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Martina Beach Club

Martina Beach Club Playa Del Carmen

Martina Beach Club

Martina Beach Club is a new addition to the oceanfront clubs in Playa Del Carmen. This beach club is on the north end of Playa and has a little more space and less crowd if you are looking for something a little more tranquil at the beach.

The vibe is clubby with deep house, funk and chill music. The music is not overly loud and you can sit near or far from the music depending on your preference.

One nice thing about this club being on the north end of town is the availability of more on street parking. Try parking near Mamitas Beach Club, it is really hard!

Martina Beach Club Playa Del Carmen

Beach chairs at Martina Beach Club.

Prices of beach beds and chairs at Martina

Beach chairs are 100 pesos and beds are 500 pesos.

Martina Beach Club Playa Del Carmen

Beach beds and beach chairs at Martina Beach Club.

Food and Drinks on the menu

Martina has a full bar. Here are some sample prices.

  • Cocktails 90 pesos.
  • Beer 35-45 pesos.
  • Shots 50-75 pesos.
  • There is also bottle service here.

From the food menu here are some sample prices.

  • Plate of tacos 65-72 pesos.
  • Tostadas 75-127 pesos.
  • Burritos 65 pesos.
  • Seafood cocktails 175 pesos.
Martina Beach Club Playa Del Carmen

Shrimp ceviche.


Martina Beach Club Playa Del Carmen

Shrimp burrito.


Martina is open 10:00am-6:00pm daily.

Where is Martina Beach Club?

This beach club is on the north end of Playa Del Carmen. It is just before Canibal Royal. If you go down CTM Avenue (aka 46th Street) to the beach it is just to your right.

For other beach clubs in Playa Del Carmen, see our guide here.

Have you been to Martina Beach Club before? What did you think? We would love to hear from you in the comments below.

12 Comments on Martina Beach Club

  1. Kim Wheeler // July 1, 2016 at 5:05 PM // Reply

    What’s your aim in terrorizing the entire neighborhood with ear piercing noise almost 24h??? You’re not even attracting people to come to your place. You’re place is the opposite of a nice relaxing beach bar! It’s really a shame because it could be.

    • Mr.Yucatan // July 1, 2016 at 5:17 PM // Reply

      Hello and thank you for your comments. It might be good if you contact them directly with your issues with Martina Beach Club. This is an article on our website about the business.
      When we were there we did ask them about the noise from special events like Electric Playa concert. It is a new beach club and the residents have been there longer and are not used to having concerts on their front steps. It will be interesting over time how this beach club develops. As it is now, there is another one going in on the other side of Martina Beach club.
      We suggest you post your concerns on their Facebook page.

  2. Kim Wheeler // July 2, 2016 at 10:42 AM // Reply

    Thanks for your prompt reply and sorry for addressing the contact.

  3. The owners dont care about the neighbors
    They blast that shit noise (its not music) all day long
    The place is empty
    The beach is filthy and smells like a septic tank

  4. This is the worst place in pdc
    Shitty music
    Shitty food
    Shitty drinks
    Shiity beach
    Shitty toilets – for real

  5. Martina Beach Club has space but often the beach there is not the best and the management is young and not educated to how to treat tourist. The music is often too loud and food not the best. It seems like they just through up a sign and put out some chairs and called it a beach club. Even the tiny pool they built is junky and useless.

  6. We rent a condo not too far from Martina Beach Club. They are so loud with junky music and a really dirty club I am surprised that anyone goes there. I am not talking about BPM there, just a regular day. I hope that some of the real estate developers that are building all the expensive condos realize that this will drive people away and that this club should change.

  7. Martina needs do more then loud music to be a beach club. The food is barely passable and the beach stinks. This rented space should be returned to a natural area to protect the beach.

  8. Maybe this beach club will run dry now that the mayor has suspended all the festivals for a security issues. This beach club thrives on the hard core music parties that drive the neighbors mad. Good riddance.

  9. This beach club, if you will call it that is going downhill since it’s inception. Not really good management and not much to offer that loud loud music. Maybe they should focus on the beach and clean it up.

  10. I really don’t know why people go to this beach club. I think it is only friends of the management that go there. I think it is only time before this club fails.

  11. I think Kool Beach club or Mamitas Beach club is a much better option and classier.

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