Everything Bicycle, Buying and Riding in Playa Del Carmen

Bikes in Playa Del Carmen Mexico

Bikes and Bicycling in Playa Del Carmen

Bicycling in Playa Del Carmen with blue sunny skies and beach breezes may be your perfect idea of a nice day. Here is our guide to help you know where to buy bicycles, where to bike and some tips for things related to biking in Playa Del Carmen.

Where to buy bicycles in Playa Del Carmen

Buying used bicycles in Playa Del Carmen

You can search online classified for a used bikes. You might luck out and find another tourist looking to sell his bike at the end of their vacation (check Facebook marketplace and Facebook groups for Playa Del Carmen), but usually you will find basic bikes for a high asking price. Used items in Mexico are often not sold as used but looked at “it still works so I will ask almost new price” mentality. This will make you soon move to looking for a new bike. Most of the time it is best to just buy a new bike. 

Buying a new bike in Playa Del Carmen

The large grocery stores have bikes, but these are cheaply made and will only last about four to six months. Usually these are assembled by people working in the toy department and if it needs pedals fixed, tires inflated or anything adjusted before you roll out the door, you are going to find it hard to get good service.

Playa Del Carmen has some good bike midrange stores. Fortunately these bike shops are all in the same area. These are located on 30th Avenue just north of Constituyentes Avenue up until 30th Street. . There are about five bike shops there. These bike stores handle beach cruisers, mountain bikes and road bikes. The service is good at these store and they will be able to fit you to a bike. Prices range and depend on your bargaining skills. Expect to pay 250-7000 pesos for a good basic bike. If you shop on Sundays you will find most of the stores closed.

The Liverpool department store on the south end of Playa Del Carmen on the 307 Highway is also a decent place to find quality bikes. They don’t have a huge selection, but ordering off their website gives you more options and they are pretty good about home delivery. 

Another alternative is ordering on Amazon.com.mx. They do have a large selection and delivery to the area. the quality is similar to grocery stores, so anything less than 4500 might not be that good of quality. 

Bike Shop in Playa Del Carmen
One of the bike stores on 30th Avenue

Electric Bicycle shop

If you are looking for an electric assist bike, there is a store on 10th Avenue near the corner of Constituyentes Avenue. It is directly behind Quinta Alegria Mall. Here you have a selection of mini bikes and ones that will give you a little boost for getting around.

High end  bicycle shops in Playa Del Carmen

If you are looking for a high-end bicycle or need something to compete in a road race, we suggest you go to Teknobike. Here is their information:


Carretera Federal Playa Del Carmen – Tulum Km 2.5 Parcela 17, Manzana 337, Lote 027
Colonia Ejido Sur CP 77712
Playa Del Carmen Solidaridad, Q. Roo
Tel: 01(984) 859-3205  https://www.facebook.com/teknobikeplaya


Renting Bikes in Playa Del Carmen

Want to rent a bike while here? You can find a few places in the downtown that rent although the city now have bike rentals with stations all over. These are the most convenient for short term rentals. 

bikes in Playa Del Carmen
These are the new public bikes in Playa Del Carmen.

Long term bike rental in Playa Del Carmen

Are you going to be in town for a longer period of time and want to rent a bike? We found a great option for you. Ian Kelley is a local fitness instructor and personal trainer that also rents long term bikes.

He has a pick up location just off 24th Street between 10th and 15th Avenue in the center of Playa Del Carmen or he can also deliver the bikes to you. The bikes come with locks and he has 15 bikes available. Unlike a lot of tourists places that rent bikes, he make it easy and he just requires a credit card impression or  people can leave an ID for the rental. If people want to rent he ask people to contact him at least one day in advance so he can set up a deliver of the bikes or arrange a time to meet. People can contact him via email: [email protected] or phone: 984-142-1638  English spoken. 

Reminders for renting bike rental in Playa Del Carmen

The rules of the road are basic as everywhere else. There are comprehensive rules here but it is another thing to see if they are enforced. Under “Reglamento De Transito” Articles 11,32, 38,39,40, and 41 all apply to bicycle transit. It basically says you need to obey the rules of the road, only one person per bicycle. Helmets, reflective vest, closed shoes, and reflectors are all recommended.

Tip: If you are going to own a bike, buy a good lock. (Kryptonite locks are a good recommendation) Don’t be lulled into a peaceful sense and  forget about security for your bike. Most cheaper bike locks can be cut easily and your 1000+ pesos bike is gone in seconds.

Where to ride bikes in Playa Del Carmen

Where to ride? Most people use the bike to get around town, go to the beach, and sometimes grocery shopping. Most of the main avenues should be avoided since drivers are not used to or respect cyclist. There are more streets to avoid then use so we have provided a basic map for riding for exercise. It is the similar to the area for running in Playa Del Carmen.

Biking in Playacar

The first map shows Playacar. It is a private development that has many trees and a sidewalk for biking. If you are not a resident in Playacar or staying there, the guards can ask for ID and can say that you cannot enter this private community. You can say you are going to some of the shops of businesses there and they will allow you in.

There are two phases to Playacar. The red line is Phase 1 and a shorter road, there are side streets but only the one main road in and out. You will see some stunning ocean views on this ride. The green line is Phase 2 of Playacar. It is a loop that goes through the development. There are side streets but they all dead end. Bikes are supposed to ride on the inside loop unless otherwise permitted on the outside loop. You will see some all inclusive hotels as well as some fine homes on this ride. For more information and photos of Playacar check out our article.

Bike Map, playa del carmen
Bike Map

Other places to ride a bike in Playa Del Carmen

This map shows all of Playa Del Carmen and a basic overview of where it is good to bike for exercise. You can see the highlighted yellow lines that show Playacar as above. There is also a nice bike route that follows the highway all the way to Xplor park. It is 5k on the highway from the airport to the entrance of Xplor park. (Be careful riding at night, there are guide wires from the telephone poles in the bike path, you may not see them when it is dark).

The upper section of Juarez Avenue now has a bike path down the center of the road. It is newly planted with trees and a nice addition to the city. Through the downtown, 10th Avenue is the best. It actually has a bike lane from the entrance to Playacar until Constituyentes Avenue. This is shared with pedestrians and large tricycle bikes so care should be taken. From CTM Avenue going north on 5th Ave there is a nice bike path. It will take you up to about 110 St.biking bicycling playa del carmen mexico 5th avenue

Note: Bikes are NOT allowed on 5th Avenue on the pedestrian parts. You may see bikes there in the early morning but really any bikes at any time are not allowed. Besides being not permitted, it really gets too crowded with shoppers and people walking. Technically according to this sign you can get fined. This does not happen but it technically could.

Bike routes for special events

Bicineta is a group that promotes bike riding in Playa Del Carmen. Here is a link to Bicinets Facebook page to check dates for upcoming events. These can be a great way to join a group of cyclists and enjoy a ride in Playa without the traffic and a little safe condition. 

Biking out of Playa Del Carmen

Want to go farther and get out of town? You can bike on highway 307 but you should note that this is the only road that goes through Quintana Roo State, so it receives all the traffic. Big trucks, busses, zipping colectivos and tourist renting cars in a foreign country all ply the road. There is a shoulder but all in all, it is not the safest road to be biking on. Some bike groups do rides to Tulum or other destinations on this highway. There is safety in numbers, so you might want to find a group to bike with. The interior roads in the Yucatan are a bit slower and have less traffic. Most are narrow  though and drivers are not used to navigating around bicyclist. In some areas where there are more Mayans you will find bike paths next to the road. This is true around Valladolid where there are some trails and nice trips to small communities if you want to do some more biking in the Yucatan.

Bike map for Playa Del Carmen

Bike Map

Bike tours to check out in our area

If you want to see some of the Mayan back country there is a great local bike tour company called Bikers Zaci in Valladolid. This town in easily reach and is in the center of the Yucatan Peninsula. It is about a 1.5 hour drive from Playa Del Carmen. Check our article on this bike tour with Bikers Zaci here.

Do you  have a bicycle in Playa Del Carmen? Do you have some tips you would like to share? We would love to hear from you in the comments below.

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  1. Hi! Thank you for the informative article. I love biking for recreation and transportation. I also bike for exercise and would like to travel 10 – 20 miles. Is is permitted and safe to ride on 307 south of Playa?

    • Existe un grupo de ciclismo que inicia un entrenamiento los mi√©rcoles, ellos recorren de 25 a 40 millas y van protegidos con un veh√≠culo de respaldo. parten de la tienda de ciclismo Ciclopolis a las 7:00 am

  2. There is a nice bike lane along the side of the highway heading south, from Playacar to Xplor, so it’s safe and not ON the highway, which I would never feel safe doing! Also Bicineta bike club have meets every Wednesday 8 pm at the city hall, they also do a Saturday ride now to the beach I think, they have a Facebook page, Playa Bicicletero, which organizes meets and events, they also have a Bicycle “Embassy” that offers free assistance with maintenance and security coding etc.

    • Thank you for the information about a bike group. We do advocate the use of the trail along the highway that goes to Xplor. It is unfortunate that long distance bike riding is mostly only available on some busy roads like the 307 Highway, at least to get out of Playa Del Carmen. We do recommend this only for advanced riders and even then, in groups for better visibility and support.

      • The bike lane on 307 out to where I live El Tigrillo is nice and even and well maintained etc. The only problem, especially just recently, is getting across the highway. As there are no speed bumps or anything else to slow traffic coming North I have given up and now cross closer to town and bump and grind my way back home. I note the overhead pedestrian crossing of 307 at the northern end of Playa. Have you heard any consideration of such for the southern end? Thanks.

        • The highway is hard to cross. Even the speedbump just south of Centro Maya does not slow down traffic very much to cross. I think city officials see the bike path as mainly going to Xplor and not really used for people living on the other side. We do not know of any proposed bridges nor see any in the near future. It seems you are going to have to get good at crossing the highway and wait patiently for a break in traffic.

  3. That was a great article full of useful, honest and valuable info. The Bike Embassy is also a great nonprofit to donate a used bike if you are leaving Playa after a long vacation. They are all about helping people get onto bikes anyway possible.

  4. I am wondering if you could tell me if it is possible to purchase power-assisted bicylces or electric mopeds?
    Thanks, Laural

    • Hello Laural There is a store that sells electric bikes on 10th Avenue and Constituyentes next to the Scotia Bank. We should add this place in our article. We are surprised that they sell enough to stay in business since it is totally flat here. They are available, so that is good news!

      • Thanks, another bicycle seller south of Playa on Federal directed me to the same place. I am reading warnings about gas scooter rentals and the dangers therein. At the same time it seems to be the preferred transportation mode for many younger male Mexicans as well as some females. Why are the dangers-warnings getting so much air time online and is it really that dangerous? Is the maintenance of the scooters the problem? Or is it just tourists who do not know the roads here and are inexperienced with riding scooters? Thanks, Laural

  5. Thanks, I risk injury every time I am on my bicycle. Do you think electric mopeds would be able to travel on the bike paths including the one on Federal?

  6. I don’t use Facebook,so I really can’t get the info on the electro bike store. Anything you could provide would be helpful.

    • They do have a website by the name electrobike but there is not much information there. If you are in Playa you can just drop by their store on 10th Ave. by Constituyentes. Perhaps we should tell them that they need to put better information online.

  7. I should also mention I have both a motorcycle and a scooter, but shipping either is too costly. I would like an ebike when I move down,so more info on the electro bike shop would help.

    • We stopped in the other day. One person does speak English and the other person does not. They mainly use Facebook and are known as a company in Mexico. It would be better if they had a better web presence since we get tons of question for their products and people cannot find them. Advertising and marketing are not really know too well in Mexico. But bikes there are very nice and start at about 8000 pesos. They do rent as well so you could test one out before buying.

  8. Commenting again on the ebike. They are gaining popularity because they are both pedal and electric assist. For older retired,like my self, they extend the distance you can travel.8000 peso seems to inexpensive. I wanted to ship one as luggage for my move to playa,but you cannot ship them because of the lithium batteries. Any further help you can provide would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

    • What else would you like to know about them? We were surprised on a recent flight they asked about extra batteries for laptops and cameras. Must be something about them that is pretty bad.

    • Sorry we have not seen these yet here. We think you will have to stay to the street or trees! Yes trees, there is a sky bike rental/extra activity at Xel-Ha Park. You ride on a cable through the forest.

  9. I see that there are several bike rental places in Playa Del Carmen. Do you know if they have any kid bike rentals?

    • Hello Adel. How old of a kid are you looking for? Most if not all kid bike places have only adult bikes. We can check with one of the renters to see if he has any with child seats on it for you, but that depends on how old your child is. You can send us an email with the info if you like and we can get back to you.

  10. Nice post. I like how you have the bike maps for Playa Del Carmen. I thought about getting a bicycle but still thinkingabout weither I will use it.

  11. I always see people trying to buy a used bike when coming to Playa Del Carmen. I just tell people to buy a new one because the price is about the same and you can sell it for a good price. Have fun and get a good lock.

  12. We want to plan a biking trip to Playa Del Carmen and are making our way to Belize. Are there any backroads from Cancun going to Chetumal?

    • Hello Michele

      Unfortunately there are not many roads in the Yucatan Peninsula. The only road that runs the state of Quintana Roo is the 307 highway. There is a nice road that runs from the old 180 highway to Coba and then you can take the Coba-Tulum road to Tulum and join the 307 there. That route is longer and that road is narrow but you will pass through some Mayan communities.

  13. We have a couple of bikes to sell on after our long stay vacation in PDC? Any advice on where to post them online?

    • Sure Kevin. There are always people looking. A good place is expats and locals market Facebook page. Also just posting some signs around and getting word out will get word to people in need. If you are not trying to get the same amount as you paid, you might even pass by a hostel and see if someone wants to buy them.

  14. Hello,

    We arrived a week ago for 2 months are our first objective was to buy 2 bikes. We went to a bike shop and after struggling for a couple of hours with our limited Spanish we emerged with 2 new beach cruisers with baskets and a bike lock (the only lock the bike store offered us to purchase).
    The next day we rode our new bikes from 42nd to Playacar and locked them up near the entrance of Playacar on a bike rack. We we returned a couple of hours later both of our bikes HAD BEEN STOLEN. We had had them for 24 hours!
    On our long walk back we stopped in 3 bike rental shops and NO ONE was surprised our bikes had been stolen and since this happened we have had 3 different locals insinuate that our cheap lock was sold to us intentionally.
    So, word to the naive…IF you buy bikes, we suggest you buy OLD used bikes and the biggest bike lock you can find. (the first one we bought looked exactly like what we use at home)
    Also, a server we have gotten to know here told us that the cartel DOES run the town and there is serious corruption. So, while we have not felt unsafe so far, we definitely realize we were very naive. Even my Spanish instructor here in PDC told me it was likely that the shop who sold us our bikes sold us a lock making them easy to steal and that it’s probably a theft ring. Not my words, but several locals seem to have concluded this scenario.
    So, take heed…be savvy.
    PS we took the advice of one of the rental shop owners and bought 2 old bikes from a pawn shop with intentions to sell them back. Should have done that the first time around…live and learn. That was one expensive lesson. We have had to tell our story multiple times (needed a written police report for our insurance) and NO one seemed the least bit surprised about our story. So, you know…be aware.

  15. It s my 6th time in Playa and the 4th time my bike is stolen.
    Is it a way to buy one from a tourist going back home?
    Why not a web site on which we can send a photograph and registration number of our bike and on which tourists could announce their bikes to sell?
    It could be a way to discourage bike robberies

    • Hello Danielle

      Sorry to hear another one of your bikes was stolen. That is an issues here in Playa. People do have ways of tagging their bikes but they are still stolen. People often will paint them or they end of in neighborhoods where most people will not be in to recognize their bikes. Most tourist will post their bikes for sale in Facebook groups. Andale used to be a way to sell things but it has become harder to use. Some also donate their bikes to local kids.

    • We don’t know anyone that rents them. The only possible place is one of the higher end bike stores like Giant or Technobike.

  16. Hi Guys,

    Ian Kelley from Playarida Bike Rentals. Just a quick update on contact info the email listed in the article does not work any more but I can be reached at [email protected] or +52 984-142-1638 or through my website where I have detailed info. and FAQ about bike rentals and avoiding theft in PDC. We have 50 bikes available with Ulocks now for rental and specialize in delivery in Playa and beyond. Thanks Seth for your great website it has become my go to source for unbiased info. for customers, friends and myself.

  17. Hi,
    in Playa del Carmen, the hotel on the corner of 12th street and 20th av is a total forget about. They have only 2 foldable shitty 20″ bikes and 2 terrible city cruisers with worn out bearings. So 10 US$ might sound cheap but we suffered!

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