The La Memorable food market is open for eating!

Just behind the Grand Hyatt

La Memorable food Market in Playa Del Carmen by the Grand Hyatt

NOTE: The La Memorable market is currently closed as of September 2016.

The La Memorable food market is the third food court like market to open in Playa Del Carmen. These types of markets offer a lot of variety of foods and drinks to try, many of them Mexican specialties. This market is now open, so why not go explore for yourself. Below is a description of what is there.

What is at La Memorable market?

When you first enter the market there is a colorful food truck on the right. This is the El Gato Feliziano. This food truck serves up gourmet hot dogs that are so big you practically have to eat them with a knife and fork. You can order a designed dog off the menu or build your own.

La Memorable food Market in Playa Del Carmen by the Grand Hyatt
The “El Gato Feliziano” gourmet hot dog truck

On the right as you enter is Gonzalez artisanal beer bar. This bar offers only Mexican beers and in 5 styles.  They have about 17 on tap and about 21 different bottled beers. Prices for beer runs 35-100 pesos and there is a full alcohol bar available as well. This bar not only gives you a nice place to sit and watch the street but also is a good place to expand your palate of beers.

La Memorable food Market in Playa Del Carmen by the Grand Hyatt
Gonzalez artisanal beer bar with Mexican beers.

Next on the tour is the Oye Carino seafood restaurant. This is a restaurant where you can select your own fish for your meal or just have fish tacos. This restaurant will be open from 8:00am-10:00pm. Hours for each store and  restaurant will vary.

La Memorable food Market in Playa Del Carmen by the Grand Hyatt
The Oye Carino seafood restaurant.

Next up the Paladar De Mezcal store. Here you can buy bottles of mezcal or order from their special cocktail menu. This store is nice because this makes for great souvenirs and there is not a lot of mezcal sold in Playa. This store has a nice selection including flavored mezcals like mango and tamarind.

La Memorable food Market in Playa Del Carmen by the Grand Hyatt
Paladar De Mezcal store.

There is the La Panaderia bakery and restaurant. This restaurant is inside and air conditioned. This is a good place for breakfast and even for locals who want to try something new. It has an open and industrial feeling interior kind of like a Seattle market. The prices are about 60-100 for plate and then you can get your coffee or juice.

La Memorable food Market in Playa Del Carmen by the Grand Hyatt
The interior of the La Panaderia bakery and restaurant.

The Ensenada wine bar features only Mexican wines. Yes, Mexico makes wine and actually some very good ones! Prices are very reasonable at about 90-140 pesos a glass and 300-1000 a bottle. We can see this becoming a nice place for evening sipping and working business meetings for guest staying in the nearby Grand Hyatt.

La Memorable food Market in Playa Del Carmen by the Grand Hyatt
Ensenada wine bar with only Mexican wines.

Next up is the fun looking Aguas truck. Here you can get flavored waters for those hot days.

La Memorable food Market in Playa Del Carmen by the Grand Hyatt
The Aguas truck with flavored waters.

For the kids and people with a sweet tooth there is El Socio candy store and just outside there is the Marquesita cart.

For the adults there is Sabor Illegal cigar store. Here they have specialty cigars from all over including Cuba.

La Memorable food Market in Playa Del Carmen by the Grand Hyatt
The Sabor Illegal cigar store.

In the back of the market is Taco Taco. This is typical Mexican taqueria where you can get all kinds of tacos.

La Memorable food Market in Playa Del Carmen by the Grand Hyatt
Taco Taco, the place to get all kinds of tacos.

And last of all there is a handsome bar in the back.

La Memorable food Market in Playa Del Carmen by the Grand Hyatt
La Memorable Bar

La Memorable location map

This food market is on 1st Avenue between 24th Street and 26th Street. It is right behind or in front of the Grand Hyatt depending on your perspective of what is the front of the hotel.


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  1. We are staying at the Hyatt in Playa Del Carmen now and walk through this market to get in and out of the hotel. It is always dead in La Memorable. I cannot believe how much money they spent getting it open but there is no business. Their marketing plan much be horrible. I cannot see how they will survive.

  2. We just stayed at the Hyatt where you have to walk through this market each day. It was dead and I don’t know what they were thinking. The people in the Hyatt want to get over to 5th Avenue and go to all the great restaurants there.

    • Hello Noelle

      If you notice at the top of the article we mentioned this market is closed for renovation. We have updated that message to say it is just closed. We often don’t immediately take down articles because people sometimes search for something and it serves as an announcement. All three of the markets in Playa Del Carmen has failed. We will wait to see what goes into this space next. Thank you for reading our website and we hope you have a great time in Playa Del Carmen.

  3. We read your article about Memorable market. We have to agree that it is about location but also there are some other factors as well. There must of been the concept of thousands of people walking through on their way our of the Hyatt and stopping to take a bite of something. This would be a flawed idea because most people that go for a walk out of the hotel do not simply want to stop 50 yards form the door. They really want to be on 5th Avenue! There are a hundred restaurants to choose from, all of which of the ones in trip advisor, none are listed highly from Memorable. Second there is the issue that locals are not going to go there. Most people that live in Playa live west of 10th Avenue and much further west. Locals that want to even attempt to go out near 5th Avenue have hundreds of options before even getting over to Memorable. Then there is the issue if parking, there is hardly any near the market except paid parking, so anyone that wants to come for an inexpensive meal is going to pay 30% more to the bill just for parking. Yes, now there is a parking lot open for the market but no one knows about it. Third there is the fact that the managing company has not advertised it the best. For example we wanted to write about it and usually in google we rank #1 for Memorable Playa Del Carmen.(We also rank very well for several of their businesses and restaurants). But even though we have reached out to them and can write more they have never set up a meeting or really responded to multiple emails. We have ideas of how they can change street flows and pedestrian traffic and much more but we are not going out of our way to help a failing market from people that never respond to our emails. They also loose a lot of other business because we have people that want to set up parties and events in their venues, but they have yet to respond. Fourth, the business in the market are not the best choices. At one time there were four places to buy alcohol. A beer bar, wine bar, Mezcal store and a bar. Way too much overkill and it was not ready for that with so few people. A candy store was too big and not enough kids coming though to even pay the staff to keep it open. The best two businesses are the Gonzales Beer place and the Panadaria. Although we ate there and the pasty was not the best, most likely because it sat for so long since no one comes there. It really was too big to succeed because they did not build a following. First Avenue will change in the next two years with infill but does that mean a market there was a good idea to sit idle and loose money for that long? Only the investors can answer that one. The market does have a nice design and potential but now the energy is dead there and anyone that wonders in will not really want to stay there to eat alone nor will they come back. We talk with hundreds of restaurants in Playa Del Carmen and other business owners, we see what works and what needs improvement. We not only write about places but we give advice to people that are willing to listen to our recommendations. Some people are appreciative and some are very strong with their ideas and try to make it work. We have about a 95% accuracy rate for guessing if a business will fail and we try to make all good businesses work well to make Playa Del Carmen a better place. We don’t want to see places open and close and we know how hard it is to run a restaurant or other business here. We wish the Memorable market well and we still wish they would reach out to us.

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