Ecoparque Sac-Be is a small ranch offering ecotourism to locals and kids

Ecoparque Sac-Be

Ecoparque Sac-Be

Ecoparque Sac-Be is a ranch in the Yucatan that has opened up to ecotourism. This small ranch has a cenote, lake and horses for riding. This can be a good place to bring kids or a place to stop if you are driving from Panaba to San Felipe. If you be sure to say hi to Fernando. He is the friendly cowboy who will show you around.

Our video of visiting Ecoparque Sac-Be

Like everything on our website, we visit and experience  it first for you so we can tell you about it.


What activities are available at Ecoparque Sac-Be?

Besides being out in nature and seeing some farm animals, here are some things you an do.

Cenote swimming

There is one cenote with two entrances that you can swim in. It is an enclosed cenote. Lifejackets are provided. You will notice a lot of Toh birds flying around the entrances to the cenote. These beautiful birds are known for being around water, their blue color and long tail.

Horseback riding

There are a few horses here that you can ride around. They are very calm and easy to ride.

Ecoparque Sac-Be

Lake with paddle boats

There is a small lake that is surrounded by lush trees. There are a few row boats you can take out on the lake. You can see turtles and a lot of variety of birds.

Ecoparque Sac-Be

Our recommendations

This is not a major tourist attraction but we do like to cover everything that our readers might find interesting. Visiting this ranch is good if you are spending time in the San Felipe area or want something else to do while driving to or from there.

This park is good for your kids who like to get out into nature and good for parents who like an inexpensive place to take their children. Since this might be a good place for locals, we are adding it to our weekend guide. This is a guide for residents of Playa that like to get away for the weekend and not necessarily to touristic places.

Details for visiting


Open daily from 11:00am-4:00pm.

Entrance cost

50 pesos for adults and 25 pesos for children. Try to have exact change.

How to get to Ecoparque Sac-Be

This place is not on google maps so you will need to follow directions. The map below is marked as to what road you take. There is a large sign on the rock wall that is hard to miss.

From Panaba it is about 8.9 km. From San Felipe it is about 22.6 km.

Once you come to the dirt road, drive back through several gates until the end. It is a couple of kilometers. The road is in good condition and should be find for most cars.



Have you been to Ecoparque Sac-Be before? What did you think? Let us know in the comments below. We would love to hear from you. 

If you like getting out and exploring, see our map below with links to articles about each location.


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