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Like this view? Visit this beach club to enjoy it!

Corasol Beach Club

 Corasol Beach Club

This beach club is on the north end of Playa Del Carmen and lets visitors enjoy a more peaceful beach. And what a beach it is! It is beautiful! Some might remember this as the Grand Coral Beach Club in the Grand Coral area of Playa Del Carmen, both have changed name now. The Corasol Beach Club is not as pretentious as you might think, and a good option for a beautiful beach close to the downtown of Playa Del Carmen. Here is more about it. 

If you like the looks of this beach club, you might want to go sooner than later. Since this area is changing a lot lately, we don’t know how much longer it might be open to the public. 

Amazing beach

The beach here is beautiful. It is more remote and have a virgin beach feel.

Services at the Corasol Beach Club

Here is what you can expect when you visit:

  • Free parking.
  • Pay at the entrance of the beach club. 
  • Access to the pool. 
  • Bathrooms.
  • Waiter service. 
  • Decent size menu for both food and drinks. 

The menu at the Corasol Beach Club

Like many beach clubs, they have a basic range of ceviche to burgers. Using your credit is not a problem since most people spend a few hours here and enjoy a meal and some drinks. 

The food is decent, but not gourmet. This beach club is not as upscale as many are in Tulum, but you also are not paying as much as Tulum. Prices are normal for a beach club in and around Playa Del Carmen, drink prices are fairly reasonable if not a good price. 

Corasol Beach Club

Here is one of their ceviches and the burger at the Corasol Beach Club.


Corasol Beach Club

The drinks menu at the Corasol Beach Club.

Our recommendations

This is a very good beach to visit and one of the only access points around. We recommend at least going here once while you still can. It is worth a day trip here to enjoy the sun, beach and amazing views! 

If you have young ones, the pool is perfect because it has two levels. Most adults seeking a little quieter day at the beach, go on either side of the beach club and enjoy the shady areas with palms. All the areas have waiter service. We found the waiters to be very attentive and helpful. 

Overall for the price this is a good deal. This is not a jumping party place, but rather a calm day at the beach. 

How much is the beach club?

The day pass price is 350 pesos which goes toward consumption. Included are the loungers, some with umbrella (first come first serve). The pool is included and has seating near it as well as chairs under the palm trees on both sides of the beach club. 


Natural shade for enjoying the view.

How to get to this beach club

You will need either a car or a taxi to visit here. It technically is possible to bike here, but the distance might discourage most. Here are the detailed directions because it is not well signed. 

Car directions

You can enter from the 307Highway or from the end of 5th Avenue into the Corasol gated community. At the check point just mention you are going to the Corasol Beach Club. If you are coming from the end of 5th Avenue, you will pass by the first development on your right called Mareazul. Just after this there is a dirt road going toward the ocean. There are no signs and the road is full of potholes. You will need to drive the straight road until the rope and security guard. They will show you where to park and mark down your license plate number. Parking is free. It will take about 10 minutes to drive here from the center of Playa Del Carmen. 

By Taxi

Taxis will be a little more for this area since it is a different zone. You can use one of the taxi apps to calculate the cost. At the Corasol Beach Club there is a taxi price list for your return and they can arrange a taxi for you if needed. 



Other beach clubs in and around Playa Del Carmen

If you like to go to beaches in the Riviera Maya and  perhaps enjoy a beach club, here are some options. 

Serenity Tented Camp

The Serenity Beach Club at the Serenity Hotel in Xpu Ha.

5 Comments on Like this view? Visit this beach club to enjoy it!

  1. I believe the cost for Corosal Beach Club is now
    500 Pesos minimum consumption verse 350.
    (March 2021)

    • Mr.Yucatan // March 27, 2021 at 1:28 PM // Reply

      There seems to be several answers about this. Both prices are about average for rooftop pools and beach clubs. We were just there last weekend and were told 350 pesos for entrance and this goes toward consumption.

  2. We took the drive there with our daughter and it was a great visit. They have a shallow pool right up front, so it was easy to lounge while keeping an eye on our little trouble maker. The food was great and the service was just as good. The beach was a couple of steps away from the pool and clean. They actually charged us 500 pesos which went towards consumption. I highly recommend it for parents (pool area for kids) or people that just want to take a relaxing day alone.

  3. Jackie Bower // July 14, 2021 at 1:28 PM // Reply

    You keep saying, “visit while you can”. We’ve been coming to this beach club for 3 years. Are they changing their policy about admitting the public to this club, even though you pay to use it. We come for 3 months, so this would be a huge loss for us.

    • Mr.Yucatan // July 19, 2021 at 11:21 AM // Reply

      There is a lot of development in the area and it is proposed that this would become a beach club for residents in the immediate area. So it would not be open to the public anymore.

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