Hacienda Tequila-Shopping for Souvenirs in Playa Del Carmen

Hacienda Tequila Playa Del Carmen shoping for souvenirs
Hacienda Tequila Store

Hacienda Tequila & Tequila Museum

Hacienda Tequila & Tequila Museum is a large souvenir shop on 5th Avenue that is one of our favorites for basic souvenir shopping. It has small souvenirs, clothes, t-shirts, Mexican candies and coffee, tequila and liquors, and much more.

Hacienda Tequila Playa Del Carmen shoping for souvenirs

We like the wide selection of merchandise and the entertainment value of the store. In the back of the store is the “Tequila Museum”. It is more of a display that represents how it tequila is made.  They will show you in this area and it makes for a good photo opportunity.

They offer Mexican made liquors as well. All your favorites plus a HUGE tequila selection. Make sure you try xtabentun liquor. It is an anise flavored Mayan liquor that is regional. It makes for a good after dinner sipping beverage for your room. and is something that you really only find in this part of Mexico.

Note: if you like tequila you might like reading our article on tequila tasting in Playa Del Carmen.

Tip: Stores on 5th Avenue have limited hours to sell alcohol. So plan on buying in the middle of the day to make sure you get something.  But don’t worry too much because other liquor stores have longer hours in the evening.

You might even be able to do some tasting of tequila when in this store.

Hacienda Tequila Playa Del Carmen shoping for souvenirs

Tip: The tequila cake in a metal tin makes for a good souvenir.

Prices in this store are listed in USD and Mexican Pesos so it makes it easy to convert and know how much things cost. You can pay in dollars in this store but you will get a better rate if you use Pesos.

Not only is it large and has a wide selection it has awesome air-conditioning even though there are no doors and it is wide open to the street. If you need to cool off a little bit from walking around, this would be your place.

Photo ops at Hacienda Tequila

Do you like photo opportunities? Not only is the back of the store good for photos but the front of the store has some great statues for photos. The bronze statue of the man sitting on the bench is probably one of the most photographed places in Playa Del Carmen.


Mural, Street Art , Playa Del Carmen, graffiti
Statue in front of Hacienda Tequila Store

Where is Hacienda Tequila store?

Hacienda Tequila can be found on 5th Avenue between 14th and 16th Streets. Why not stop by and browse for souvenirs when walking 5th Avenue. You cannot miss the big yellow building and statues outside.

Hacienda Tequila Playa Del Carmen shoping for souvenirs


Have you been to Hacienda Tequila before? What did you think? We would love to hear from you in the comments below.

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  1. This store has so many things and is overall good for souvenirs. The air conditioning is always pumping here too. Nice general store to buy stuff and central in Playa del Carmen.

  2. We like this store because the selection. We stay just up 5th Avenue from this store and pick up a couple bottles of tequila each time for souvenirs and gifts for family.

    • Hello Dave

      We are not the store, we only wrote about this store on our website. With that said, we have tried to find this store online but have not. Perhaps they should have a website. Sorry we have no further information for you on this.

  3. Hello,

    I was here on a cruise and we tasted a variety of flavors of tequila. Do you happen to know the brand of vanilla tequila the store had out for this? I am assuming it is their most popular. Thanks!

    • Hello Rose

      We don’t know what brand it was. Usualy the flavored tequilas are the cheapest quality and flavor added. You might like 1921 Tequila mark. It is made for good quality tequila and very tasty.

  4. Hola, hace poco estuve ahí y compré unos llaveros del zodiaco maya, solo que ese día llevaba el tiempo limitado y me falto comprar algunos quisiera saber si los puedo comprar en línea o algo así!

  5. We purchased tequila that we we were told was 70 US dollars and ended up be 779 dollars and tried to dispute the transaction but since we signed the receipt we cannot get our money back. We were told to talk to the merchant. Do you have a number for the owner

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