Xux Ha Cenote near Valladolid

Xux Ha Cenote Yucatan

This cenote is near the colonial town of Valladolid and is a much less visited cenote than many in the area. This cenote has not been open to the public for long and is just visited by people looking to explore the area a little more and have a car.

Xux-Ha Cenote

This cenote is deep down in the ground an is open. Since it is open the water gets pollen and other things that fall into it. It is not crystal clear blue waters but you can swim in this cenote if you really want to.

You will descend down a steep set of stairs and there is an island in the middle with a large wooden deck. Even if you come here just to look around, the birds singing and the remoteness of this cenote make it nice.

Next to the stairs look at the long roots of the trees that have grown down to drink in the water. The first ladder was nailed onto these roots to make a dare devil ladder to descend into this cenote. Thankfully there are the concrete steps now.

Xux Ha Cenote Yucatan
The interior of the cenote.

Services at this cenote

There are bathrooms and  a few souvenirs to buy, but nothing that is that different then most other places.

Entrance cost

The cost is 30 pesos and you pay at the caseta, small hut at the parking lot. If no one is there just walk down the path that is lined with plants and you will come to the cenote. The family that runs it might be there and you can pay. Try to have exact change.

Xux Ha Cenote Yucatan


Open daily from 8:00am-5:00pm.

Where is Xux Ha Cenote?

This cenote is off of the old 180 road that goes from Cancun to Valladolid. Between Valladolid and the Coba-Tulum road you will see a sign. It is pictured below. It is closer to the Coba-Tulum road then Valladolid.

Once you turn you will drive for about 5 minutes down a dirt road until you reach the parking lot.

Xux Ha Cenote Yucatan
Entrance off the 180 Highway.

For more cenotes in the area see our map here.


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    • Hello Ana. Thank you so much for reading our website and we hope you have an amazing vacation. It sounds like it will be a special one this time around. We do have a romantic guide to Playa Del Carmen here: https://everythingplayadelcarmen.com/the-romantic-guide-to-playa-del-carmen/
      Depending on what budget you want to spend on dinner thereare some options. Surely the roof of the Thompson Hotel is a good option with Catch Restaurant. If you don’t want to eat there you can go for desert and drinks. Alux is a restaurant in a cave and is a good option as well.

  2. We accidentally came across this cenote while driving around in the Yucatan. We drove down the road thinking it might not actually get anywhere but found this interesting cenote at the end. The people that ran it were very nice. We were the only ones at this cenote.

  3. Thanks for telling us about this cenote. We have driven this road so many times but never explored back there. You guys are the best about finding cool stuff.

  4. We are taking off on a road trip this next month and want to check out this remote cenote. Cool find! Thanks

  5. Тhаnk you for the ǥood post on this cenote. We used tips from your website for our three week journey in the Yucatan. We found a lot of the things you mentioned on your website. It is helpful local tips. Thanks.

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