this information is selective to the Riviera Maya area only. If you are looking in another area of Mexico, you will need to contact someone who works in that area. Local banks have different requirements and different parts of Mexico have developers that work in different ways. If you email Sebastian about another area, he is not able to give you advice. 

If you would like to see an interview, we did with Sebastian talking about the real estate market in Tulum, click here. You can also read an article he wrote about ROI in the area.

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  1. I have been wanting information about ways to purchase a property. This is a nice detailed description. I will be contacting Sebastian for more info.

    • Hello Alex

      You will need to email Sebastian directly in the email link. Your comments here just go to the website. Sebastian is one of the local experts that helped supply the material for this article. He also have information about projects and developers that work with clients.

      • Hi Alex – My husband and I are thinking about buying a property in Playa and are interested in getting more information on financing options. We’d either like to finance with a Mexican bank or with a bank that offers cross border financing options. We are US citizens residing in Arizona. Thank you!

    • What are. Bank requirements in Mexico to obtain a home loan if you are citizen of the USA. Credit score is 760. How much is require down-payment and what other documents are required.

      • Hello , looking to purchase new development property in rosariro mexico are they any us banks that cater to financing in rosarito mexico?

    • Hello , looking to purchase new development property in rosariro mexico are they any us banks that cater to financing in rosarito mexico?

      • We own a lot in Cozumel and want to build. Are there any Mexican bank loans available? My husband has dual citizenship. Please email if so.

  2. I am a US citizen and looking to buy a property in Mazatlan MX, with this outbreak hats going on now is it worth buying property now? will the banks finance been that the situation is probably getting bad with loans? some people say this is the best time to invest others think maybe later, please help me

    • Hello

      It is best to see if any banks will work with your needs. It is our experience that most US or foreign banks do not work for financing in Mexico and most Mexican banks have very high interest rates. It sounds like you are in the early stages of looking around to buy something. Much has changed in the past two months and it probably is good to wait to see where exchange rates are when things open again. Most properties are prices in USD but there might be some new pricing in the near future.

  3. Hi, as long i know, there are not mexican banks financing to foreigners.
    I am am smerican looking for financing to purchase a property in Mexico. Can you help?

  4. What are the current interest rates for purchasing a property in Playa Del Carmen? I am moving from San Antonio Texas.

    • Most people get quotes around 14-20% interest. There are other options for making payments though. A good person to ask is Sebastian in this article. His email link is here.

  5. Hello, My wife and I have the money to buy a place in Mexico out right. Although all out money is in a US Bank. Can we buy and transfer the money from our bank during the sale or do we have to transfer our money to a Mexican Bank ahead of time. and if so, what is a good way to do that?

    • Most people put money in an account that is set up and transferred to the seller when the everything is ready. Sometimes people buy a property from another foreigner and the thought of moving money from your account to theirs (if they are from the same country) comes up. Technically all sales need to show the money passing through Mexico. Since most transactions have to be written down in peso amounts and people want pesos, it normally is better for you to move the money ahead of time, when it is good for you and you get a good exchange rate. Since there are many components and situations, it is best to see what is recommended by your realtor. Are you looking in the Riviera Maya? Do you need a realtor? We can recommend some to you if you would like.

  6. Hi,

    Thanks for the informative post. We are looking at purchasing a home in the Cabo area but it’s quite difficult to figure out how to finance this as Europeans. I’m surprised to see how high the interest rate is on mortgages in Mexico compared to our own country. 8% interest rate seems to be just about the absolute minimum one can expect for a mortgage in Mexico, which is pretty rough. I’m not surprised to hear it’s just about entirely a cash market in Mexico, that definitely makes sense with such high interest rates. Unfortunately for young adults like ourselves thats not really an option. Still, thanks for the information, it has given me a bit more clarity on the situation.


  7. Nice informative article. Thanks! Please email me directly. I have some questions and would like to use your services.

    • Hello

      Your comment goes to our website and not Sebastian directly. We will pass your email on to him so he can contact you.

      • Hi my wife and I are interested in buying a property in playa del carmen to playacar. We are from Canada looking if its possible to get a mortgage in mexico could get back to me [email protected] thanks

        • Hello Shaun

          The best person to ask is Sebastian who helped write this article. He would be able to tell you about what options you have. His contact is here in the article.

    • Hello Jean

      Your comments go to our website. We do not sell real estate but we recommend people to work with in the area that are very helpful to our readers. There is an email link in the article to Sebastian who helped write this article. He can be a good person to contact.

  8. I would like to explore purchasing property in Playa del Carmen area with developer financing or Mexican bank mortgage. Please contact me to start this process

    • Hello Michael

      Your comments go to our website and not to Sebastian wo wrote this article. If you use the email link in the article, you can converse with him and get exact details.

  9. We are looking to purchase a vacation home in Play Del Carmen area. Wondering about financing and the rules and regulations. I have done some home work and there seems to be lots of miscommunications about the financing. From what I know you cannot get financed in Mexico with a traditional 30 year fixed. I would love some info please. We are going to be ready in the next 2 months to start the process. We will have around 100K down and are in the range of 130k-225k. Thank you for your time.

    • Hello Paul

      There are a few options as listed in the article. Your comments come to us here at the website. We did not write this article en total. Sebastian is very knowledgeable about this and his email is in the article to directly contact him.

  10. I am looking to purchase in playa . Can you provide me with the information for getting finance in Mexico and the banks to work with

    • Hello Myles

      Your comments here go to our website. This article was written by Sebastian whos email is in the article to contact him directly for more information. He will be able to offer the best guidance.

    • Hello

      You could email Sebastian who wrote this article to see what financing options there are. Some developers have programs for payments but this changes often, so it is best to talk with a real estate person that is up on what is offered.

  11. Could somebody be so kind to give me a name of a lender in Puerto Vallarta. I would like to walk into a brick and mortar bank and talk to someone about lending for home purchase in the area.

    Thank you
    Jeff Bandettini

  12. Hello,

    I own a property in Cabo and the interest rate is fairly high. I want to find out about refinancing it. Please let me know if you can help steer me in the right direction.

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