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Where can you find Thai food in Playa Del Carmen? All the restaurants here!

Thai restaurants Playa Del Carmen Thai fried rice.

Thai Restaurants in Playa Del Carmen

We are a far way from Thailand in Playa Del Carmen and it is hard to even find the ingredients. So when you have a craving for Thai food, where is good to go? Here is a list of the Thai restaurants in Playa Del Carmen and places where you can get a taste of Thailand.

Gluay Maai Thai Restaurant

Gluay Maai if the most complete Thai restaurant we have in Playa Del Carmen. It has a nice setting and full Thai menu.

This is more of a sure shot Thai restaurant sure to satisfy or somewhat satisfy Thai food lovers. This is usually our first recommendation for Thai food in Playa Del Carmen. This restaurant can also be for a romantic night out because the patio setting and lights.  For more about this Thai restaurant see our article here.

Location: Gluay Maai is on 38th Street between 5th Avenue and the beach. It is not far off 5th Avenue and is on the north side of the street.

Hours:  Wednesday-Monday 3:00pm-11:00pm. Closed Tuesdays

Gluay Maai Thai Restaurant in Playa Del Carmen

Eazy to Go Thai-Vietnamese Kitchen

This is a small restaurant with to go or eat in service. You can either order a dish or one of their wok combinations. This restaurant is good to go on a sunny day for lunch or to get something to go. This is a small restaurant with just about 4 tables outside.

Location: 10th Avenue between 14 Bis and 16th Street. West side of the street.

Hours: Monday-Saturday 1:00pm-9:30pm.  Closed Sundays.

Thai restaurants in Playa Del CarmenLemon grass chicken with rice at Eazy to go Thai-Vietnamese Kitchen.

Po Thai Restaurant

Po Thai Restaurant is a middle of the road restaurant. It is simple and pretty straightforward. You have a large Thai menu but don’t expect gourmet dishes. The staff is friendly and bilingual. For more on this restaurant see our review here.

This restaurant is good to go to if you want something simple. This is not our first choice for Thai food in Playa Del Carmen but some people have found some dishes they like here.

Location: Po Thai is on 10th Avenue and the corner of 14 Bis.

Hours: Monday-Saturday 4:00pm-11:00pm Closed Sundays

Restaurants with Thai flavors and dishes

These restaurants are not wholly Thai food but do have some accents and dishes you will like. Even though they are not wholly Thai, they can be a better option.

Babe’s Noodles and Bar

A longtime favorite for locals an returning visitors, Babe’s always has good smelling food coming out of the kitchen. All the food here leans Asian and you can get Thai dishes here. Also be sure to check out their frozen drinks with mezcal! For more on Babe’s Noodles and Bar see our article here.

Go here if you are on 5th Avenue or nearby. Babe’s has an energy about it and is a lively place to eat. The plates are savory and come in two sizes. We prefer the larger plates.

Location: The restaurant is conveniently located in the center of Playa Del Carmen on 10th Street between 5th Avenue and 10th Avenue.

Hours: Mondays-closed. Tuesday-Sundays 1:00pm-12 midnight

Dai Restaurant

Many people forget Dai Restaurant is open to the public because it is in a hotel. Here you can definitely feel the modern Asian vibe of the place. There is an Asian inspired menu with Thai accents.

This restaurant makes for a quieter place to eat with clean, modern design. This is a mid range to upper midrange restaurant by Playa standards.

Location: This restaurant is in the Live Aqua Hotel on 30th Street between 5th Avenue and 1st. Avenue. The entrance is open to 30th Street. You do not need to enter the hotel. Street parking is available.

Hours: Dai Restaurant is open daily from 6:00pm-11:00pm.

Thai restaurants Playa Del CarmenInside of the Dai Restaurant.

The Wok Playa Restaurant

Known for savory dishes and a well represented selection of Thai dishes, you can get your taste of Thailand here. The value for what you get in the soups, curries and noodles is very good. Plus the seasoning is usualy about spot on. For more about Wok Playa see our review here.

Location: Wok Playa has a new location on 1st Avenue between 26th Street and 28th Street.

Hours: Monday-Sunday 11:00am-11:00pm

What is your favorite Thai restaurant in Playa Del Carmen? Let us know in the comments below. We would love to hear from you. 

For more restaurants in Playa Del Carmen, see our full guide here.

4 Comments on Where can you find Thai food in Playa Del Carmen? All the restaurants here!

  1. Vaughn Rosenburger // October 7, 2017 at 10:44 AM // Reply

    I have had the hankering for Thai food and used the normal ones found in Playa so I am looking forward to tasting these others you mention.

  2. Gluay Mai is always our go to restaurant for Thai food. Consistent with good cocktails.

  3. I truly love your website. I always find new places to check out. I went to the restaurant on 30th street. I have never wandered down that street. The atmosphere was nice and good food.

  4. One good business opportunity for someone is to open a good Asian food restaurant. Everyone that is here is ok but not a true taste of the flavors or as sharp.

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