What the Thompson Hotel looks like in Playa Del Carmen

Thompson Hotel Playa Del Carmen Mexico

Thompson Hotels are known around the world for their casual elegance, trendy atmosphere and level of service for their guest. They have 42 hotels in some of the most sought after tourist destinations around the world. Now they have a Thompson Hotel in Playa Del Carmen. This is their second hotel in Mexico.

Each hotel is designed with touches from the local area to make you feel like you have arrived in somewhere different rather than a standard luxury hotel. Lets see what the Thompson Hotel is like in Playa Del Carmen

Thompson Hotel of Playa Del Carmen

The hotel is situated in the direct center of Playa Del Carmen on 5th Avenue. It is right in the heartbeat of the entertainment section and hubbub of 12th Street yet you can take the elevator up to the hotel and enjoy your sanctuary of your room, roof top restaurants or pool.

The hotel sits atop the Calle Corazon building which houses luxury shopping. This hotel affords you the tranquility of your room but access to everything that makes Playa Del Carmen an exciting place to visit.

Rooms at the Thompson Hotel

There are 92 rooms at the Thompson Hotel in eight different categories. Below are photos samples of what the rooms are like.

The rooms are modern, chic with neutral colors and more art than you would normally see in hotels. You will notice touches of marble and local tropical hardwoods.

Thompson Hotel Playa Del Carmen
A room at the Thompson Hotel in Playa Del Carmen.

If you notice in the middle of the photo below, there a glass wall. This is actually the shower facing out to the bedroom. One of the wood panels with slats slides over this if you want some privacy but is called a peek-a-boo shower. So make sure you stay at the hotel with someone you know or want to get to know! Of course most people staying here are couples looking for an elegant stay in Playa Del Carmen with access to everything Playa Del Carmens’s 5th Avenue has to offer.

Thompson Hotel Playa Del Carmen
Guest room at the Thompson Hotel in Playa Del Carmen.


Thompson Hotel Playa Del Carmen
Bathroom in a hotel room at the Thompson Hotel in Playa Del Carmen.

The hotel is curved with balconies for the rooms. You can enjoy a soak in the Jacuzzi as you look out over the city.

Thompson Hotel Playa Del Carmen
Curved exterior of the hotel with Jacuzzi on balcony.

Rooftop of the Thompson Hotel

The rooftop is where this hotel really excels.  It is the best view in all of Playa Del Carmen because it offers a 180 degree vista of the rooftops of Playa and a view over the Caribbean over to Cozumel Island.

Thompson Hotel Playa Del Carmen
The Thompson Hotel rooftop pool at night.

On the roof there are two restaurants, one on each end which are open to the public. In the middle is a long pool with a Jacuzzi. There are chairs and private cabañas for guest. If you want to visit the roof as a non hotel guest you can rent a cabaña.

The cabanas are modern with TV’s, furnishing a curtains for privacy.

Large cabana on the roof of the Thompson Hotel in Playa Del Carmen Mexico
Large cabana on the roof of the Thompson Hotel Playa Del Carmen

Prices for the rooftop day pass at the Thompson Hotel

You can choose a small or large cabanas.

Small cabanas:
  • Starting price: $500 USD, 4 people (maximum capacity: 6 people / each person over 4 is an additional $50)
Large cabanas:
  • Starting price: $1,100 USD, 12 people (maximum capacity: 18 people / each person over 12 is an additional $100)

These are the most current prices from the Thompson Hotel. These are limited and also may not be available when the hotel is fully booked or there is a special event.


Restaurants at the Thompson Hotel

There is one rooftop restaurant at this hotel, and it is open to the public as well as hotel guest.

Cinco Restaurant Playa Del Carmen

Our Recommendations and Review

This hotel allows you to stay right in the center of Playa Del Carmen with elegance and a beautiful rooftop. Even though this hotel is in the center of the city you can feel the peaceful calm in the hallways, rooms and rooftop. This is a trendy hotel for active people. There are sometimes events on the roof with Dj’s and you will notice movers and shakers staying here. This is an expensive hotel but there is a class of people that want that and will follow this brand because of the standards and style that comes along with a stay at a Thompson Hotel.

We think this hotel will appeal to people mostly 30-46 who are a little urban and have a certain style and are well traveled. This is not really a family style hotel for kids. If you are traveling with children you can check out the Thompson Beach House Hotel which is family friendly.

How much are rooms at the Thompson Hotel

Would you like to see prices  for this hotel and the other Thompson Hotel in Playa Del Carmen? Click the “Check Prices Now” button below.


Where is the Thompson Hotel?

The Thompson Hotel is on the top two floors of the Calle Corazon building in the center of Playa Del Carmen. The is at the corner of 5th Avenue and 12th Street. The entrance is on 12th Street between 5th Avenue and 10th Avenue.

Have you stayed at the Thompson Hotel in Playa Del Carmen? What did you think? We would love to hear from you in the comments below.

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  1. Seven of us are going to PDC the end of March ’16. I had heard about the two restaurants and rooftop view. So, if you eat in the restaurant, you’re not allowed to go out on the rooftop with a drink and take in the view?



    • The Catch Restaurant is on the roof and has views and so is Cinco but Cinco is only for the daytime. There are events at Cinco and you are on the roof with views. Where the miscommunication is perhaps is the center of the roof. This is the pool area and open for guest not for guest of the restaurant. However you can see the view just fine from the restaurants. We hope you have a great time there and in Playa!

  2. Do you have any information/photos of the fitness center at Thompson? Want to make sure there are treadmills and a full complement of weights/machines before booking our stay.


    • We unfortunately did not see the fitness area but will try to go by this week and take one for you. We will post it in the article. It will be after the 14th. Thanks so much for reading our site and we are always at your disposal.

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