Cancun private transportation options to and from the Cancun Airport

BEst transportation from the Cancun Airport

Cancun Private Transportation

Here is the best recommendations for Cancun private transportation to your hotel or wherever you are staying. After a long flight and arrival at the Cancun Airport you will certainly want to get to your hotel as soon as possible. This private transportation company will pick you up with these vans you see below. Once you book in advance, your driver will be scheduled to meet you at the exit doors of the airport already to take you to your destination. Below are the prices to different destinations in the Riviera Maya.

Note: Prices are per van and no per person. All taxes are included. Booking a round trip will give you a good discount on your transportation.

airport transfer cancun
These are what the private airport transfer vans look like.

Private transportation to Cancun

The prices for a transfer from the Cancun Airport to both the Hotel Zone and the Downtown of Cancun are the same price. These are competitive with taxi prices but give you more space and give you a discount for roundtrip service. You can save between $10-$15 dollars when selecting the roundtrip option. Click the reserve now to check prices and have this ride set for your vacation.

Cancun private transportation to Playa Del Carmen

Playa Del Carmen is south of the Cancun Airport and it will take about 50 minutes to arrive at the city. Private transfers are what most people book for their holiday. Tip: Booking a roundtrip can save between $10-35 USD. Click the reserve now link to check prices and book. 

Cancun Airport to Tulum private transportation

From Cancun Airport to Tulum a transfer takes about one hour and a half. That is why we like the private transfers so they take your directly and comfortably. Check prices and reserve with the button below. Tip: Booking round trip can save between $10-$25 dollars. 

To other destinations in the Riviera Maya

If you need to go to any resort in the Riviera Maya, Puerto Morelos, Puerto Aventuras, Akumal or other places, just click the reserve now button and go to the booking site. You will have options of where you want to go to.

Luxury Cancun private transportation options

If you would like other transportation then the van above, there are options for luxury car services and limos. See our article here on private car service options for more details.

cancun private transportation
One luxury option how to get from the Cancun Airport to your hotel.

Other services you can get with your transfer

If you want to add onto your ride you can also pre book these things.

  • Sodas or Juices
  • Snacks
  • Beer or wine
  • A 1 hour stop at a store for $35 USD. This can be handy if you want to buy some things for your rental or hotel since most resorts are far from any real stores.

Why is an airport transfer the best option from Cancun Airport?

You might ask what other options are available for transportation from the Cancun Airport. Here is why we recommend a private transfer.

Public transportation options from Cancun Airport

There is only one public bus option from the Cancun Airport. This is the ADO bus company. They mainly service Cancun downtown, Puerto Morelos, and Playa Del Carmen. They do not stop at resorts or other places along the highway. This option is good if you hotel is near the bus station. Otherwise you will still need to take a taxi from the bus to where you are staying. This means added time and sometimes can cost you even more.

Cancun Private transportation
Terminal 4 at Cancun Airport.

What about Uber or a Taxi from Cancun Airport?

Uber does not service the Riviera Maya nor the Cancun area. So, this is not an option. Taxis are by special license only at the Cancun Airport, so they charge a lot for the service. There are also no set price and people need to negotiate with them. A private transfer is a set price, larger van and you have a driver waiting for you. You can also book a round trip with the private transfer, something you cannot do with a taxi.

We want you to have the smoothest and easiest experience on your vacation here in the Riviera Maya. We hope you like our suggestions and have a great trip.

Thank you for reading our article about Cancun private transportation options for your trip. Let us know if you have any questions about this service in the comments below. 

beautiful beaches
Xpu Ha Beach in the Riviera Maya.

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  1. Well I really enjoyed our driver who picked us up from the Cancun Airport. Very courteous and punctual both picking up and the return. We will definitely use this company again!

    • Hello Charles

      We are glad you are happy with our recommendation. We have been referring people to them for transfers for a while and all of our readers have been happy. We hope you get to come back soon.

  2. I really appreciate all the work you put into your website. It shows how much you love the area and know it well. Thanks for that.

  3. What is a fair price for taxi from Azul Fives resort into Playa Del Carmen? Thanks, I appreciate it!

    • Hello Ethan

      They will most likely charge you about 500 pesos one way. It will take about 15 minutes for the trip.

  4. We just stayed in the new area of Cancun on the way past Isla Mujeres. It is a nice area but a little further out from the center and airport. The taxis wanted to charge more that the private transfers, so we booked a tranfer. Much easier and you can pay with card. No cash needed.

    • Hello Joy

      Your driver or helper will have a name of the transportation and a private list of your name, that way you can look for them and then check your name. They are fairly easy to fins with the bright sign. We hope you have a great trip and let us know if you need anything else.

  5. Thanks for the recommendations. You guys always have good local services on your website. I am planning my first trip back in two years and looking forward to seeing Cancun and Playa Del Carmen again. I am glad to see things opening again. It must have been hard for all the people that work in in tourism not to have jobs.

  6. I loved out driver from the airport. He was not the same when we went back but the service was great both times. This is a really good suggestion.

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