The Best Places To Take Photos On Playa Del Carmen’s 5th Avenue

Photos Playa Del Carmen

Where to take photos in Playa Del Carmen

Everyone should bring a camera to Playa Del Carmen and take photos. Not only are the beaches nice to look at but there is always so much going on in Playa Del Carmen. The main pedestrian street that parallels the ocean is called 5th Avenue or “Avenida Quinta”. The street is always abuzz with activity and a great place to snap some shots for your new Facebook photo or add to your vacation photos. It goes for about 20 blocks and gives you plenty of chances to capture some great photos of what Playa is like and what is going on here.

Here is a list of some of the best places to take a photo with unique things you will see on 5th Avenue. We put them in order from the south end to the north end. That would be from the Cozumel Ferry to 38th St.

Street performers and entertainment on 5th Avenue

Besides these fun things to take your photos with, as the evening sets in, more and more people stroll up and down 5th Avenue. There will be many street performers. Some of them are mimicking famous artist like Michael Jackson or are painted like statues, then come to life. In several locations you will see guys dressed as Mayan warriors complete with feather headdresses. For a small fee you can take photos with them.

One photo opportunity we ask you not to take advantage of is those with wild animals. In the past there have been baby tigers and currently there are lemurs and monkeys you can take your photos with for a price. These animals belong in the wild and not caged in someone’s house and brought out at night to make money off of. Already there has been an effort to cancel permits for the larger animals and still pressure to eliminate wild animals from being treated as a photo prop. They are cute and fun but if you want a picture of local animals that are indigenous to the area, please visit them in the wild. Your money is sure to help protect them and their habitat.

Now see how many of these places you can take a photo of while visiting Playa Del Carmen.



Photos Playa Del Carmen
Famous bench between Calle1 Sur and Juarez Avenue. It is called “Waiting for the right man”.

Park Fundadores always has something to take a photo of. In fact, check out our article here about what you can see here in Park Fundadores.

Parque Fundadores Playa Del Carmen Mexico
Papantla dancers at Park Fundadores.


Photos Playa Del Carmen
Three Katrina metal sculptures on 5th Avenue.


Photos Playa Del Carmen
Popular bronze sculpture on 5th Avenue and 14th Street.


Photos Playa Del Carmen
The popular frogs at Senor Frogs ant 20th Street and 5th Avenue.


Photos Playa Del Carmen
Second bronze sculpture on 5th Avenue near 38th Street.

Where is your favorite place to take a photo in Playa Del Carmen? Let us know in the comments below.  


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