A look at the Cancun Train Station for the Tren Maya

Cancun Train Station

Cancun Train Station and Train Maya Update

Things are really coming together for the Train Maya (Tren Maya). We recently showed you photos of the Tulum Airport and a map where the train will pass by there. Now the Cancun train station is under construction and the first train has already been delivered to the area. Here are some photos of what the Cancun Train Station looks like and pictures of the first train being delivered. 

Where is the new Cancun Train Station?

From the photo below, you can see the Cancun train station being built just south of the Cancun Airport. You can see the runways to the right and on the other side are the airport terminals. This means it is not in the center and anyone wanting to take the train will need a bus, transfer or taxi from hotels to the train. From the airport, it appears a bus will transport people from the terminals to the train station via a road east of the airport. 

Cancun Train Station
Here you can see the current construction on the Cancun train station for the Tren Maya.


Cancun Train Station
The Cancun train station with platforms.


Cancun Train station under construction.
What the current construction looks like. You can see the platforms taking shape. 

Cancun Train Station

And below you can see an exterior view of the Cancun Train Station. 

Cancun Train Station

The first train arrives in Cancun

The first train has arrived in Cancun. This train will be used later this year when the first trip is taken for this section of the route. There are three types of trains that will service the Tren Maya project. One train type will be for tourist transportation with large windows, another type will have tables and be more of train with food service and the last type will be for long trips and have sleeping facilities. 

On July 8th the first train was delivered to Cancun consisting of 4 cars. This train can carry just over 200 passengers. 

Tren Maya

Leona Vicario Train Station

The next stop from Cancun will be the Leona Vicario stop. This is the town that is at the end of the Ruta de los Cenotes that starts in Puerto Morelos. We just passed by here and the station is under construction now. Below are some renditions of what it wil look like when finished. 

When will the Tren Maya start operating?

The first route to open will be Cancun to Campeche. For more about the opening dates and the different segments, see our article here. 


What are your thoughts on the Train Maya? We will bring you more updates when there are some newsworthy events. 


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  1. I am psyched. Cannot wait. I just hope it doesn’t get ruined by vandals scratching and defacing it like the once beautiful subway in CDMX.

  2. The crossing of the train is at km10 of the route de cenote. That is not even near Leona Vicario. You will probably need to take a cab to go to down town or any place else.

  3. I am so pleased to hear of the progress. Hopefully we will be able to ride it to Merida in the new year!

  4. Can I take my small dog in carryon bag on Maiyn train? Hopefully we will be able to ride it with our dog to Merida from Cancun airport.

    • Since the train is not even running yet, the policies are not made yet regarding travel. These will start to be posted this winter when the first train is scheduled to take off.

  5. The station at Leona Vacario is at kilometer 5.5 from Puerto Morelos. A long way from Leona Vacario. Surely the station should be named after Puerto Morelos.

    • Yes, the train will connect Cancun to Playa and then on to Tulum. It will be part of a loop through 5 states. The train station will be further back in Playa, so it might not be the most accessible and economical to go to the airport, but it might be a good option for some exploring.

    • It is said to go 160km per hour. Minus a few stops, that will cut about 45 minutes off the drive time there.

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