How to have a beautiful day at the beach in Akumal

Akumal Beach
The beach in Akumal.

Visiting the beach in Akumal

Akumal, Mexico is most known for the turtles that are in the bay. Secondly, Akumal is known for its beautiful beach and area in the Riviera Maya. If you are not staying in Akumal, you can still go visit the beach and have a wonderful day there. Here are some ideas and details on how to do a day trip to Akumal. 

Akumal Beach
This is the beach in Akumal.

How to get to Akumal

You have four options for getting to Akumal. They are:

  1. Renting a car. If you need a  rental car for a couple of days or longer, we recommend this good local car rental company
  2. Taking the colectivos. These are shared minivans that go up and down the 307 highway making stops. If you take the colectivos, you will get off on the highway and walk for about 12 minutes to the beach, down the main road into Akumal. This option is good if you are on a budget, 4 or less persons, and don’t mind walking a little. 
  3. Hire a driver. This is a good option if you are a group and want a fixed price for your round trip. Even though these vans usually shuttle people between the airport and hotels, you can book them from anywhere in the Riviera Maya to anywhere else. The link is to a reputable company that our readers enjoy using. 
  4. Taxi. Taxis are expensive, especially when going longer distances and you also have to find another taxi for the return trip. We recommend more the vans with drivers that are above. 

Note: ADO buses do not stop along the highway for Akumal. 

Akumal is about 35 minutes south of Playa Del Carmen on the 307 highway. 


Visiting the beach of Akumal

There is limited beach access in the Riviera Maya. So there are not a ton of options to visit. Akumal is one beach that is very nice to visit because it is on a bay and has calmer waters. In recent years there has been controversy over access to the beach, in part because of the hoards of tourists wanting to swim with the turtles. The solution was to have a paid access to the beach where they can control how many people visit each day. 

To go to the beach you will walk under the arch and go to the trail on your left. There is a small palapa here (thatched hut). Pay here and walk the trail to the beach. If you have driven to Akumal, there are parking lots before the arch where you can pay 50 pesos for the day. 

Akumal beach access
This is where you walk to the beach in Akumal.

Can you swim with the turtles by yourself?

The beach is roped off and the most popular area for turtles is reserved just for a set amount of persons per day. This is best done by reserving a tour. You can, however swim in the area and have the possibility to see turtles. 

How much does the entry to the beach cost in Akumal?

The current price is 120 pesos per person. If you are only going to the beach and you are driving, off the main road as you enter, there is a parking lot with limited spaces. The price for all day parking is 50 pesos. Some of the spots are shaded. 

Lolha Restaurant in Akumal

You might not be a beach bunny but still like to sit by the beach. An afternoon at the Lolha Restaurant might just be perfect for you. The Lolha Restaurant is the main restaurant on the beach in Akumal. Here you can sit under the palapa or roof and enjoy drinks, seafood or other food and be just steps from the beach. The views from the restaurant are perfect.

The menu at Lolha Restaurant in Akumal

The menu at the restaurant is wide and bridges the gap between snacks and seafood platters. There are a lot of choices, so if you bring kids that are a little picky, they can find something. Don’t expect gourmet selections, rather time tested local seafood and Mexican dishes. This is not a Tulum beach club where you can find the latest and most gourmet of options. 

You can expect to pay about 250-400 pesos per person depending on how many drinks you add to the bill. This restaurant is about the experience and views, not how amazing or how affordable the food is. 

Food at Lolha Restaurant
Guacamole and ceviche at Lolha Restaurant.

The restaurant is open daily from 8:00am-9:00pm. Here is a link to their Facebook page

The bar of Lolha Restaurant
The inside of the palapa at the Lolha Restaurant in Akumal.

Details on going to the restaurant

If you are driving to Akumal, you can enter the main road and take the road to the right just before the arch. It is roped off and they will ask if you are going to the restaurant. They have their own parking lot for you. If you are walking, enter the hotel entrance on the right hand of the arch and follow the sandy path to the restaurant. 

Akumal beach access
This is the path after you pass through the hotel and go to the Lolha Restaurant.

Beach Club at Hotel Akumal

If you want to skip eating but have access to some services, you can go to the same Akumal Hotel/ Lolha Restaurant beach club. It is all brought to you by the same owners. If you want to go here and are driving, enter the main access road to Akumal and take the left before the arch where there will be a guard. Here you can park close to the beach club. 

Prices are below.  

Beach club Akumal


Akumal Beach
This is what the beach looks like on a winter day in Akumal.

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  1. Is half moon bay also in Akumal? I’ve heard it’s good for snorkeling but is there tons of coral? My kids like the soft sandy bottoms and being able to float around in the breaking surf without being pummeled by coral.

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