Buying Flowers in Playa Del Carmen

Floreria Iris in Playa Del Carmen

Do you need flowers for a special occasion or just for your table? Here are a few places and recommendations to buy flowers.

xochitl florist Playa del carmen
Xochitl Floral Shop

Floreria Iris is a long-standing business in Playa with a shop on 30th Avenue just across from DAC market near 20th St.

Flower store in Playa Del Carmen

Another shop is close by on 30th Avenue as well, just across from Mega grocery store. It is called Floreria Sac Nah. They do more basic floral arrangements.

Of all the Grocery stores, Walmart has the best selection of flowers. But do not get too excited about this because they have a very small selection. DAC Market on 30th Avenue at 20th Street sells flowers. If you have a special request, make sure you call ahead and order.

Dac market flowers in Playa Del Carmen
DAC Market Flowers

If you want to buy live flowers you can try the corner of 30th Avenue and 38th Street. It is an outdoor plant sale that has a selection of outdoor plants and flowers. Year round you can find flowering plants here. The photo below was taken in March.

Playa del Carmen Flowers

If you are out at night especially near 12th Street where the nightclubs are, people come by selling small arrangements of flowers. They are meant for your loved one. Prices for these are negotiable, as the prices tend to start high. You usually can get a few roses for 50 pesos.

Floreria Iris
Floreria Iris

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