Best Kept Secret for Coffee in Playa Del Carmen!!!!

Local Roaster Cafe Kaawa

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Playa Del Carmen Coffee Secret!

Finding good coffee to buy can be a real challenge in Playa Del Carmen. We have bought and tried about every bag in every grocery store and we are always searching for something better. Recently we were referred to Café Kaawa. This is a Playa Del Carmen coffee roasting company.

Café Kaawa is located in the north end of Playa in the neighborhood of  Nicte Ha. Normally you would not find yourself in this area, but after hearing such good reviews we had to make a pilgrimage to their roasting location.

Playa Del Carmen Coffee
Coffee in cans before and after the roasting process.

Playa Del Carmen Coffee Roasting Location

The location has no signs and  is easy to miss but when you do go in you will find a hard working team roasting, sorting, bagging, tasting, and inspecting the coffee. You can tell that the owner, Claudio Iovine, is very passionate about his craft. While we were there we saw him closely inspecting the beans. Café Kaawa is always trying new blends to offer their consumers.

They bring their beans in from Veracruz and Chiapas, two places where the best tasting coffee comes from in Mexico.

Playa Del Caremn coffee
Coffee grinder at Kaawa.

Below is a map and an image of that the front of the building looks like to help you find it. It is located between 5th Avenue and 5Bis on the next to last street before the end of the Nice-ha neighborhood.

cafe Kaawa Playa Del Carmen CoffeeBest time to go visit

If you want to go by their location, they are open Mon-Sat and from 8am-2pm is the best time to visit. In the afternoons they are busy delivering coffee. You will no doubt receive good service and great coffee.

Kaawa offers it in whole bean or will grind it for you. They have a line of different blends to choose from. Speaking some Spanish will help if you go. If you cannot go there, you may find their products in some specialty stores like Sapori di Casa, just look for the name “Café Kaawa“. You probably have tasted it though if you have coffee in Playa Del Carmen. They supply some of the best places with coffee.

Another awesome find in Playa Del Carmen. It is always nice to find these little places where people work with passion and conviction to provide good products. Here is their website for more information.

Since you like coffee you might want to check out our Coffee shop guide to Playa Del Carmen.

Have you been to the Playa Del Carmen coffee roasters? Have you tried this coffee? Let us know in the comments below. We would love to hear from you.


  1. I love this place!! I go for coffee all the time there. It is the best in Playa and they guys working there are so nice. I even got a free espresso while waiting for my grind.

  2. We will be staying at Coco’s Cabanas and was looking for a great coffee shop in the area as it seems restaurants and cafes are scarce and the ones showing up are all-inclusive joints. Thanks bunches! Any recommendations of other local eateries would be awesome sauce!


    • Hello. We are glad you found us! We like to promote good local businesses that are striving to do something special for customers. You will be staying just outside of Playa and there is not much in that area but we are sure you will be coming into Playa to have a look around and go to eat some. A good way to start is by using the search box and look for anything you might want. We are actually adding one more local coffee shop to our guide today. This coffee house has their own roaster and they have a passion for coffee. We hope you have a fun time looking around and have a great vacation.

  3. Thanks for the suggestion of this coffee provider here in Playa Del Carmen. We love coffee and found this on the internet. We also checked out your café guide and bakery guide to Playa Del Carmen. It is good to have a local insider with all this info. So many site just have the big corporate restaurants on 5th Avenue but we like finding out all the things that make a city unique.

    • Thanks! We love exploring the city and surrounding areas. We just found out about a restaurant that cooks whole lamb and makes handmade tortillas. We will be checking that out this weekend and writing about it. Stay tuned!

  4. We bought some of this coffee in a shop downtown and really liked it. We are going to have to go by this coffee roaster place to get some more!

  5. I have tried their coffee and like the taste of it. They make several blends. I like it better then most of the coffee in the store. We keep it in our rental property for guest and they like the fact it is roasted in Playa Del Carmen.

  6. We bought a few bags of coffee at the Italian store on Constituyentes after it was recommended to us. We liked see your article on where it came from. Maybe next time we are in Playa Del Carmen we can visit this coffee roasting shop.

    • We are so happy you found this coffee that is roasted right here in Playa. If you get a chance next time to go and see them work, you will have a nice experience. Cheers!

  7. I have not found much good coffee to buy in Playa Del Carmen and have to give this place a try.

  8. We have been searching for good coffee so we will have to give this a try! Thanks

  9. This is a cool find in Playa del Carmen. it is nice to know that there are craft people doing what they like.

  10. I was reading about coffee shops in Playa Del Carmen and found your article. This is a great resource. I want to go try this coffee. Can you tell I like coffee? lol

  11. Thanks for mentioning this coffee place in Playa. Loved it! We got several bags. I heard somewhere that this is where Ah Cacao gets their coffee. I love their coffee so maybe it is true.

  12. We keep this coffee in our rental property in Playa Del Carmen and our guest love it. Good stuff and we never get a complaint.

  13. Great article of insider secret stuff in Playa del Carmen. We have to go check out this coffee roaster place.
    Keep up the great writing.

  14. Wow, we are coffee drinkers and know there is no coffee grown near Playa Del Carmen but are looking forward to checking out some of the coffee shops there.

  15. I like nthe hidden stuff you write about on your site. The little people that are doing interesting things in Playa Del Carmen like this coffdee roaster. I will support local busineses always.

  16. Does anyone know what happened to the roastery called Blue Caribe Café ? And what is the name of the other roastery at the far end of Quinta avenida just before colosio?

    • We don’t know what happens to that roast chicken place. There was one on 10th Ave and the beginning of Colosio, is that the one you are thinking of? Last time we passed it was open.

    • Hello

      We have not been to this coffee roaster in a while, so we are not sure what the prices are. If you don’t get a chance to go to this roaster you can find bags on Constituyentes Avenue and 20th Avenue at the Italian specialty shop.

      • I paid 320 peso for 2 pounds of coffee. All their prices are wholesale, so it is a very good deal.

  17. Hi there, I enjoy reading through your article. I wanted to write a
    little comment to support you. See you soon in Playa Del Carmen.

  18. Wherever I go on vacation, I love to find good coffee. I was happy when I read this article to find Cafe Kaawa was not too far from the resort my wife and I were staying at this Spring. We took a cab there and were not disappointed. The resort lacked a good cup of espresso and I found it at Cafe Kaawa. They were inviting and very knowledgeable about their product. It was awesome to hear about their business that has stayed local in Playa and sources only Mexican beans. We had a nice cup of espresso while they bagged our beans to squirrel back to Canada. I only wish I had brought my hand grinder and AreoPress to make some back at the resort! We will definitely be back to visit and get some more coffee.

    • This is awsome you found this place and thanks for letting us know you made it. It was one of the first articles we wrote years ago. We love helping good local businesses and people find them.

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