Where to store things and find storage in Playa Del Carmen

Storage Playa Del Carmen

Storage in Playa Del Carmen

You might think “why would anyone need storage in Playa Del Carmen?” People don’t move around a lot nor buy a lot of things, but the truth is, it is needed. Most people don’t think about storage until they need it. And often when people look for storage in Playa, the places are full or there is a waiting list to get a storage unit. We also get a lot of requests for small storage spaces and even what to do with vehicles when not in Mexico. Here is one storage place that tackles a lot of issues people have with storing things. Here is more about Riviera Maya Storage. 

More about Riviera Maya Storage

Riviera Maya Storage has been in business since 2012. The storage facility has a live in caretaker and there is a camera security system. The building has been designed to create airflow to create a climate suitable for storing items. 

Storage Playa Del Carmen

Storage sizes available

Unit sizes are anywhere from one meter cubes to 200 meter cubes. The smaller units are great for storing the small things like beach chairs or things you use only occasionally while in Mexico.

To give you an example of sizes and what they hold, a typical 2 bedroom apartment would fit in a medium unit and cost about $85-105 USD a month. You can contact them for a quote and to help you arrange what sizes you need. 

Units can be rented  monthly, quarterly, or annual payment plans. 

Playa Del Carmen storage units
This is what one of the storage unites looks like.

Car and vehicle storage

For people that are leaving Playa Del Carmen for a long trip or perhaps you live part of the year in Mexico, storing a car can be hard. The climate makes it very hard to keep a car parked and closed up. It can be a toss up between parking at the airport, trying to tarp your car in a condo parking lot, or paying for someone to care for your car while you are away. At the Riviera Maya Storage you can store cars, golf carts, water vehicles, motorcycles and trucks in an enclosed structure. They can also help with boat transport and storage. 

They also offer services like starting the car and light maintenance for additional fees. 

Storage Playa Del Carmen
Cars parked at Riviera Maya Storage.

Where is Riviera Maya Storage?

For storage of home goods, furniture, etc the address is Calle 23 Sur 100 y 105 mz 35 Lt 11 Ejido Sur  77712 (Colonia Forjadores)

The vehicle storage is located at Col. Forjadores M 42 L 7 Calle 105-a Calle 29 y 25 Sur CP 77710


The vehicle storage is located at Col. Forjadores M 42 L 7 Calle 105-a Calle 29 y 25 Sur CP 77710

Contact information for Riviera Maya Storage

Hours: Monday to Friday 7:30am-7:30pm. Saturday 7:30am-2:30pm. If customers have special needs and need access they can make an appointment. Only renters  with the name on the contract have access to the facilities. For appointments outside of regular business hours, use the WhatsApp numbers below. 

Phone numbers. For Spanish call Gabriella at 984 745 7290 For English call Ted at 984 139 6632 

storage units Playa Del Carmen
Another view of a storage unit.

Storage Playa Del Carmen



  1. I am looking to store some luggage that i use every other month in mexico. I have 2 suitcases. Its all diving equipment.

    • You comments come to our website. If you want to contact the storage company, you will need to contact them direcly.

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