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Barber shop, Playa Del Carmen, haircuts
Men's haircuts for only 60 pesos now.

Barbershops in Playa Del Carmen

If you notice local men in Playa, you will see clean cut guys with fresh haircuts. Part of reason for this is the general availability of reasonably prices haircuts. This is welcome news to those coming from other places and used to paying $15-$35 USD for a trim. In the barbershops of Playa Del Carmen the price ranges from about 80 pesos and up with 130 pesos being a typical price.

The experience is quite nice and usually you come out with a clean cut look. We like it especially when the barber puts lotion around the edges and takes out a fresh straight razor and cleans the lines of the haircut.  Often people get haircuts more often because of the affordable cost and a fresh haircut always seems to beat the heat better too.

We would like to recommend certain barbers but they tend to move around to different shops or a shop closes and moves, so we will just tell you out top three cheap, but good cuts.

Where to get haircuts for men in Playa Del Carmen

Number one. 14th Bis st (that is like 14 1/2 St. since there is a 14th st) between 30th Avenue and 35th Avenue. It is in front of Mega grocery store. The shop is small and usually has one to three barbers working at once. It has air conditioning and lots of photos on the wall if you need to point to what you want if your Spanish is not up to task. Best of all, it is only 80 peso (pay no attention to older photo below). Most locals do not tip but they are certainly appreciated. usually 10-30 pesos is a good tip based on service. Like most barber shops it is best not to go from 5pm-7pm when most working folks get off work and head to get a haircut.

Barber shop, Playa Del Carmen, haircuts
Men’s haircuts for only 80 pesos now.

Number two is close by number one. This barbershop is on the corner of Avenue Constituyentes and 30th Avenue. It is located on the second floor above the pharmacy. It is larger and air conditioned as well. Out of the three you are more likely to find an English speaking barber. It is more expensive then number one but still a good deal.

Barber Shop in Playa Del Carmen
30th Avenue across from Mega grocery store

Number three is between these two previously mentioned shops. It is on 30th Avenue between 18th Street and Constituyentes Avenue. This is a little more of a full service barbershop for men. They offer you water, optional shave and haircare products. The name is The Barber Shop by Rigo. 

There are many other little shops around but these have something unique about them and are a good value for the service. So go enjoy a good cut and the experience of a haircut in Playa Del Carmen. 

barbershops playa del carmen
Mens Haircuts



    • Are you saying your liked this cut and thought it was a good deal or you think that is expensive? Many of the barber shops on 30th Avenue in front of Mega charge 100-120 pesos.

  1. I had a lovely stylish cut in the Fee barbershop (Number 2 above). There is a big concentration of barbershops in this area. In Fer it currently costs 150 pesos for a cut and 150 pesos for a shave or 280 for both. Price includes a soda. This is about one fifth the cost of a haircut where I live in London, UK and just as good quality so I was really happy overall. Thanks for the tip Seth!

  2. I was recommended Ivan at Emanuel barbers ( 100 yards up from fer) but there was a long line so went to Fer.
    Allen did a good job for 150 pesos and speaks good English, offered water and coke while there too.

    • You can take a taxi here. Depending on how far away you are staying. If you are outside of Playa it might not be worth it. Some resorts have barbers on the property. If you are in town you might be able to walk here. Many barber shops are across from Mega Grocery Store on 30th Avenue.

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