What is shopping like at Plaza Playacar?

shopping Plaza Playcar Mall

Plaza Playacar is a small plaza where you can shop if you are staying at one of the all-inclusive hotels in the Playacar section in Playa Del Carmen. This area is close to downtown but still a whole little world to itself. While most people that stay at resorts spend most of their time by the pool or on the beach some might want to do a little shopping. This is only one option besides the hotel gift shop to do some souvenir shopping. Let’s see what it is like and what is there.

Plaza Playacar shopping

The Plaza Playacar  is a small outdoor collection of shops that give visitors an opportunity to get some souvenirs and take some memories home with you. How does the shopping here compare to going downtown? Well, there is mostly lower end souvenirs here. Some of the things are not even local or representative of what is from this area.

Some of the items are on our tackiest souvenirs in Playa Del Carmen list can be found here. You can find t-shorts, key chains, magnets and other small things here.  If you want to do more serious shopping, then you really should visit 5th Avenue and search through some of the stores we have highlighted on our shopping section. On 5th Avenue you have more original made, handmade and higher end gift shops as well as the same things in Plaza Playacar.

If you are just buying basic souvenirs like t-shirts and magnets the prices are about the same in Plaza Playacar and 5th Avenue. You will just get more options on 5th Avenue and there is much more energy.

What are the shops like at Plaza Playacar?

Below are some photos of the shops there. You can see a t-shirt shop, some of the typical souvenirs and a more local inspired Mayan clothing store.

shopping Plaza Playacar Mall
T-shirt shop in Plaza Playacar.


shopping Plaza Playacar Mall
Souvenirs for sale at Plaza Playacar.

There are only a few options where you might get something of quality here. Jewelry, sunglasses or in the Kin Mayab store. Kin Mayab also has a store in Paseo Del Carmen and is one of the places in Playa Del Carmen you can get more authentic Mayan clothing or embroidery.

Food and drink in Plaza Playacar

The one thing here you might like to know about is the Starbucks. This can make for a nice morning stop especially if you are out for a walk and want to get your favorite coffee or beverage. This really is the only place for food or drink in the plaza.

Also, in the Plaza Playacar you can find public bathrooms, film center, tour companies, photos ops, and tequila.

Visit this Playacar Plaza but also go to 5th Avenue

If you do not have time to go downtown to 5th Avenue, then you might be able to pick up a few things here. We do recommend though that you walk or take a taxi into the downtown area to shop and experience 5th Avenue. It is really magical especially at night.

Some people actually have told guest at resorts that it is not safe to venture out of the resorts, we were totally taken by surprise that someone would say this. Don’t let this false advice keep you trapped at the resort, get out and enjoy everything Playa Del Carmen has to offer!


 Playacar Plaza Playa Del Carmen
Shopping at Plaza Playacar

Have you been to Plaza Playacar? What tips do you have for other readers? We would love to hear from you in the comment box below.

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  1. We stayed in Playacar this year at the Riu and went to the mall here. It was ok but nothing special was there. We walked into town and found better deals and of course there is an endless amount of things to see and find at shops on 5th Avenue.

  2. We stayed at the Riu in Playacar near this mall and wanted to do a little shopping. We checked out this plaza but did not buy anything. It looks like they are opening more stores soon so hopefully that is better. I wish the prices were more normal there for what they have now.

  3. Greetings from North Carolina! We always stay at an all inclusive in Playacar and like to wonder out to go shopping. It seems like there is going to be a new shopping mall in Playacar soon. Please let us know what it is going to be. We are curious to find out. Anyways, wonderful site!

  4. I am regular visitor, how is everyone there? We like staying in Playacar but always shop on 5th Avenue. sometimes someone says it is dangerous to go into town which is totally a lie. It is so safe to go walking around and go shopping in Playa Del Carmen. The only thing we like in Plaza Playacar is the Starbucks.

  5. Hello! There is the new plaza opening next to Playacar Plaza. It does not really have much now so maybe next year when we come we can go shopping there. Keep us posted on what opens please.

  6. Don’t no if you can HELP I see a ring in the new jewellery shop don’t no what shop is called but it’s facing main road
    We are back home now but my partner ask me to marry him why we were there I should of got the ring but left it to late
    really would love to get the owner email or mobile if possible Please

    • Was this ring in Playacar? Was it the new shopping center or the old one called Plaza Playacar? We will try to track down the number so you can have your dream ring. We love helping people.

    • There is a convenience store in the Riu Palace Hotel that faces the main road in Playacar. You might be able to find them there.

  7. We holidayed at the Riu Tequila in August, and the Plaza Playacar was just a couple of minutes walk from the hotel. There is a new shopping centre opened in Plaza Playacar, so there is now an abundance of shops to have some retail therapy. We spent a good few hours browsing in all the shops and spending money. There are obviously souvenir shops, a pharmacy, bank, jewellery stores, fashion, shoes, mini- market, massage, crafts and artefacts,excursion agency and a starbucks for when you want a caffeine fix in a nice air conditioned place.

  8. Hi,
    Is it still safe to go out of our all inclusive resort and take a taxi ride to downtown?
    We will be staying at Ocean Riviera Paradise, which is a bit far from downtown.
    Thank you

    • Resorts are very safe and not in any travel advisory. Most everyone visiting and living in the downtown is feeling very normal and safe. Some hotels will tell you that it is dangerous, something they have done for years. More to keep people on the property. So it is good to make your own decisions.

  9. Please update where there are any organic
    groceries in Playacar… fruits, veggies , dairy
    products such as milk and cheese ? Any locations to purchase poultry or fish for home cooking ?

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