What is it like to experience the Cirque Du Soleil Joya show?

Cirque Du Soleil Joya show Riviera Maya Mexico
Interior of the theater.

Experience Cirque Du Soleil’s Joya in the Riviera Maya

We say “experience” because this is not just a show you come to. This is an evening activity that has been created thoughtfully so guest can experience the Riviera Maya’s natural beauty and a performance by one of the worlds top entertainment companies. The show was created for the Riviera Maya, Mexico and is the only permanent show outside the United States and the first foray into Mexico by Cirque Du Soleil. We are pleased this is now part of the entertainment and cultural scene of our area and we hope you get to experience it.

Your evening at Cirque Du Soleil will start like this….

Your experience will start by coming onto the nicely landscaped Cirque Du Soleil property. The theater, covered walkways and outdoor restaurant and bar all sit around a cenote with waterfalls in the background. This is where the magical experience begins.

As you walk around the cenote on the walkway you come to Nektar Restaurant. This is a Yucatecan food restaurant and is actually open to the public even if you are not coming to the show. (Note: This is not where you have dinner if you purchase the dinner and show tickets). So even if you have already seen the show and want to come back for an evening you can enjoy this restaurant.

Cirque Du Soleil Joya show Riviera Maya Mexico
The entrance to the cirque Du Soleil Theater.

The theater and it’s design

The theater was designed to look like a palm tree coming up from the ground and fit into the natural landscape. The interior is a very modern engineered theater that is well air conditioned and attention to detail is everywhere.

The theater is described as an intimate experience since it is small and all seats will provide a good view of the show. Fanciful chandeliers hang before the performers come out and while the music is playing. They are retracted during the show and the stage and sets evolve to tell the story.

Cirque Du Soleil Playa Del Carmen
Interior of the theater.

Mexican culture intertwined in the show

The ideas for the show and stage were gathered by Cirque’s people who spent time traveling Mexico to get cultural elements to incorporate into this unique show for the Rivera Maya.

The storyline of the show is a grandfather that has a book of knowledge and wants to pass it on to someone. He has a granddaughter named Joya who is young and reckless but comes to know her fathers work. Many aspects of the show are unique to Mexico like the migration of the monarch butterflies.

The main stage is designed after the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico (UNAM) because they have one of the most extensive libraries with about 400,000 books. The stage looks like a library with all sizes of books that move around and reveal parts of the show.

Cirque Du Soleil Joya show Riviera Maya Mexico
You can see the detail and creativity of the set design and costuming.

The stage transforms in many ways. In the photo below you see a pirate ship coming out.

Cirque Du Soleil Joya show Riviera Maya Mexico
The set keeps changing to evolve the storyline.

Come see the amazing Cirque Du Soleil performers

Joya has 34 performers and displays all the athleticism as all the other Cirque Du Soleil shows. You will be amazed at the talent and skills of the international performers. Just see some of the photos below!

Below are two guys that do amazing flips and tricks with just one bench. They will entertain you and keep you wondering how they do it!

Cirque Du Soleil Joya show Riviera Maya Mexico
These are some very talented acrobats.

Not only are performers on the stage, some will be in the air above you, and some on platforms in the audience. This contortionist twisted and turned on one arm.

Cirque Du Soleil Joya show Riviera Maya Mexico
The show is not only on the stage but all around.

Below is a book that pulls out of the wall and is a trampoline where guys bounce down and seemingly freeze in air and walk up the wall. There are countless tricks and poses these guys come up with and it looks like so much fun!

Cirque Du Soleil Joya show Riviera Maya Mexico
This was a wall with a trampoline.

These guys did a street like performance with jump ropes. It was so fast that it was hard to capture. You will be amazed how they throw the ropes around and keep the fluidity of the motions.

Cirque Du Soleil Joya show Riviera Maya Mexico
So fast it was hard to take a picture!

The above photos and descriptions are just a sample of the things you will see in the show. There is much more to see then just these things.

Now that you see this is an amazing show you will most likely need all the details to get there and how to buy tickets. Below is all the information you need.

What type of tickets are there and what are the differences between tickets type?

There are four types of tickets to this show. As mentioned above this is not just a show. The entire theater and evening is meant to be an experience. Before each show there is live music on stage. This allows people to come in and enjoy drinks or dinner before the actual show (VIP tickets and dinner ticket holders can enter one hour before the show. Other ticket holders can enter 30 minutes before the show).

  1. VIP Package. This ticket will be the best seats in the theater, dinner and unlimited champagne.
  2. Dinner and show. This is an exquisite dinner with your experience.
  3. Champagne Package. These tickets are for the show and you will have appetizers and champagne at your table (you can enter 30 minute before the show).
  4. Show. These tickets are just for the show but you still can enjoy the music 30 minutes before the main show.

Note: If you get the dinner option you will be surprised at the creativity and presentation of the food! The meal carries out the theme of the show and represents all the thought that Cirque Du Soleil puts into everything it does.

Below is an example of the #3 ticket option. It is a bottle of champagne and 6 appetizers per person.

Note: If you do not like champagne you can change it for wine for any ticket option that includes champagne.

Cirque Du Soleil Joya show Riviera Maya Mexico
This is the champagne with appetizers.

How much are tickets to the Cirque Du Soleil Joya show?

The transportation is included in these tickets to Cirque Du Soleil from both Playa Del Carmen and Cancun. There are twelve types of tickets to choose from. The options include just seats to full champagne and meal with the show.

Tickets for Cirque Du Soleil for people in Cancun

Ticket prices including transportation from Cancun start at $97 USD-$202 USD depending on the package you get.

reserve now botton

Tickets for Cirque Du Soleil for people in Playa Del Carmen

Ticket prices including transportation from Playa Del Carmen start at $94USD-$198 USD depending on the package you get.

reserve now botton
Note: Children’s ticket prices apply to children aged 5-12 years old. No children under 5 are allowed in the theater.

Where is the Cirque Du Soleil Rivera Maya theater?

The actual address is Km. 48 Carretera Federal Cancun-Playa Del Carmen, Quintana Roo, Mexico 77710.

The theater is almost halfway between Playa Del Carmen and the small town of Puerto Morelos.

It is between Cancun and Playa Del Carmen where the Vidanta Resort is on the highway. There is a large sign on the 307 Highway on the west side where the theater is. It is pretty easy to see. (See special driving instructions below for people coming from Playa Del Carmen).

How do you get to the Cirque Du Soleil theater?

Cirque Du Soleil Playa Del Carmen Joya show Riviera Maya Mexico
The Cirque Du Soleil theater and cenote.

There are several options to get to the show.

  • If you are staying at a nearby resort, there may be a shuttle to the theater.
  • Taxi service along the Riviera Maya will take you there. Prices range by distance and will cost around 300-600 pesos ($25USD-$45USD) each way.
  • Cirque Du Soleil has shuttle busses from Playa Del Carmen and from Cancun. This is an excellent option and a very affordable one. From the shopping mall La Isla in Cancun’s Hotel Zone the shuttle is 255 pesos or $15 USD and from Playa Del Carmen the location is in Playacar for 204 pesos or $12 USD. There are more instructions for where to catch this shuttle on the website of Cirque Du Soleil mentioned above.
  • Driving yourself there is fairly easy if you have a car. There is free parking at the theater and optional valet parking at additional cost if you want to use the service. Driving from Cancun is pretty easy. You just drive down the 307 Highway and look at the kilometer markers. It is at KM48.  There will be a large sign on the west side of the highway for Cirque. Coming from Playa Del Carmen and points south is easy as well. The only tip is the turn to cross the highway when you arrive near the theater. You will exit on the right which is the turn off for Vidanta Resort. You will just pull off the highway and notice a left turn that crosses the highway. This makes crossing the highway safe and easy.
  • Colectivo service. This is not a recommended option but will get you there. Colectivos are shared vans that operate like bus service on the highways. There are colectivos that run between Cancun and Playa Del Carmen in both directions. Prices are under 40 pesos from anywhere between Playa Del Carmen and Cancun. You just ask to get off at Cirque Du Soleil or Vidanta Resort (since it is across the road and more known). You will walk in the entrance and come to a gate house. They don’t like people walking in for safely and will probably bring a golf cart to drive you the short way in.

Our Recommendations for this show

Honestly, we had heard mixed reviews from different people. Some said that the show was not as good as a Las Vegas show or it was slow, or just ok. We have to disagree with what we have heard from some people and know what to believe now.

The Cirque Du Soleil Joya show is a first rate show with excellent thought going into the theater, overall experience, food, costuming, show quality and entertainment value! This is a quality event that does not get rivaled in the Rivera Maya and the price of tickets is worth the experience. This really is the highest form of entertainment in the Rivera Maya.

We do suggest taking more time to visit the theater ahead of time and make it an evening instead of just running to the show and going back to your hotel. Any type of ticket will allow you to enjoy yourself and the small size of the theater will allow you good visibility of the performance.

If you are expecting Cirque Du Soleil Joya with sombreros and tequila, this is not going to be for you. This is a cleaver and artistic interpretation of many aspects of Mexico’s unique culture. You will get more out of this show if you know the storyline before the show starts and appreciate the artistry, creativity and the athleticism of the performers.

Most people should find this a worthwhile activity to do while on vacation and it is a good option for one night because most other activities are in the daytime. We hope you enjoy this. Let us know in the comment below what you thought.

Have you seen Cirque Du Soleil’s Joya how here in the Riviera Maya? What did you think? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Travelling to Cancun in October 2016, I only see Cirque tickets available up to July 2016. Is there an extension planned for the show?

    • This is a permanent show here in the Rivera Maya and will be here. They do close one month to rest but you should be able to see the show when you are here. We hope you enjoy it, we certainly did!

  2. Fantastic write up. I was wondering what the Cirque show was like. We were thinking of going to it and wanted to know a little more. Thanks

  3. Hello just wanted to tell you about our night at Cirque du Soleil. We got the full package because it was our anniversary. It was all tip class and the staff that work there are above hotel /resort grade. Very nice and the performance was nice and intimate. It is close up. it almost felt like a special show just for us. I would recommend it for our visitors.

  4. Hi,

    We are traveling the 19-26 of May 2017 to Vidanta. Is this the month they take a break, or will the show be on?

    • Hello Kristal

      Right now they are only selling tickets through April 23. We do not know if they will keep on with this show or make another one and start it or be taking a break. It is best to contact them directly or wait to see if the dates open for tickets as time goes on.

  5. I attended the Cirque de Soleil Joya show on June 6, 2017 and it was definitely a high quality performance worth seeing. It is a smaller, more intimate experience than other Cirque de Soleil events, which is part of the experience. I only purchased the “Show Only” tickets, however I spoke with several people who did the Dinner/Show combo tickets and they raved about the gourmet dinner as well as the performance. It was nice to have a evening event for a change. Be prepared for a rather long uphill walk from the transportation drop-off point, up a winding ramp to the get to the actual theatre. If you don’t have physical tickets (just confirmed reservations) you will need to pick up an actual ticket from the Box Office at the foot of the long ramp. Also remember to bring credit cards or cash if you want to purchase any souvenirs, drinks or snacks.

    • Your hotel will be able to help you book it. The theater is right across the highway so it is not hard to get to but a van service would be nice.

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