Paamul Mexico-Unique Beachside Community

Paamul Mexico

Paamul is a unique community just 15 minutes south of Playa Del Carmen located just off the highway and next to the beach. The community started some 30 years ago as a place you could drive your mobile home to and hookup to facilities. Palapa roofs were built for shade and then you could have the option to pull your motor home under it and have a little outdoor space that was covered. It has slowly transformed into a more permanent community. This is visible by the way people have adapted their palapa structures around their motor homes and now the structures are in all forms of becoming houses. This close nit community is mostly Canadians and Americans and some call this place home year round or part of the year.


Today in Paamul there are 220 RV spots and camping is possible as well. A hotel anchors the development which also has a restaurant. The community sits on a small bay that is an active diving area and has a reef just off the coast to explore. What makes this community also unique is the fact that it is small and not feeling the growing that is going on to the north and south. Check out the photos below in the Paamul gallery.

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