Seamless Transfers: Navigating from Cancun Airport to Playa Del Carmen

Cancun Airport to Playa Del Carmen

How do you get from Cancun Airport to Playa Del Carmen?

Embarking on your Mexican getaway and wondering about the smoothest route from Cancun Airport to Playa Del Carmen? This common inquiry is met with an easy solution. Although situated between the two destinations, the airport is approximately 55 minutes from the heart of Playa Del Carmen, seamlessly connected by a modern four-lane highway. Whether you prefer the convenience of a private transfer, a shared shuttle for budget-friendly options, the flexibility of renting a car, or the simplicity of the ADO bus service, we’ve crafted a comprehensive guide to cater to every traveler’s needs and budget.

1. Private Transfer Van from the Cancun Airport

For those seeking optimal convenience and a swift journey to their hotel without the hassle of driving or negotiating with taxi drivers, a private transfer is our top recommendation. With competitive prices, speedier travel than the ADO bus, and the added benefit of exclusivity, this option ensures a stress-free arrival.

This transfer company is well liked by our readers. They offer bilingual drivers, are fully insured, and offer reliable service that you need when trying to catch your flight. All private transfers need to be booked in advance so you can have a driver waiting for you. 

Tip: Save between $10 and $35 USD by booking a round trip. The service accommodates individuals and groups, providing fully insured rides with bilingual drivers. Enjoy the luxury of a private transfer to any rental or hotel within the Riviera Maya and Cancun area.

Click below to explore prices and book your destination.

Cancun to Playa Del Carmen transportation
These are what the private transfer vans look like that will transport you from the Cancun Airport or Cancun to Playa Del Carmen or wherever you need to go.

2. Shared Shuttle to Your Hotel

If you’re seeking a more budget-friendly alternative, consider a shared shuttle. Ideal for those staying outside Playa Del Carmen or desiring a more economical route to their hotel, these air-conditioned vans offer comfort, professionalism, and require advance reservations for guaranteed seating. The shared shuttles can make a couple of stops enroute to your hotel. 

These shuttles are good for people staying outside of Playa Del Carmen and for people traveling on a budget. 

Reserve your seat now through the official shuttle website below.

Cancun Airport to Playa Del Carmen
Getting to Playa Del Carmen from the Cancun Airport is affordable and comfortable.

3. Rent a Car at the Cancun Airport

Optimal for travelers planning to explore beyond the confines of an all-inclusive hotel, renting a car offers flexibility and accessibility. Numerous rental car companies are conveniently located at the airport, catering to various needs. Explore competitive rates and inclusive insurance options for a seamless car rental experience here. 

Tips for renting a car from the Cancun Airport:

  • Car agencies are both inside and outside of the Cancun Airport. 
  • If you are looking to rent a week or longer, check out this local long term car company. 
  • Generally, we like the larger companies because they have more cars and are better service oriented. 
  • Don’t fall for the car rentals that offer cars for a few dollars. There is mandatory insurance in Mexico and other fees that are always added in. Renting a car in Mexico tends to be a little more expensive. Cars tend to be $40-60 USD a day. 

4. ADO Bus Service (Public Bus)

For solo travelers or those with Playa Del Carmen accommodations within walking distance from the bus station, the ADO bus service offers a cost-effective option. Frequent departures, comfortable air-conditioned buses, and reliable service make this a suitable choice for those with flexibility in their schedule.

Here are some important details about taking the ADO bus From the Cancun Airport

  • Depending on what terminal you get on and if there are other airport stops, the time to Playa Del Carmen is about 1 hour to 1:15 minutes.
  • Check the ADO bus schedule on their website for the most up-to-date schedules. Tip: Enter Aeropuerto Cancun and select a terminal and then Playa Del Carmen as your destination. 
  • We do not recommend buying tickets in advance. Tickets are timed and you do not know if you will arrive on time and how much time you need to go through immigration and customs. There are booths inside the terminals for ADO and also on the platforms outside, you can buy tickets. You can pay with cards, but small bills in USD are accepted. 
  • The current price of the bus one way is 250 pesos or about $14.50 USD. 
  • The ADO bus only goes to the bus Juarez Avenue bus station. Returning to the Cancun Airport it does stop at both ADO bus station in Playa Del Carmen
  • If you are staying at an all-inclusive hotel or somewhere outside of Playa Del Carmen, you will need to take a taxi from the bus station. The ADO bus will not make stops at hotels or along the highway from the airport. 
Cancun Airport to Playa Del Carmen
These are what the ADO buses look like at the Cancun Airport and the stand on the platform where you can buy your tickets. 

5. All-Inclusive Resort Transportation to and from the Cancun Airport

Travelers booking all-inclusive resorts often inquire about included transportation. While some resorts provide shuttle services, it’s essential to weigh the convenience against potential delays and shared bus experiences. Consider the freedom of a private driver awaiting your arrival for a seamless start to your vacation. Most of the time the resort buses wait for a full flight or several flights at once to arrive. They also might require you to leave early going back to the airport to fit the general schedule of guests departing on the same day. 

Evaluate costs and convenience before opting for resort-provided transportation. Often these resort buses can take 1/3 hours more in transportation time than a private transfer. 

6. Why we do not recommend taxis and UBER from the Cancun Airport

There are plenty of taxis at the Cancun Airport just waiting to take guests to hotels. The bad thing is, there are no meters and no set prices for taxis. Taxi drivers and touts will often overcharge people just arriving at the airport. You have to negotiate a price before taking off. It is much better to prebook a private transfer and have a driver waiting for you. Plus, with a private transfer you get a discount when you book a round trip, taxis cannot offer this. 

For those of you asking if there is UBER from the Cancun Airport to Playa Del Carmen, the answer is no. UBER is not an option because the service has not taken off in our area. It was started in Cancun but has seen many issues when rolling out including protests from taxi drivers. The other transportation options above are the only options you have. 

Cancun Airport to Playa Del Carmen transportation
Inside one of the terminals at the Cancun Airport.


Navigating from Cancun Airport to Playa Del Carmen is a breeze with these tailored options. Whether you prioritize speed, budget, or convenience, our guide ensures a stress-free journey, setting the tone for an unforgettable Mexican escape. For a visual guide and additional tips, check out our informative video on the journey from the Cancun Airport to Playa Del Carmen. Safe travels!




  1. If you rent a car —Trust No one -When Renting Take pictures Lots of pictues because When you return the car they will claim damages Contest the damages and file a complaint with your credit card company when you get home Use one of the off site rental agency’s not in the airport Look at all the reviews before you decide

    • This is good advice because so many car rentals try to claim a scratch was your fault. It is a joy in the US when they just scan the bar code and you are done for returning the car.

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