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alltourantive ATV tour Playa Del Carmen

ATV tours are a popular way to see the jungle and do something active in the Rivera Maya. Many people like to get off the all inclusive hotel properties for these types of tours. We went on the allTOURnative ATV tour at their own Go nATiVe’s Park and are bringing you this review to let you know what it is like.

allTOURnative’s ATV Tour

First off we want to say it is not just about riding and ATV (all terrain vehicle). It is a tour with stops at places of interest in their park. If you have read other tour reviews on our site you will know we like allTOURnative tour company because they respect the local culture and incorporate learning some things about the Riviera Maya and what makes it a special place. They carry this principle in this tour as well. Their park is a natural area where Mayan people have lived for a long time. Some of the things on this tour that you will see are a traditional Mayan home, a cenote which you swim in, Mayan ruins, and a cave that you walk into. The guides for allTOURnative are very good at explaining the history of the area and also pointing out some interesting things in nature that are found here.

alltournative ATV tour Playa Del Carmen
The map of allTOURnatives’s ATV park.

When you first arrive you will get checked in for your timed tour. There are good  lockers to put most of your stuff in. Make sure you go to the bathroom before the tour since3 it is two and a half hours. You do not need to bring a towel since they provide one, sunglasses are not needed since you have goggles for the ATV, and keeping your hands free is a safety issue, so they take professional photos for you. So most everything goes in the lockers.

What you can bring for this tour is good shoes that will not fall off (flip flops are not recommended), swimsuit, money for photos, and sense of fun. Do not wear non biodegradable sunscreen or bug spray because it contaminates the water in the cenote. They have bug cream for you there and you really don’t need sunscreen because you are in the woods most of the time. If you want to buy some biodegradable sun screen or bug spray to have for your trip you can buy some here.

You will get a helmet and googles and instruction on how to operate the ATV. Operation is fairly simple but if you are a bad driver they do offer optional insurance in case you have an accident.

alltournative ATV tour Playa Del Carmen
ATV’s all lined up and ready for a tour.

If you are a large group there will be a guide in the back and front. The guides are very good about checking on everyone and making sure everyone is comfortable.

What you will see and do on this tour

  • Visit on of the earliest houses in the area which is now restored and has a small farm.
  • Experience a Mayan Ceremony
  • See Mayan Ruins
  • Swim in a cenote
  • Walk into a cave with stalagmites and stalactites
  • End you tour with a snack or empanadas and chayitas.
alltournative ATV tour Playa Del Carmen
A tour riding around by Mayan ruins

Photos of your activity

At almost every stop there is a photographer that follows the tour. We really like the quality of photos from allTOURnative and the amount of photos they take. Some other tours we have been on only take a few photos and add a few stock pictures. At the end of your tour here you can see the photos on a computer screen and then can buy them if you want them. They also add on a lot of good stock photos for your albums.

Location of the ATV Park

allTOURnative’s park is just a few minutes south of Playa Del Carmen on the 307 Highway. Your tour should have transportation included but if you wanted to get here by driving it is very easy. It is well signed on the highway. Parking is available in their lot.

This is one advantage of this tour. It is close to Playa Del Carmen and closer to Cancun then other tours,  so it makes it quicker to arrive and have fun. Some other tours are further south and take more time to get to. It is also close to Playa Del Carmen but you feel like you are in the middle of the jungle far from everything.

Recommendations for this tour

This tour is a good half day tour for those that do not want to do a full day. It is good for people that like to ride ATV’s or at least try driving them. You get more then just riding on this tour like the cenote swim and visiting the different locations in the park. This is a quality tour and this company does a good job with having informed guides and presenting the park in a beautiful manner. There is not really anything we can say we would improve on with this tour so they are doing a good job.

Another thing about this tour we like is the fact it is in the woods and cooler. If you are a little hot from walking around or too much beach time, this tour will have your driving around in the shady woods and cooler temperatures.

This tour is not for people with health issues like back problems and all drivers must be of age. This tour is not recommended for children and they have restrictions.

If you liked reading about this tour be sure to check out our other day trips and tour reviews like the one on allTOURnative’s Jungle Maya tour.

Have you been on this tour? What did you think? Let us know in the comments below. We would love to hear from you.


  1. buen día tengan todos ustedes-estuve de vacaciones con ustedes el 28 de mayo de 2016 en el grupo de 9:00am mi pregunta es si las fotos que toman las tienen aun ya que me agradaría comprar unas que me hicieron falta..saludos

  2. I love the location of your park because it is not so far from the Playa del Carmen. We did this tour and enjoyed the Mayan house and ceremony. The cenote was beautiful and one of the nicest we have seen.

  3. I like allTOURnative as a company but I hope they get rid if ATVs since they make so much noise for the animals and people do not really get to enjoy nature. I would like to see Qroo move more in an eco friendly direction and I expect allTOURnative to be a leader in this.

  4. Hello! We just got back from the Riviera Maya and had a great time. We did this tour and enjoyed the jungle. The cenote swim was beautiful. We recommend this tour to people.

  5. This is a nice park to visit and the cenote is so calm and beautiful My husband and I had a great half day excursion here. I like it because it is close to Playa.

  6. Hi, we are thinking of doing the ATV park called Emotions and see there are zip lines. I wonder what is the weight requirement for them. THanks

    • Hello Johnny

      The zip lines have a limit of 264 pounds. If you do not go on the zip lines you still get to do the ATV’s and cenote swim.

  7. This was a nice tour but for the price we would prefer going to Xplor. There you get to drive in the jungle, more zip lines and swim in a large underground cave. Plus a full buffet. THis tour is for those that just like to ride ATVs and less people.

  8. This tour was close to Playa Del Carmen and still in the woods. We thought it was sufficient time on the ATVs and the cenote was nice. It is not super adventurous but good for families.

  9. It’s really a fun tour. It was not all day tour but we did go through the jungle. It was a heavily wooded area and the cenote at the end was fun.

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