MTB Bike Tour in Playa Del Carmen

Biking into the Mayan Jungle

Bike tour Playa Del Carmen

Everything about the MTB Bike Tour in Playa Del Carmen

We went out to experience this bike tour in Playa Del Carmen. There are not a lot of tours that can take you out on a bike or to get deep in the woods so we were excited to bring you this tour. Here are all the details for you.

MTB Bike Tours is a company based here in Playa Del Carmen. They have a passion for biking and wanted to provide a great experience to get out and go biking. This is a very professional company. They provide tours in Spanish and basic English. Their shorter tour is described below.

MTB Bike Tours also has longer tours available. If you are a group and or want a more professional tour, you can contact them or us and we can get all the details for you.

What this bike tour is like

You will start early in the morning. Usually there is a 7:00am start time. This way you will have the coolest part of the day and also have an opportunity to see some wildlife. It is good for people that don’t bike everyday but still like biking. This tour is about 30 kilometers (18.5). It last for about 3 1/2-4 hours.

You will take off from a main road and enter onto a dirt road in to the Mayan jungle. The nice thing is this area is ancestral land and you need permission from the communities to cross onto it. This bike tour company has  gotten permission, so you will be one of the only ones here.

MTB Bike tour Playa Del Carmen
Biking though the Mayan jungle.

Your professional local guide will take you on different trails. Some of the trails are wide and hard packed dirt and others are narrow and more technical trails for mountain biking. Most of the route however is flat with only minimal hills.

Toward the end of your bike tour you will stop at a remote cenote. This cenote does not have a name but is a beautiful spot deep in the Mayan jungle. It is semi open with crystal clear water. Here you will have an opportunity to swim and cool off.

The tours are limited to 8 people for now. These tours have a minimum age of 9 years old. People with back problems or pregnant.

What is supplied on this bike tour

Here is what is provided for this bike tour:

  1. A Giant mountain bike. This is a well recognized bike company with quality bikes. The bikes ride very well and are comfortable.
  2. A helmet. Safety first.
  3. Gloves. These are good to have since you put a lot of pressure on your hands when biking. These gloves are padded.
  4. Water for drinking.

What you can bring for this bike tour

Here are some things you can bring with you to make the tour more comfortable.

  1. Comfortable clothes. This would be a closed shoe, shorts, and a shirt.
  2. Something to swim in for the cenote and a small towel to dry off.
  3. Any food snacks you might want.
  4. Sunglasses.
  5. Biodegradable bug spray. Most of the time you are on the move but there are mosquitos. We mention biodegradable only because you will be getting into the cenote for a swim. Non biodegradable sunscreen and bug spray have dangerous chemicals that damage the fragile eco system. They also leave a skim of oils on the waters surface.
  6. Money for a tip.
  7. Arrange your transportation to the meeting point or pay for MTB Bike Tour to reserve it for you.

How to book the MTB Bike Tour in Playa Del Carmen

Since space is limited to 8 people per tour right now, we do recommend booking in advance. This will also give you a chance to arrange transportation to the meeting point and for them to ask you questions so they can make a customized tour.

The cost is $46 USD. There is more information on the booking page.


Our recommendation for this tour

We really recommend this tour. It was very enjoyable. We never knew all the paths and trails were out in the woods just beyond Playa Del Carmen. The people that run the company are very friendly and want to provide a great activity for people to get out and experience nature.

This is a very affordable tour and is good for locals and for tourist. For tourist this is something more authentic and real. It is also a great eco friendly option for a tour.

For more in biking in Playa Del Carmen see our article here.

Have you been on this bike tour in Playa Del Carmen? Let us know in the comments below. We would love to hear from you.

Playa Del Carmen Bike tour
Stopping at the cenote in the jungle.

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    • This company will also add more tours by then. We hopped to capture the tour in the video since we really enjoyed it. And the price is lower then most tours so that is nice as well. We hope you get to go on this tour. If you do, let us know what you thought. Safe travels.

    • Hi, we did this tour this morning. It was great fun and and refreshing after the dip in the magical cenote. Willy the guide was really nice and has good stories to tell. We can recommend this tour to anyone who wants to explore nature of playa del carmen in an active way

      • Hello Gwen

        So glad you got to do this tour. It has been one of our favorite local experience to go on. If you have time or are traveling around we suggest the Bike Zaci bike tour in Valladolid. It is a local tour by locals. Very well done. We have a video and article on it here on the site.

  1. This is just the type of tour I have been looking for. Thanks for telling me about it here. I love biking and seeing local areas. I will take this tour in January when there.

  2. Good day! I am coming with some guys to Playa del Carmen and this looks like something we should try out. Do you think we can get a private group?

    • Hello Tim
      Right now they have 8 bikes and will add two more by years end. So the groups are small. Since they do not do bike tours each day, they probably can arrange to do one tour for your group but contact them as see what they can set up. We are not sure on the size of your group but the people that run this tour are very nice.

  3. Your description and video make this look like a very cool tour. We want to go on this in November when we are in Playa del Carmen.

  4. I had never heard of this tour before. It looks like a great way to get out there and see the real Playa. Thanks for mentioning this bike tour.

  5. I did this tour and it was really nice. It was so relaxed and cool to see all the trails in the woods. The cenote swim was beautiful and we were the only ones there.

  6. We are a group of cyclist and are interested in some biking when in Mexico. We will definitely check out this tour.

  7. Hello, this sounds so great!! I have a question though, where exactly is the meeting point for the tour? I saw on the viator booking site to meet at Rio Secreto and I also saw the departure point is central Playa del Carmen..? Where did you meet and how did you get there? Thank you so much!

    • Hello Rebecca

      Usually they meet in the parking lot of Rio Secreto. It might say “Central Playa” because that is a generic term to kind of where the tour is. Once you book, they will put you in contact with the guide and they make arrangements to meet. If you like biking you will have to check out the recent bike tour we went on also in Valladolid Yucatan. That is near the center of the peninsula. We hope you have fun on this tour. We really remember it and enjoyed it.

  8. This is a very good tour. I went in late October. None of the rest of my party wanted to come along, so it ended up just me and the guide. You do start/finish at the Rio Secreto parking lot. In fact, many of the trails you follow are the roads that the Rio Secreto tour uses to get to their caves. I give big props to this tour for having quality bikes. I saw another tour that looked like a cruise ship/ other bulk tour group that was riding some beaten up street cruisers. While far from an advanced single-track course, you really do need a proper off road bike in the terrain. It was nice to get into the jungle a bit. The beach is easy to experience in PDC. It is much harder to find a good way to experience the rest of the natural environment. Give this tour a run. It is a great small business that deserves your support.

  9. Hi, I just discovered this post..its great information. 8 am.voming down and brimming a bike with me to leave in playa can you use your own bike in the tours? Also i was brinking an old cladic rigid fork bike, is that ok forcthe trails atcthd differnt tours or am i bettef off bringing my hardtail with suspension fork?

    • There are different trails they take people on and base it on experience or what you are looking for. There probably is not difference in price for the tour if you have your own and it might just be as easy to meet them and ride one of theirs. The bikes are very nice. If you do bring your own bike a ridged fork can be ok for this tour.

  10. Thanks to Willy for a great tour! My husband and I had our own tour and the riding was great. Not for an absolute beginner, but not crazy hard at all. Well worth the money!

  11. Hello. great post! Did anyone have experience taking kids on this tour? I’d like to hear about it. How were the kids bikes? Are the trails difficult for the kids? Mine are 10 & 12. Interested in visiting in March 2018

    • The tours can be adjusted to the level of expertise. When we went the owners son who was about 11 went with us and had no problems. Just make sure they have two kid size bikes. We know they had one if not two last time. It is just good to check.

  12. Is it possible to get to the meeting spot (Rio Secreto) by public transit, such as a bus? How do people usually get there? Thanks!

    • Most people will take a taxi or the colectivos. These are the two most effective means of getting to the bike tour start point.

    • Hello Lars

      The booking link works to book this tour. Eveidently thier website is not working, so we have removed this link and they are just using the link we privide in the booking button.

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