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Looking for a Spanish Tutor in Playa Del Carmen?

¿Quieres hablar español?

Spanish Teacher in Playa Del Carmen Spanish Teacher

If you are moving to Playa Del Carmen or coming on vacation and want to brush up on your Spanish, then we have a good option for a Spanish teacher in Playa Del Carmen.

Learning Spanish in Playa Del Carmen with a private tutor

Susanna Rosales Spanish Teacher in Playa Del Carmen

Learning Spanish with Susana

Susana lives here in Playa Del Carmen and has been teaching Spanish for 44 years. Her bubbly and warm personality has won over many of her past students.

She offers private classes at very affordable rates (some of the best in Playa Del Carmen). Rates are based on how many classes you want to take, how many hours a day and scheduling. She is flexible to location, if you want your hotel, apartment or at another location it is possible. Anywhere in the downtown is the easiest place to meet for classes.

Susana can be reached at her cell 984-145-9640  She is best reached from 9am-9pm local Playa time. Leave a voice message or text message if she is not available. Her email address is

Note: Taking private Spanish lessons in Playa Del Carmen can be more affordable then going to a school plus you have the benefit of one on one instruction.

Meet Susana, a Spanish Teacher in Playa Del Carmen

Here is a short video we made that shows her personality and a little more about, we hope you enjoy it.

If you are interested in a class setting to learn Spanish you might like reading our article here on the Chichen Itza Spanish school in Playa Del Carmen here.

5 Comments on Looking for a Spanish Tutor in Playa Del Carmen?

  1. hola, i am living here in playa del carmen, my spanish is intermediate but i havent had any formal teaching since high school. I want to learn spanish as quickly as i can. I am hoping for some lessons to improve my speech. please let me know how much a lesson. thank you!

    • Mr.Yucatan // May 21, 2016 at 10:28 PM // Reply

      Hello and thank you for the request but you have sent your question to us here at the website. You will need to contact Susana directly so you can contact her. She is a great Spanish teacher her in Playa Del Carmen and wish you well in your learning more.

  2. Hi! Do you know if Susana is still teaching? The number posted here no longer works. Thanks!

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