How Playa Del Carmen does New Year!

New Years in Playa Del Carmen

New Years in Playa Del Carmen is one of the busiest and most exciting times of the year because everyone loves to be here for it. People love coming from colder climates in North America or Europe and Mexicans love escaping their home cities and coming for the excitement and marking the special occasion here. Playa Del Carmen entices people with all the great restaurants, beaches and traditions for the New Years Holiday.

From Christmas time until December 31st. the energy builds and becomes palpable. More and more people come to Playa and every hotel and rental property gets filled. Grocery stores are filled with people unfamiliar with where things are, and all are buying supplies for the vacation dinners and parties. It becomes harder to cross the streets because traffic volume goes up and tourist try to navigate the streets.

New Years Eve in Playa Del Carmen

On the 31st of December the energy builds all day as people walk in shorts on the sunny 5th Avenue. Every restaurant prepares for a special evening and people barriers go up near 12th Street because of the amount of people that will be coming there later. Streets start to be closed off close to 10th Avenue because the amount of traffic will become too much, and some streets will become pedestrian.

Where to go for dinner on New Years in Playa Del Carmen

There are many places that offer a special meal and often will do timed seatings. Almost every restaurant will be open including all the ones on 5th Avenue. Some of the notable places for dinner that really offer a special time are:

  • Casa Del Agua
  • Harry’s
  • Purobeach Restaurant

Where to go to party for New Years

Here is a list of some locations to check out. You can always see Facebook pages for current events and prices.

  • Mamitas Beach Club-Dj’s and ringing in the New Year on the beach.
  • Coco Bongo Club– They have the same show they do every night but offer special table service. It will be packed here!
  • Most of the larger clubs on 12th Street. See also our bar guide for smaller places for New Years.
  • Thompson Hotel roof-dinner and Dj’s in style.
  • 5th Avenue is fun for walking around and then 12th Street is where everyone will go. There are usually fireworks over the ocean.

New Years Eve Playa Del Carmen Photos

New Years in Playa Del Carmen
Christmas lights on 5th Avenue and people walk in the sunshine getting ready for New Years.


New Years in Playa Del Carmen
Barricades go up.

In the evening everyone either takes a nice dinner with friends at a home or goes out to eat on 5th Avenue. By 10:00pm 5th Avenue starts to get more crowded. There is dancing in the street and even an information booth becomes an impromptu bar!

New Years in Playa Del Carmen
Extra seating is set up for that special dinner.

After everyone has had dinner people start to pick where they want to ring in the New Years. Most people that want a club experience go to 12th Street between the beach and 10th Avenue. Besides the many clubs getting packed, the street becomes impassable and packed with holiday revelers.

12th Street in Playa Del Carmen packed for New Years Eve
12th Street packed for New Years Eve in Playa Del Carmen.


New Years in Playa Del Carmen
12th Street packed for New Years Eve in Playa Del Carmen.

New Years in Playa Del Carmen

The party continues all night and goes until dawn.


New Years in Playa Del Carmen
Partying until dawn New Years Day in Playa Del Carmen.

At dawn the biggest Playa Del Carmen tradition is going to the beach to watch the sunrise for the first time in the new year. Usually, it is a beautiful Caribbean sunrise, and you are joined by thousands of people on the beach. Some people are still out partying, and some are just getting up. You can see some pretty crazy things but in general everyone is in a festive mood, and everyone is wishing a “Happy New Year” to everyone.

Time lapse video of the beach on New Year’s Day

New Years in Playa Del Carmen
A cruise ship passes the sun on the new day.


New Years Day in Playa Del Carmen
People watching the sun rise on the new day and year.


New Years in Playa Del Carmen
Happy guys ready for another year.
New Years in Playa Del Carmen
People on the beach in Playa Del Carmen on New Years Day.


New Years in Playa Del Carmen
A crowded beach for the New Year Day.


New Years in Playa Del Carmen
A coupe rings in the New Year with a romantic swim.


It is an amazing experience to be in Playa Del Carmen for the New Years. If you have never been to Playa for New Years, you should come and experience it at least once! It is truly one of the great New Years experiences in the world.

What do you do for New Years in Playa Del Carmen? Do you have some special traditions? Let us know in the comments below.

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    • Hello Ashley. Things will slowly open around noon and then people will crawl out of bed. By the evening things will be back to normal. Just don’t go out on New Years Day looking for breakfast.

    • Yes there are usually fireworks for New Years. They are over the water near 12th Street. You can see them from 5th Avenue above the buildings. There are also usually smaller displays at Grans Hyatt, Mamitas Beach and the Thompson Hotel on 12th Street from the roof.

        • Usualy there are fireworks from the beach in front of 12th Street. Mamitas also has a few and a few from the roof of the Thompson Hotel. The best are around 12th street though. You will be able to see them from 5th and 12th if you stand there. It is a busy corner for New Years.

  1. We are looking for a restaurant for New Years Eve dinner. Can you recommend somewhere that would be in the 2nd floor overlooking the party on 5th?

    • A nice place that is very central is La Cantina No. 20. It is a second floor with great view of 5th. It is also where people gather at midnight to countdown.

    • Sure, Mamitas Beach club is one option, the Thompson Hotel on 12th does an elegant VIP celebration. El Jardin Restaurant on 20th Street has a laid back but good dinner. Most of the restaurants on 5th are open and will be fun since many people stroll up and down. At midnight it is very crowded at 12th St. and 5th where people celebrate in the street. Those are just a few options for you.

  2. Hi. I’m looking for a family-friendly place (has decent food and drink) for countdown. Any suggestions please? Thank you

  3. I am planning to go over to Cozumel on New Year’s Day after celebrating Nye in pdc. Is the ferry running?
    Also best casual restaurant on beach for Nye suggestion in pdc?

    • Hello Yen

      The ferries will be running since many people need to get back and forth. As far as restaurants, all do something special and prices go up. There is nothing black tie so casual is fine at most places. If you want a place with less people try keel at The Carmen Hotel or CGrill at Thompson.

  4. we’re spending new years eve 2019 in playa and like to party on the streets befotre, and go later to a bar or club. Is it possible to get drinks during new years eve on 12th en 5th street? Is it even possible to get in bars without having special tickets?

    • Many of the bars are packed and hard to get into on 12th but open to the general public after 12:30ish. Many people in the street have a bottle of something and can pass to a club after midnight. Some smaller bars are open onto the street and even a popup bar or two, albeit cheap quality drinks.

      • Hello! Any beach clubs you can recommend to go to after 12am or 1am on NYE to continue the celebration?? Something that we don’t need to buy tickets to before, and has cool music / dj vibes and not too expensive drinks?
        Thanks for your help!

        • Mamitas is where the center of action will be on the beach. It will cost you a lot to get until around 12:30 or 1 depending on the door person. Zenzi on 10th is a little more smaller and budget friendly.

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