The Green Village Vegetarian Restaurant

The Green Village Restaurant Playa Del Carmen

The Green Village Restaurant is a vegetarian option in Playa Del Carmen. This small restaurant is hidden away in the Green Village Hotel on 20th Street.

The restaurant sits around and open courtyard with counter seating and there are a couple of tables. Everything here is made fresh and made to order. This is a small restaurant and you will be sure to get individual attention when you go here. All three meals a day are available here.

Menu at The Green Village Restaurant

The menu is vegetarian with a little middle eastern influences. There are things like Greek salad, hummus and falafel on the menu.

For breakfast they have different combinations or complete breakfast with eggs or with fruit. Prices for breakfast range from about 69 pesos to 129 pesos.

The lunch and dinner menu is the same and offers vegetarian dishes and some with fish. There are about 10 diffent options and prices range from about 89 pesos to 225 pesos.

The Green Village Restaurant Playa Del Carmen
Penne pasta with vegetables in a soy sweetened sauce, sesame and mixed nuts.

Their falafel is one of the best we have had in Playa Del Carmen and will be a popular dish here.

The Green Village Restaurant Playa Del Carmen
This is their plate of falafel.

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Open daily from 8:00am-11:00pm.

Where is the Green Village Restaurant?

This restaurant is in The Green Village Hotel on 20th Street between 10th Avenue and 15th Avenue. It is a little hard to see so we added the photo of the door below the map.

The Green Village Restaurant Playa Del Carmen
The entrance door to The Green Village Hotel and Restaurant.

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