Enjoy the Traveler’s Table for great food, conversation and fun!

Mexican cuisine
Taking this tour for a dinner experience will give you a taste of authentic dishes from Mexico.

The Traveler’s Table Experience

The Traveler’s Table is a special dining experience that you can enjoy while here in the Riviera Maya. This is not just a dinner, it is a hosted evening of enjoyment where you will learn, experiment and have good conversation with fellow travelers. The dinner consists of a 5 course meal paired with wines and Mexican spirits.  This dinner is well thought out, gourmet combinations of the food, and is well liked by participants. See our video below that will show you what this dinner is like.


What this dinner is about

There are three main principles to this dinner experience:

  1. Great food and drink.
  2. Social interaction with fellow travelers.
  3. To have  a fun and enjoyable time.

This dining experience has been set up by people that travel and understand what makes a good meal. Your dinner comes with a host that will guide you through the experience. This is meant to be a fun evening with good food and conversation, the things that make great dinners memorable.

For people that travel, you often don’t get to sit down to a meal with other people. This dinner lets you have dinner and also “break bread” sort of speaking, with fellow travelers.

What is on the menu?

The menu was designed and collaborated with Eva Millan. Eva Millan was a finalist on MasterChef in Spain season 1 and one of the top chefs in the Riviera Maya. The meal features a history of the culinary influences in the Yucatan area of Mexico. What is nice about the menu is the ability to substitute items if you have a food allergy or restriction.

You can expect some of the traditional ingredients that were used by the Maya. There also have been influences from Europe and the middle east in the area. This has all combined to create a rich tapestry of flavors with local ingredients. You will fine ingredients like chaya, epazote, corn, yucca, habanero, sour orange and chocolate.

travelers table
Does this Mexican food look good to you? We can tell you it was one of the sopes we have had!


travelers table
The main course at the Traveler’s Table dinner in the Rivera Maya.

Where the dinner is held and how to get there

The Traveler’s Table has procured a prime spot at a private beach club just outside of Playa Del Carmen. This remote stretch of beach is the perfect place at sunset to relax and unwind for a very enjoyable evening. There is no one else around except the people that come for dinner and the people serving it.

When you book this dinner experience your transportation is included. This is good since this is about enjoying and not worrying about anything else. It also affords you he opportunity to have some drinks. The transportation picks up from most hotels in the Playa Del Carmen area and Riviera Maya. Vans are air conditioned and comfortable. From Playa Del Carmen transportation time is about 15 minutes.

travelers table
Check out this beach view of there the dinner is held. This is a private beach club just outside of Playa Del Carmen.

Other tips for this dinner experience

  • You must be 18 to attend.
  • Wear sandals or shoes for sand.
  • Be sure to let them know in advance if you have any dietary restrictions.
  • You can bring money to tip the staff at the end.

How to book the Traveler’s Table dinner experience

You can book this dinner with the link below. We hope you will have a good as time as we did with this great dinner. 

Do you have questions or comments about the Traveler’s Table dinner? Let us know in the comments below. We would love to hear from you.

travelers table



  1. This looks awsome, just what we were looking for. We have a specail event and need a special place to celebrate.

  2. We did one of these group dinners and it was a lot of fun. Not only interacting with other people but enjoying good food and drink.

  3. We did the Travellers table on 26th August and had a fantastic evening. We met other couples from America, France and others from the Uk.
    We played a game to start before sitting down to make a Mayan cocktail. The food then began coming out which was all fantastic and our host was very informative about the food and it’s originality.

    To top our evening off we was lucky enough to see a turtle nest hatch and help them to the sea.

    I would recommend this trip to anyone going to Mexico.

    • They pick people up from hotels. So you can book this and they take you there. Almost everyone that comes is staying in a hotel, so this is common.

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