More Photos of the Train Maya Project (Tren Maya)

Tren Maya

More Photos of the Train Maya Project

We have updated you from time to time about how the Tren Maya or as it is called in English, Mayan Train is coming along. It is a huge new infrastructure project that will loop through the southeastern part of Mexico link five states. As with many large infrastructure projects in Mexico, you never know just what ones will get off the ground and what ones will be in design only. Many were skeptical about the Tren Maya project, but it has begun and many aspects of the project are coming to light. 

We recently posted this article about the construction going on along the highways for the Mayan Train. In addition to this article, we have a good overview of what this project includes in our Mayan Train article. The basic route is planned now and details are now emerging as to what stations will look like and what the train itself will be like. We wanted to share these new photos with you and to get your opinion of what the project looks like.

What the train cars will be like for the Tren Maya

The Tren Maya will be a semi high speed train. We are not talking bullet train speeds, but rather about 35% faster then driving speeds. This will cut times between Merida and the Riviera Maya and all those that take the train to visit Chichen Itza. The train lines themselves are designed to be efficient for speed, but also safe for nature. Fences will line the areas where the highway and train parallel each other. In more remote areas this will keep animals such as deer from crossing the tracks and highway. Under the highway there will be crossings for animals.  This is the same type of highway plan that was constructed between Playa Del Carmen and Xcan

Maya Train

Passenger cars

This could be where you sit on your way to visit Chichen Itza ruins. The train will add another element to the trip and make it more comfortable. Many people don’t realize that it is about 3 hours each way from the Riviera Maya to Chichen Itza. At least on the rain you will be able to get up and walk around and have decent bathrooms. 

Mayan Train

Bar Car on the Tren Maya

Enjoy some food or drinks in the bar car aboard the Train Maya. The interior is sleek, modern and culturally appropriate for the journey. We like the branding for the Tren Maya. It is very local and fitting with the mix of cultures.

Mayan Train

Sleeper cars

Sleeper cars will be added for the long haul trips. This won’t be used as much since most of the train trips will be short. For example, Playa Del Carmen to Merida will be less than 4 hours. Sleeper cars will be good for the trips to Palenque, Chiapas. This will be one of the furthest stops from the Riviera Maya. Imagine getting on the train in the evening and arriving in the morning to tour Palenque ruins, a whole other world from the Riviera Maya. 

Tren Maya

Train Maya

Valladolid, Yucatan Train Station

Valladolid will be a major stop on the Tren Maya route. So this station will be larger. We really like the open feel of the stations with large fans for air circulation. The architecture is modern but still fits very well with the local feel. 

Mayan TrainValladolid

Tren Maya Valladolid

Train Maya

Valladolid Mayan Train

Xcan Train Station

Xcan is an important junction for the Mayan Train. The Cancun to Valladolid route passes through the relatively unknown town of Xcan. This is also where the intersection of the 305 toll highway from Playa Del Carmen intersects the 180 toll road. It is also the closest stop for Holbox Island. So this Xcan station will become a new transportation hub for the area. It will allow for passengers to board the train and also disembark for van transportation. 

Since there is no direct Playa Del Carmen to Valladolid line planned, the Xcan Station could be used for a connection with vans dropping people off for points west. 

Again, the local materials and shape of the this station look exciting. 

Tren Maya Xcan

Train Maya

Train Maya

Train Maya

Tren Maya

Tren Maya

Tulum Train Station

Tulum will be one of the more popular stations along the route. There has been a lot of speculation to exactly where the station will be located since  the downtown area is crowded. From the looks of it in the drawings below, the Tren Maya station for Tulum will be outside of town. A whole new development is planned around the station and what looks like the 307 Highway passing on the sides of the station. 

Mayan Train Tulum

Tren Maya

What will the Tren Maya  station look like in Playa Del Carmen?

The Tren Maya will pass through Playa Del Carmen almost in the back side. The stations will be elevated to allow traffic to cross below. We have a full article here with photos of what the plans look like for Playa Del Carmen.

See also our article on the opening dates of the Tren Maya. 

What are your thoughts about the design of the Tren Maya? Let us know in the comments below. 


  1. Absolutely wonderful and desperately needed for the development of the area which has enormously developed in the past decade!

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