In Search of the Tackiest Souvenir in Playa Del Carmen

Tacky souvenirs in Playa Del Carmen

What is the tackiest souvenir in Playa Del Carmen? We hit the shopping street of 5th Avenue to find out. There are a lot of stores on 5th Avenue and we went to everyone and got tourist opinions on what is tacky.

There are a lot of options to buy in Playa Del Carmen for  souvenirs. It is always nice to take something home to remember the trip by or give a small gift to someone but it is always a matter of taste. We hope we don’t offend anyone here but this is what fellow tourist thought was the cheapest, tackiest, tasteless and funny things that are sold in Playa Del Carmen.

Here is our TOP 10 list of Playa Del Carmen Souvenirs that are tacky

10. The over the top Mexican sombrero. Always hard to get home and pretty useless unless you are drunk.

Tacky souvenirs in Playa Del Carmen


9. Pirate picture frame. Playa Del Carmen is not really know for pirates or even a pirate bar. This Made in China crap is at least useful for a photo holder. But for $18.99??

Tacky souvenirs in Playa Del Carmen


8. These magnets don’t really have any meaning about your trip to Playa Del Carmen unless your name is “Sexy Mama”.

Tacky souvenirs in Playa Del Carmen


7. Shot glasses just say you like to drink on vacation, these say you like the tacky messages and like to drink,  if you buy them.

Tacky souvenirs in Playa Del Carmen


6. Fake Mayan plaster wall hangings. Not only are they done with glitter but the fake gems make them extra special! What kind of home décor do you have where this can fit in?

Tacky souvenirs in Playa Del Carmen


5.  T-shirts. So many tacky messages. They can be funny but often don’t have anything to do with Playa Del Carmen. Plus if you wear them in Playa Del Carmen you will be a magnet for all the sales people on 5th Avenue to sell you more tacky stuff!

Tacky souvenirs in Playa Del Carmen


4. Skulls with feathers. This is not even Mexican or Mayan! More cheap Chinese souvenirs. And look at the price!!! The mark up must be 3000%.

Tacky souvenirs in Playa Del Carmen


3. Bottle of Corona Beer or Tequila with clay people in sexual positions. At least you get some alcohol with your purchase. But $6 USD for a bottle of beer?

Tacky souvenirs in Playa Del Carmen


2. Apron with flap that reveals a big penis. There are different messages on the aprons but none really have anything to do with your vacation in Playa Del Carmen.

Tacky souvenirs in Playa Del Carmen

And our number one tackiest souvenir in Playa Del Carmen is…..


#1. The boob mug. Nothing says “I am classy” as sipping from a boob mug. At least if you buy 4 you get a discount.

Playa Del Camren souvenirs

We hope you enjoyed looking at these tacky items here and not in your shopping bag. Playa Del Carmen does have a wide variety of shopping and  for all taste. We try to bring the best of the best and the good places to buy quality souvenirs in Playa Del Carmen. We will continue to add good stores to the Tourist Information Tab at the top. A big thanks to all the people that helped us select this list and happy shopping to everyone!

What do you think are some of tackiest Playa Del Carmen souvenirs? Tell us in the comment box below.


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  1. I was surprised at how many shops are on 5th Avenue. There are a lot of tacky souvenirs and stuff to buy but we found some good stuff. We bought tequila, jewelry and some stuff at that heart store.

    • We are glad you found some of the better things for sale on 5th Avenue. Shopping there offers a wide selection and since Playa has all levels of tourist, almost everyone can find something there. We hope the rest of your vacation was great.

  2. It is a shame that there is so much crap for sale in Playa on 5th Avenue. I wish people would consider buying something local made and not all the plastic crap.

  3. We got off the Cozumel Ferry and walked up 5th Avenue and boy there is a lot of crap! So many stores all with the same things. I wish they would stop selling or rather people would stop buying the studpic souvenirs.

  4. Hi there. I found this funny to see all the souvenir photos. Some are just awful. I am glad you show people where to buy the good stuff.

  5. We were looking for souvenirs on 5th Avenue last week. So many bad souvenirs but we did find some nice shops thanks to your shopping guide of stores off 5th. Cheers!

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