Where to find car washes in Playa Del Carmen

Car washes in Playa Del Carmen

Where to find car washes in Playa Del Carmen

Are you looking where to find a car wash in Playa Del Carmen? Here are several you can use. There are both hand wash and machine wash car washed. Prices usually range from 80-200 pesos depending on services. It usually takes about 20 minutes and some offer drop off service. Small tips for all of the people involved are nice.

Automatic Car Washes in Playa Del Carmen

Green & Wash is a chain or car washes in Playa Del Carmen. Here you can do a drive through an automatic car wash and have other services afterward like interior cleaning done manually.

One Green & Wash is in the parking lot of Centro Maya shopping plaza and the other is in the Plaza Las Americas Mall.

Hand wash car washes

Super Autolavado Car Wash

Super Autolavado is on 115th Avenue just south of Constituyentes Avenue (pictured below).  This car was is open 24 hours a day and will hand wash the exterior and clean the interior in about 20 minutes.

Car washes in Playa Del Carmen
Hand washing cars in Playa Del Carmen at the Super Autolavado on 115th Avenue.

Car Wash Express

This car wash is right in front of Centro Maya Mall. This car wash has several guys working at all times and can wash your car while you are shopping.

Hours at Car Wash Express are Monday to Saturday 8:00am-8:00pm. Sundays 10:00am-5:00pm.

Car wash Playa Del Carmen
Car Wash Express in front of Centro Maya shopping plaza.


Car wash Playa Del Carmen
Prices at Car Wash Express.

Here are the locations of the other hand wash car washes in Playa Del Carmen

  • The corner of Avenue Colosio and 10th Avenue.
  • The corner of 35th Avenue and 36th Street.
  • 8th Street between 20th Avenue and 25th Avenue.

Most hand wash car washes are about 80-100 pesos and tips are appreciated.


Car Wash Map for Playa Del Carmen

Do you have a favorite car wash in Playa Del Carmen? Do you have tips or advice for other readers? Let us know in the comments below. We would love to hear from you.

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  1. Hi there,

    Just a quick comment on Green & Wash at Las Americas: we bought the 200 peso package as we like to treat our car sometimes 🙂 It includes full interior cleaning as well. When we picked up the car the inside looked literally untouched. I am not a big complainer but I like to get what I pay for… So if you want a full service non plus ultra inside-outside treatment for your beloved vehicle, maybe skip this place.


    • Thanks for your comment here. I have been there and waited while they cleaned the car, so it was for sure done. We will keep our eyes open for more car washed in town and report on how they do. The problem is that people that work there tend to change often.

  2. Can anybody recommend a mobile service? The guy that came to my house every Sunday to wash my car ad truck just disappeared..

    • Sorry we don’t have any recommendations. We like at some malls around Mexico you can park and they have mobile car washes in the parking garages. Unfortunately here we do not have that yet.

    • Most of the car washes will do it. It is an extra service you just pay for. The best might be Green Wash because they have everything set up for it.

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