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What movie theaters are like in Playa Del Carmen

Movie Theater in Playa Del Carmen Mexico

Remember when you were younger and you went to the movies, it was a special occasion? The theater seemed bright clean and exciting. The popcorn was smelling oh so good and there was a slight glamour about going to the movies.  Well that same sprit is alive today in the movie theater culture of Mexico. Theaters are large, clean and always trying the new things to entertain customers.

Tip: Movie theaters in Mexico are called cine or cinema. Theaters are where you go to see a play or ballet.

Movie Theaters in Playa Del Carmen

We have two movie theaters in Playa Del Carmen. One is in each of the two shopping plazas. Centro Maya has Cinemex and Plaza Las Americas has Cinepolis. Both theaters are newer and enjoyable to go to. Cinepolis is considered the more popular and larger theater. Now you can select your seats in Cinepolis and Cinemex  so getting there early to buy your tickets will give you more prime seats to choose from.

Movie Theater in Playa Del Carmen Mexico
Cinepolis Movie Theater in Plaza Las Americas

To see current listings at Cinepolis check their website.

Movie theather in Playa Del Carmen Mexico
Cinemex Movie Theater in Centro Maya Mall

To see current listings at Cinemex check their website.

Interesting fact: Many movies are in English in Playa Del Carmen. Part because there are a lot of English speakers. It is actually better to see these movies because there will be less people. Most families will go to Spanish versions of the same movie. Cartoons are usually only in Spanish since it is easy to dub them. Check online or the charts to see what movies are in English. Having Spanish subtitles will help you learn Spanish.

Price of movie tickets

Tickets cost from 30-60 pesos. This is a considerably lower price then other places and a welcome price break.  Prices can depend on the day of the week, what theater it is in, 3D or if you have a coupon. Coupons can be found in cookies and products. Both theaters have frequent viewer cards so you can collect points for discounts.

Food is where they will get you. Popcorn and soda can run you 100 pesos for large sizes. In both theaters they offer café food and keep adding services to make clients happy as well as make a profit.

Mexican Movies

Check out some of the Mexican cinema. The quality of some of these movies is excellent but you might not see they outside of  Mexico. One recent movie “Cásese Quien Pueda” was filmed right here in Quintana Roo. It is a modern romantic movie where one of the main characters ends up lost in a Mayan community.

To read more about the two malls these theaters are at, see our article about shopping centers in Playa Del Carmen.

Here are two maps for each of the shopping plazas with theaters.

Have you been to the movies in Playa Del Carmen? Which is your favorite theater? Let us know in the comment box below.


  1. Do you guys know if the Riviera Maya Film Fest will be showing at these theaters this year? We have not see anything about it.

    • The Riviera Maya Film Festival RMFF got moved back this year and will be in June. This is a great cultural event in the area and is free! Also you might be interested in knowing about the CineClub in Playa. This is an outdoor movie theater company that rotates around Playa Del Carmen and puts on movies. We just went to a movie at the Thompson Beach House last night. The beachfront with tiered seating was great! Plus you can get food. There is so much going on in Playa these days. We hope you get to take part in it.

  2. Hello. Great tip on the movies. We had a day or rain so we went to Plaza Las Americas to the movies. It was fun and walked around the mall. We felt like locals!

  3. I love going to the movies in Playa Del Carmen. It is a cool break from the heat because the theaters are air conditioned and the moves are good and most are in English. Very modern theaters too.

  4. We love going to the movies in Playa del Carmen. Plaza Las Americas is the best because it is larger and more theaters.

  5. Go to Plaza Las Americas, get a big popcorn and drink for 110 pesos and movie ticket for 45 pesos and enjoy! It makes for a great afternoon out of the heat!

  6. We have lived inPDC 8 years… and gone to movies many times…..
    Recently, as you improve your “listings” you are not putting whether they are “SUB” so we know which times will be in English. We need to know this when selecting a movie at a time we want you visit and see the movie.
    Please list the times and if they are subtitled. All the graphics and photos do not bring us to Cinepolis or the Mall. But knowing when a “SUB” movie is playing will.

    • Hello James

      Thank you for your comment to our site but it should be noted that we are no Cinepolis or Cinemex. You will need to contact them about the way they list movies so people can choose what ones they want to see. Thank you for reading our site.

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