Abolengo Bar in Playa Del Carmen

Abolengo Bar Playa Del Carmen

Abolengo is a refreshed corner bar on Playa Del Carmen’s busy 12th Street where most of the clubs and bars are. In fact this corner of 12th Street and 1st Avenue is ground zero for parting. So if you go here you will be surrounded by nightlife and see the vibrancy of what Playa has to offer as far as clubbing and bars. Diagonal from Abolengo you have Mandala and then across the street Diablito Cha Cha Cha. So there is plenty of competing music for your attention.

Is Abolengo a Bar or Club?

Abolengo opend in 2014 and if you remember this same corner was a lounge type bar before. It was made into a modern feeling Mexican cantina. It has seated high top tables in the middle and lower sofa seating along the street sides. Abolengo does serve more then just typical bar food but it is light bites which is bar food. Most prices are 50-150 pesos per item.

Abolengo Bar Playa Del Carmen

Drinks are mainly 50-180 pesos and a are a slight step up from some of the smaller bars.

Abolengo Bar Playa Del Carmen
Tamarind michelada beer drink. Very Mexican!

Recommendations for this bar

We recommend this bar for people who are not looking for the cheapest alcohol and might want to talk with friends since the music is not as loud as some of the places. You definitely can feel the energy of Playa Del Carmen here at this place. If you want to easily get in and enjoy the early evening you certainly can. If you get here before 10:00pm you should be able to get a seat and 12th Street will not be packed yet. Usually there are reserved signs on all the tables, a host will take you to a table and as long as you are buying drinks it is yours. Age groups 26-40 will like this bar. It is a good place to start off at or if you don’t want a crazy night in a club, you can come here later in the evening like midnight to 2:00am to round out your night.

If this bar does not seem to fit you, make sure you read our Bar Guide to Playa Del Carmen.

Where is Abolengo Bar?

Abolengo is on the corner of 12th Street and 1st Avenue.

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  1. I love your website. We got lots of tips off it and went to this bar. We had a great time.

    thank you

    • Thanks Chad for your comments. We are glad you had a good time in Playa Del Carmen. We hope you get to come back soon and enjoy more here.

  2. Abolengo was a lot of fun. It is not as loud as Vaquita and more for talking and having drinks. Good in the middle for a club, not too hard core and not too basic.

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