Popular Glass Blowing Workshop Has A New Location

glass blowing

Watch a glass blowing in the Riviera Maya

When we first wrote about Vidrio Soplado Mexicano and shared a video of the glass blowing process, it was very popular. People love to see how things are made. Vidrio Soplado Mexicano has been in Playa Del Carmen for years, but unfortunately, not that many people are able to visit. The current location housed both a shop and the workshop, but it has since moved the workshop so more people are able to visit it. The location in Playa Del Carmen remains open as a store and the new location merges the glass blowing workshop with a souvenir store. 

Hand blown glass
It looks like the person is playing an instrument, but it actually is the hand blown glass demonstrations.

What the new location is like

The Mexico Market is one of the roadside attractions meant for tourists to come and drop some cash on souvenirs. In this large building you can find a large store of souvenir type items. You can find everything from mugs to tequila in addition to the hand blow glass items made there. This one stop center for souvenirs is kind of a conglomeration of ideas and offerings all to draw tourist in. 

One side of the store is jewelry, a typical tourist offering. On the other side is a short chocolate tour. Since cacao is grown in Mexico and chocolate is produced, it helps show the cultivation and the process of making it. It is a fairly basic display, but it might be nice for kids. In the front of the store there are some good photo ops with some chairs that will be fun for some. 

hand blown glass
Some of the items for sale at the Mexican Market that are made here in the Riviera Maya.

The Mexican Market is pretty touristy, but you can make what you want of it. You can see the glass blowing which is pretty cool. We would say this is the most interesting thing here. It is a shame the workshop moved from its original location, but we understand how it made financial sense to merge it here so it creates a larger tourist attraction. Now people from nearby all inclusive resorts can visit here or be taken here as part of a tour day. 

If you do want to buy hand made blown glass pieces, there is a limited selection here. The store in Playa Del Carmen has a lot more to offer those wanting to buy sets or something specific. 

Mexican Merket
Besides the hand blown glass, there are many items for sale.

Our video of the original location of the glass blowing workshop

This an example of what it is like to see the process of glass items being made plus get a glimpse of the store in Playa. The new location is larger and has more angles to view the process, all behind glass windows. Seeing the whole process certainly gives you an appreciation for the craftsmanship of the glass products. 


Where is the new location?

The new location of the workshop is in a building called the Mexican Market. It is in Puerto Aventuras just north of the Chedraui supermarket on the 307 highway. It is hard to miss the sign and bright colors of the building. There is ample parking. 


What are the best times to visit?

The store in Playa Del Carmen is open Monday to Friday 10:00am-6:00pm. Saturday 10-3:00pm Sunday-Closed. 

The workshop on the highway is open the same hours. Sunday the location is open, but there is no work going on, so it is best to visit when  operating. 

To read more about the original location and shop, see our article here about Vidrio Soplado Mexicano

Have you been to Vidrio Soplado Mexicana? Or have you been to see the new location with the workshop? What do you think of them? Let us know in the comments below. 

Mexican Market
You cannot miss the colorful façade of the Mexican Market on the 307 Highway.


  1. We visited the glass factory. It was so amazing to watch these guys blow the glass. The store is amazing. take the samples of the tequila. You will see the difference in the qualities of the tequila. They also sell a glass pitol full of tequila. What a fun place / the tour of the history of the cocoa plant was very fascinating. A must to visit. no charge to go in. But please leave those guys a good tip, buy some of the glass ware and the girls who help you and tell you all the history are fantastic. There wages are low , so help them out.

  2. We have been going to this place for 20 years. They started blowing in a small building in Playa a d moved to Puerto Maya a few years ago. They are awesome to watch them blow glass and make all kinds of beautiful glass creations. We have the lovely wine glasses at home and love them.

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