See the marvelous Cenote Cho’o’oj ha in Xcan Yucatan

Cenote Cho'o'oj ha in Xcan Yucatan

Cenote Cho’o’oj ha in Xcan Yucatan

In some of the remotest parts of the area you can find a hidden beautiful spot. Cenote Cho’o’oj ha in Xcan Yucatan is one beautiful cenote to stop in if you are in the area. Since this cenote is more remote, you just might find yourself here with only a few people.

When you arrive here you change clothes and rinse off, then enter the stairs down into the cavern. The cavern itself is very large and dripping with stalagmites and stalactites. The water is crystal clear and has areas that are shallow and also very deep.

Lights are strung around the cavern for light since there is not much natural light entering.

Cenote Cho'o'oj ha in Xcan Yucatan
The interior of the cenote with it’s clear waters.

How does this cenote rank?

Of the dozens of cenotes we have been to this one ranks fairly high. We like it because there is a large cave and the water is large enough to swim in and crystal clear. It is also not that popular so it seems even more so special.

For cave cenotes we would put this on our top 10 list.

Entry cost and services at this cenote

The entrance cost 100 pesos per person. There are changing rooms, showers and bathrooms at the entrance.

It is mandatory to rinse off before going into the cenote. This is to take off lotions and creams that will contaminate the water and cause a film.

Hours: 9:00am-5:00pm daily

Below you can see the entrance hole where the stairs enter into the cenote.

When you come out sometimes there is a person selling coconuts with the water for drinks.

Cenote Cho'o'oj ha in Xcan Yucatan
The entrance to the cenote.

How to get to Cenote Cho’o’oj ha

Below you will find a map with the approximate location. The cenote entrance is roughly 2.5 kilometers west of Xcan. You will see several signs next to the road on the south side. Turn here and follow the dirt road. The dirt road is about 600 meters long. You will come to a parking lot and see the palapas where the entrance is.

Note: Ecoparque Yuum Kaax is the name on the map but look for Cenote Cho’o’oj ha on the signs for the turn.

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Have you been to Cenote Cho’o’oj ha? What did you think? Let us know in the comments below.

Cenote Cho'o'oj ha in Xcan Yucatan
Wonderful formations and crystal clear water await you here.

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  1. This looks like an amazing cenote to visit. Never heard of it and have lived in the area for three years. Will have to check this out Thanks!

  2. Thanks for all the places you recommend. I follow your website all the time and love the places. It has given me lots of great tips. Cheers!

  3. Hi, EverythingPlayadelCarmen is amazing! Thanks for the endless information and tips. I cannot locate Cenote Cho’o’oj ha in Xcan Yucatan or Ecoparque Yuum Kaax on GoogleMaps. I followed the #180 with street view and saw no signs. Hoping to head out there in a couple of days. Any suggestions on finding the “dirt road” that doesn’t show on Sattelite or street views? THANKS!

    • You might have to zoom into the aerial view to see the Ecoparque on the map. But there is not much on that stretch of road so you will see the sign.

  4. Can you recommend a guide to bring us here? We are a group of 5 adults staying in Playa Del Carmen Jan 3, 4th and 5th and will not have a rental car.

  5. I went to the Cho’oj Ha cenote with a Mayan Discovery Tour last week from Puerto Morelos. It was really magical, the cristalline water, the huge stalactites and stalagmites. The cavern is really big and there is a lot of space to swim around. Nobody was there except our small group and there is none of this nonsense found in too many cenotes with ziplines and other tourist attractions. We also visited a dry cave on the same site, very interesting. The price is really good for what you get.

  6. you have amazing wealthy of information on your site! So, thank you. Can you let me know which is the closest enclosed cenote from Playa Del Carmen. Thanks

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