What is the Grand Hyatt in Playa Del Carmen like?

Grand Hyatt Playa Del Carmen
The interior courtyard of the Grand Hyatt

Anyone that has been in Playa Del Carmen recently cannot help but notice the new Grand Hyatt Playa Del Carmen. It marks a prominet spot on the beach and it´s monolythic architecture might make you wonder what it is like inside.

We took an indepth tour of this property and have this photo report to let you know what the Grand Hyatt Hotel is like including the two things that surprised us.

Welcome to the Grand Hyatt in Playa Del Carmen

The entrance below is the first thing you will see when you arrive. The steps on the right are actually a waterfall and an ode to the Mayan local herritage which depicts a pyramid. Incorporating the local flavor was something that the Sordo Madaleno architecture group wanted to do and you see this throughout the hotel and you can see this in the design and materials used.

Once you enter into the hotel you are actually in the open air lobby with a straight view to the ocean. This no doubt put you at ease and start your vacation off right.

Grand Hyatt Playa Del Carmen
The entance to the Grand Hyatt Playa Del Carmen

Central courtyard of the Grand Hyatt

Below is the central courtyard of the Grand Hyatt. The center walkway (called The Paseo) takes you to the beach and houses a bar, café and sushi and ceviche restaurant where you can get a bite to eat while enjoying the ocean breeze and view.

On the sides of the central walkway you can see mangrove sections that is preserved for a natural area. The spa area looks out at these areas and you can see this in some of the photos below.

The spa is located below this walkway. The private lap pool is visiable in the photo below.

Grand Hyatt Playa Del Carmen
The interior courtyard of the Grand Hyatt

Here is a view of the ocean from the end of the central walkway. There are several pools here if you do not feel like getting in the ocean.

Grand Hyatt Playa Del Carmen
Beach view from the pools at the Grand Hyatt Playa Del Carmen

Restaurants at the Grand Hyatt Playa Del Carmen

There are two restaurants beside the café and sushi on the paseo. The to restaurants are:

  • The Grill at 1-26
  • La Cocina

Both the restaurant and eateries on The Paseo are open to the public! This will give people in Playa Del Carmen a few more beachfront dinning options. Although it is rather of a long walk to enter the hotel and make it to the beach.

This restaurant is called The Grill at 1-26. It features an international menú including steak and seafood. This is one of the two restaurants on the propety. The view is great and this was one of the surprises of the property.

Grand Hyatt Playa Del Carmen
The Grill Restaurant

Below is the restaurant La Cocina. It is open all day and is the second ocean view restaurant on the property. This is the more casual restaurant of the two.

Grand Hyatt Playa Del Carmen
La Cocina Restaurant

Fitness Center

There is a fitness center with all of the basics. Although with the beach so near and Playa Del Carmen’s 5th Avenue on your back step, we think you will not be seeing much of this room.

Grand Hyatt Playa Del Carmen
The gym and fitness center.

The spa at the Grand Hyatt

This was the second surprise at the resort. The spa área is very tranquil. In the center is the cenote pool. With a unique conical entrance this private swiming pool relfects the local sacred cenotes of the Maya.

The spa features eight treatment rooms.

Grand Hyatt Playa Del Carmen
The tranquil spa area.

Here is a double spa treatment room with window looking out to mangrove area.

Grand Hyatt Playa Del Carmen
A double massage room.

Here is a single treatment room looking out to the lush mangrove. being in the spa here makes you feel you are far out of Playa Del Carmen. It is surprising how tranquil it is.

Grand Hyatt Playa Del Carmen
Massage room with view of mangrove.

Kids activates

Kids of all ages are taken care of here. This is Camp Hyatt where kids ages 3-12 can come and play while adults play on their own. This area was very clean and set up with lots of toys and activities.

The Grand Hyatt impressed us with the kids sections we put this hotel in our Playa Del Carmen with Kids Guide.

Grand Hyatt Playa Del Carmen
Childrens play area.


Grand Hyatt Playa Del Carmen
Childrens play area.

For older kids there is #Hashtag area. This area features a small theater, bowling and games. This area is great for kids from about 8-16 years old. If you ever have a rainy day your kids will be plenty occupied.

Grand Hyatt Playa Del Carmen
Hastag older kids play área.

Also in the #Hashtag area are Xbox stations with video games.

Grand Hyatt Playa Del Carmen
Game room.

What are the rooms at Grand Hyatt Playa Del Carmen like?

Last but not least, the rooms. The Grand Hyatt Playa Del Carmen has 314 rooms, 36 of these are suites, 20 are oceanfront “air suites” refering to the large floating floor that goes across the front of the hotel. There are two presidential suites at the hotel.

Grand Hyatt Playa Del Carmen
Room design.

Rooms are modern with beige, white, wood and turquise colors. Rooms are a little smaller than resorts outside of Playa Del Carmen but you might not notice with the clean lines and being in the center of Playa Del Carmen you no doubt will be out exploring 5th Avenue.

Grand Hyatt Playa Del Carmen
A room with a courtyard view.


Grand Hyatt Playa Del Carmen
Bathroom in the room.


Grand Hyatt Playa Del Carmen
Room with a view.

Meeting rooms at Grand Hyatt

Also at this hotel are 18 versatile meeting rooms including one grand ballroom. This makes it a good destination for business meetings or weddings.

Recommendations and Review

This modern and centrally located hotel will make you feel like you are not in Playa Del Carmen but with just a few steps, you are outside on 5th Avenue. We like the fact this place is not an all-inclusive and you can take advanage of many of the great international restaurants in Playa. This hotel is more for the modern family that likes to stay somewhere nice but also likes to get out there. The common spaces including the pool are smaller then other resorts so if you were going to hang at the pool everyday just note this. It is nice there is activities for all age children on the property and give families more options then staying at a smaller hotel in Playa Del Carmen’s downtown.

If you are staying at this hotel you will pass by the La Memorable food market at the entrance. Here is an article about La Memorable market with information on what is there.

How much are the rooms at the Grand Hyatt Playa Del Carmen?

Are you interested in this hotel? You can see what the rooms cost by clicking the check price now button.


Where is the Grand Hyatt Playa Del Carmen?

The Grand Hyatt is on 1st Avenue between 24th Street and 26th Street.

Have you stayed at the Grand Hyatt Playa Del Carmen? What did you think? Do you want to add a review? We would love to hear from you in the comments below.

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  1. Quick question. We are staying at the Grand Hyatt and see there are restaurants there. What is it like to eat our and should we plan on eating there since it is not all inclusive? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    • There are some good restaurant there but are prices accordingly. You can access many great restaurants by walking out onto 5th Avenue and the surrounding area. You will find that some just off 5th offer even better value. If you are staying for one week you might like to switch it up anyways.

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