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Interview-Alfredo Romo Free Diving Expert

Free diving playa del carmen, alfredo romo

We interviewed seven time Mexican Champion Free Diver today and wanted to bring you this story here. His website is for more information.

When did you begin free diving?

It was actually when I was eight years old. My family moved to a small town just outside of Puerto Vallarta. This gave me access to the ocean and  I fell in love with swimming in it.

What is free diving?

Free diving is  a way of diving not using any scuba or dive gear. You learn methods of breath control. You can spend time freely swimming and diving in beautiful areas.

What do you do now with your love of  free diving?

I train in free diving and do tours.

When did you start training people?

I started in about 2001. Before that I was busy with other projects even though I was free diving myself.

What age does someone have to be to free dive?

I require someone to be at least 16 years old for lessons.  My oldest student has been 65 years old, but there really is no upper age restriction as long as you are in good health.

Why did you choose the Yucatan to set up a business?

I came here before and found it to be a very interesting place and kept coming back. Now, for the past two months I have used it as a base.

What are some of you favorite places to dive?

I love diving around Cozumel. There is a reef called cerebros (brains, named after brain coral) about 20 minutes north of Playa Del Carmen that I like. As for cenotes, I like The Pit Cenote, Grand Cenote, and Garden of Eden Cenote.

What is the longest time you  can free dive for personally?

My best time is 6 minutes and 42 seconds.

Why do you like free diving?

It is the purest form to be in the water world, either under the oceans surface or in a cenote. Not only are you in touch with nature but you are in touch with yourself. You come to know your limits and your body.

What are some of your other hobbies?

I enjoy making my own spear guns and spear fishing.

What are some of you favorite places in Playa Del Carmen on land?

I like Canibal Royal Beach Club, La Barracuda Restaurant ( a local seafood restaurant far out of the tourist area), and The Little Teapot.

What is your best tip for tourist to the area?

Don’t just stay in Playa Del Carmen. Rent a car and go in any direction, within three hours you can find amazing stuff, some call it the real Yucatan.

Thank you Alfredo for spending some time with us and introducing yourself to our readers.