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Where to find the best cocktails in Playa Del Carmen

cocktails Playa Del Carmen

Where to find the best cocktails in Playa Del Carmen

For discerning drinkers, sipping on a well made cocktail is satisfying.  You don’t want to waste money on a watered down drink or something not made well. Many bars and restaurants in Playa Del Carmen cater to tourist, so maintaining a reputation is less important then getting people in the door. We have found that it is also hard to find places with consistency. So where can you find some of the best cocktails in Playa Del Carmen? We have a list below that we will keep updated.

Why is it hard to get a good drink in Playa Del Carmen?

The main reasons why it is hard to find a good cocktail in Playa are:

  • Many bars and restaurant on 5th Avenue just cater to tourist that are in and out and never to be seen again. Without having to keep up a reputation for repeat clientele, there is less emphasis on quality and more on the bottom line.
  • Some bars will have a professional mixologist only to loose them to another project or location.
  • Other places start cutting corners and quality goes down. This is a big issue in Playa Del Carmen with consistency. At most places it is constantly changing.

Tip: Cocktails in Playa Del Carmen that are in the 110-190 pesos range should be good. Above these  prices they  are getting excessive in price and below 110 pesos you often get bottom shelf alcohol.

Cocktails at the Sundowner Yacht Club

The Sundowner Yacht Club is a new restaurant and bar open in Playa Del Carmen. With New York standards for food and drink, Sundowners is fast becoming a popular place for locals. Not only are the cocktails interesting, they are well proportioned and good value.

You can have cocktails at the bar at happy hour or accompany a meal in the back with a drink. Sundowners also gets good marks for food so maybe think about staying for a meal with those cocktails.

The Sundowner Yacht Club is located on the south end of Playa Del Carmen. It is on Avenida Aviacion in the same plaza as Casa Sofia Restaurant. It is on the back side of the plaza.

cocktails in Playa Del Carmen

Inside of the Sundowner Yacht Club.

Nau Restaurant

Nau Restaurant has consistently maintained it’s standards in both gourmet food and quality cocktails. Not being on 5th Avenue means having to play to a crowd that is local or will return to a place because it was good. Besides a Mediterranean style meal you can enjoy a good cocktail.

The specialty here is gin. At Nau you can get good brands and good pours as well as interesting flavored cocktails.

Nau Restaurant is on 15th Avenue between 8th and 10th Streets.

cocktails playa del carmen

Yucca chips black pepper and lemon with olives plus a gin cocktail.

Afrodisiako Restaurant

For a little European flair check out Afrodisiako Restaurant. Here you can find Italian/Mediterranean style cuisine and good cocktails. Of course you can just come for drinks.  The boutique restaurant just has a few tables on the porch where you can sip on Italian liquors and a variety of cocktails.

Afrodisiako is on 26th Street between 5th Avenue and 10th Avenue.

Afrodisiako Restaurant Playa Del Carmen

Afrodisiako Restaurant’s outdoor dinning.

Dirty Martini Bar

Not too many bars in Playa Del Carmen offer their customers stronger drinks or take the time to make them. Dirty Martini is a bar that has been around for a while and for good reason. Locals and returning visitors to Playa Del Carmen know that this is the place for martinis. They have a large menu of flavors and of course specials on Tuesdays!

Dirty Martini Bar is on 1st Avenue between 10th Street and 12th Street.

Cocktails Playa Del Carmen

Special of the house, a dirty martini

What is your favorite place for cocktails in Playa Del Carmen? Let us know in the comments below, we would love to hear from you. 

3 Comments on Where to find the best cocktails in Playa Del Carmen

  1. Harry’s for the cucumber martini

  2. How about an authentic margarita,? cause I can’t stand the slushy pre-made mix…we will be in Playa for a month this spring, any suggestion would be appreciated, thank you!!

    • Senor Dans Bar near the Cozumel Ferry is said to have a good margarita but we have to go check it out. You can ask for a margartite straight up so there is no ice but it is chilled. We have been to a few places but the bar tenders change often and the consistency changes so we don’t have a place that we can say is a sure thing. You just might have to go on a quest and try many places and let us know. 🙂

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