Wichoos Taquitos Restaurant Review

Wichoos Taquitos seafood restaurant Playa Del Carmen
Wichoos Taquitos Restaurant

Wichoos Taquitos is a small seafood restaurant on 4th Street that offers budget options for those looking to eat off of 5th Avenue. The area where they are is sort of a budget area with some hostels and small hotels, so they fit in here.

The atmosphere is casual and Caribbean with an open air restaurant complete with swinging chairs. It is a little known fact that food taste better in a swinging chair! Try it if you go here.

The menu here is mostly seafood based. There is a basic breakfast menu in the morning and later in the day they do lamb tacos, seafood tacos and seafood dishes. They do specialty dishes but we say keep it simple and have beer and tacos here.

The tacos are a little more decorated then some places and the salsas add to the enjoyment. Below is what the shrimp and fish tacos look like.

Wichoos Taquitos seafood restaurant Playa Del Carmen
Wichoos shrimp and fish tacos.

We like the fact they have four different and somewhat creative salsas. There is a creamy garlic salsa, mango salsa, spicy green salsa and a red chile arbol salsa. These salsa go good on the tortilla chips they bring you or on your tacos.

Wichoos Taquitos seafood restaurant Playa Del Carmen
Here are the four salsas they have.

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This restaurant is good for young people on a budget that want an inexpensive place to get seafood tacos and a drink. The swinging seats are nice and sure make the place more interesting. There are hostels nearby and this inexpensive restaurant is a good option to grab something to eat. It is not the height of gourmet but neither is the price.

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Open all day

Location Map

Wichoos Restaurant is on 4th Street between 15th Avenue and 20th Avenue.

Have you been to this restaurant? What did you think? Let us know in the comments below, we would love to hear from you.


  1. I went here and was severely disappointed. One tiny shrimp in my tacos. I thought it was a joke on me…. I’d attach a pic if I could. 🙁
    GREAT website btw. It’s been very helpful

    • Thanks for your comments. This restaurant is not highly recommended but is convienent if you stay in the area. We love to hear feedback from readers so we can let others know how things are.

  2. Don’t go here!

    I was interested in trying a Michelada. I told the waiter about it and the menu said it was 20 MXN. He was helpful, explained the drink to me, and I was excited to try it.

    My bill came and they charged me 20 MXN for the Michelada and 30 MXN for a Corona. The waiter didn’t mention anything about having to pay for the beer separately.

    I found the menu dishonest and deceptive but didn’t know if it’s standard practice to pay for the beer separately; so, I paid the bill and gave him a 10 MXN tip since he did an OK job.

    Once I got home, I asked around and, yes, the Corona should have been included.

    Uhh… yeah. The business is dishonest. They intentionally ripped me off of 30 MXN and deserved 0 MXN in tip. Don’t go here.

    • Hello

      We are glad you commented because there is a misunderstanding. Most all restaurants have the mix separate and then you order your beer that you want. If you think about it, most beer on menus is 30-50 pesos. So 20 pesos for the mix is not a price that would include a beer. So they did not rip you off.

  3. Went to this place last evening and had a wonderful time! The owner/server was wonderful! Great personality and attentive. The food was fresh, which differs from most of the restaurants and stands that are certainly tasty but many items are reheated. Our shrimp tempura & grilled shrimp tacos were outstanding! Need to check this one out when in Playa!!! We will be back several times this week before we return home. Cheers!!!

    • Hello Matt

      We are glad you enjoyed this place. We were thinking about it the other day and wondered how it was doing. This restaurant has ben around for many years in Playa and seems to be doing well.

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