L’Ambassade Bar Review

The local bar with cheap liter drinks!

L'Ambassade bar Playa Del Carmen

L’Ambassade Bar Playa Del Carmen

L’Ambassade bar is a local favorite baL'Ambassade bar Playa Del Carmenr because it is casual and inexpensive place to go out. It closed for a short while but now is back up and running just one door from where it was before on 10th Street.

The most popular thing about this bar is the cheap liter drinks (litros) that come in large plastic cups. Beer is also cheap here.  This casual bar is good for  hanging out with friends or meeting new ones. You can sit at street level and people watch or go upstairs to have a more private place to sit with friends. They have actually expanded the upstairs to make it a little bigger now.

Most people that go here are 22.2-36.4 year olds.

Prices at L’Ambassade Bar

You can get 1/2 liters for about 35-45 pesos and liter drinks for about 55-75 pesos. Most of the liter drinks are 65 pesos. Beer ranges from 30-40 pesos for bottles.


L’Ambassade is on 10th Street between 5th Avenue and 10th Avenue. This is a busy little street with other small bars. You can bar hop on this street or just stay at one. Also check out our Bar Guide to Playa here.

L'Ambassade bar Playa Del Carmen
Liter Drinks at L’Ambassade Bar.

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