Cenote Zacil-ha is a Beautiful Place Near Tulum

Cenote Zacil Ha

Cenote Zacil-ha

Cenote Zacil-ha (also sometimes spelled Zazil-ha) attracts people with just on photo of the water. The pool like crystal clear light blue waters could make you think they built an inground swimming pool in the middle of the Yucatecan forest. This is not the case though. It is a cool and refreshing cenote that was left here naturally. The water will cool your core body temperature down on those hot days.

It has recently been developed into a more friendly place for people to go and enjoy an afternoon.  We are going to show you some photos now and we bet before you finish reading this you are going to think about going there!

Cenote Zacil Ha
Cool and clear waters will refresh you in this cenote.

What services are at Cenote Zacil Ha?

What is nice about this cenote besides the amazing water, is the services. There is a small restaurant, snacks, covered areas and shaded area to relax in, multiple places with varying heights to jump off of into the cenote, bathrooms and changing areas.  There is a basic zip line that goes across the cenote where you are supposed to jump into the cenote when above it (although we imagine that some would freeze up and not jump and just hang there).

This cenote is about 10 ft. deep and the overall size is not huge, so plan on going when there is not going to be a crowd. That means Sundays are usually a bad time to go as families visit cenotes on that day off.

At the one end of the cenote the water is deep blue. This is actually a cave and this cenote is linked with other cenotes nearby. All part of the amazing Yucatecan eco system. Speaking of eco system, check out the birds here. The one photo above shows lovely blue birds that were fluttering around the cenote. There were hanging birds nest in the trees as well as yellow feathered birds in flight above.

Cenote Zacil-Ha

Cenote Zacil Ha
One of the pools that kids will love.


The cabins at Cenote Zacil Ha

Cenote Zacil Ha has rustic cabins that you can stay in. These cabins have porches, covered beds, and bathrooms. The cabins are made from local woods and have electricity, a TV and fan. Towels and shower amenities are provided.

Cenote Zacil Ha
Inside of one of the cabins at Cenote Zacil Ha.

How to get to Cenote Zacil-Ha

From Tulum it is about 8.5 KM toward Coba on the Tulum/Coba road. It will be on your left. Look for this sign. The entrance might have fooled you in the past because it does not look like much. It is just off the highway and there is plenty of parking available. If all the lots are taken you probably don’t want to go in anyways because it means, there are a lot of people there and the cenote is not that big.

How much is the entrance at Cenote Zacil-ha?

  • General admission is 300 pesos. 
  • National tourist 150 pesos. 
  • Residents of Quintana Roo 100 pesos. 

Other information

Open 10/6:00pm each day. Parties and weddings can be planned here if you like. Facebook page for booking cabins https://www.facebook.com/CenoteZacilHa/ 

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Cenote Zacil-Ha

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