What the weather will be like for your vacation in Cancun Mexico

Cancun vs Playa Del Carmne
One of the beaches in Cancun.

Cancun weather is what everyone is concerned about when coming on vacation. We thought we would put together this guide for you so you can know what to expect for weather. Although there is year-round warm temperatures, there are a few seasonal changes that can affect your vacations. With a little planning, you can be prepared for any type of weather. 

Cancun Weather

You will be pleased to know that the average daily temperature is 27 degrees Celsius or 80 degrees Fahrenheit. This allows you to lay on the beach any day of the year and the ocean is warm enough to swim in year-round as well, although locals tend not to swim from December until March. It also seems like we have sunny days with blue sky all the time here except when we get a rainstorm. In fact, we have 340 days of sunny weather here!

Average Temperatures for Cancun

Cancun weather


May often feels the hottest month on average in Cancun but in fact is July and August. It is 29.5 degrees Celsius or 85 degrees Fahrenheit. That might not sound too bad to you but remember that the temperatures at night do not go down very much. Buildings absorb the heat in the day and radiate the heat back at night, so if you don’t have air conditioning it can be hot for you.

Tip: The old saying “it is not so much the heat it is the humidity” comes into play here. We are in the tropics and the humidity levels are often very high. This can make it feel even hotter. This is not a problem if you are by the pool all day or swimming in the ocean but remember outside of these two places it can feel very warm. Drink lots of liquids, wear light clothes and plan your day around the hottest times.

The coldest time of the year is January which has an average temperature of 23 degrees Celsius or 74 degrees Fahrenheit. That might sound a little cool but the days are beautiful with the night temperatures drop some to give you good sleeping weather. Of course, if you are living up north these January temperatures are going to seem heavenly! You will see people using a light jacket at night sometimes in the winter.

Daylight Hours in Cancun

We have on average 9.25 hours of daylight a day here. From October until January there are 8 hours of daylight a day and these are the shortest days. May has the longest days with 11 hours of light.

Average Rainfall in Cancun

If you are planning your days on vacation basking in the sun, then this might be important for you to know!

The most rain occurs from June until October. The good news is that it often only rains for 1-3 days and then it is over or there is a shower and then it goes away. The month with the least rain is February or MarchOctober has the most rainfall. This often depends on which months hurricanes or tropical storms pass through.

Cancun Weather


When is the dry and wet season in Cancun?

Most people want to be here in the sunny season and not be sitting inside during the rain. The woods or “jungle” is actually semi tropical rainforest. In the dry season they can look very dry and almost dead looking. The contrast between the “wet” or “green” season to the dry season is very noticeable. Of course, with the wet season comes more mosquitos in rural areas outside of the city.

What is the water temperature in Cancun?

Going swimming all year round is very comfortable to do. The sea temperature changes only a few degrees up and down. The average temperature is 81.5 degrees Fahrenheit or 27.5 Celsius.  August is the warmest water month.

When is the best weather in Cancun?

Well, most people would say:

1. March-because it’s not too hot and we don’t have too much rain

2. November– because it is cooling down and there is not too much rain. Things are left very green after the summer rains as well, so things look nice.

But really all year is a great time to come to Cancun and these are just opinions of people. It is just bad when we experience an occasional full week of rain, and it just happens to be on the week you come.

What about hurricanes?

Yes we live in the tropics and there are hurricanes. We don’t get as many as you might expect and the nice thing about those storms is the amount of time you have for a warning. We on average have a bad hurricane every 10 years and often we often don’t have any hurricanes for several years in a row. If you are here on vacation and one approaches, all of the hotels are very prepared to help guest fly home or take cover. Hurricane season in the Atlantic is June through November.

Natural Cycles of weather in Cancun and the Riviera Maya

Starting in March the temperature starts to get warmer and after months of dryer weather the summer rains approach. The heat of summer makes clouds form, and they break into rain showers and cool things down a bit until things heat up again.  Having a regular cycle of this will take energy out of the atmosphere and we have a less risk of hurricanes. In summer expect to change clothes frequently because of the heat. Locals often change three times a day. Be sure you shower often to clean sweat off your skin. After the summer things are very green and things cool off a bit. In the “winter” months it can get cooler in the evenings and a light jacket might be nice. But we never get to freezing.  Christmas and New year’s are often nice weather and people are on the beach in swimsuits for the holiday.

What is the weather in Cancun today?

There is the website www.weather.com which is very familiar to most of you. This gives you a general guide to the weather, but we actually like www.windy.com. This website has a lot of options for seeing what is actually happening live. Plus, there are a lot of cool features you can play with on the website. 

For all the latest weather in Cancun, you can check wind guru website. Once you are on the page, just enter “Cancun” in the box where is says “type spot name”. It is a technical site but often has very good predictions as to what the weather will bring.  This can give you a somewhat good idea of what the weather is for the week. Many boat people will use this site for Cancun weather predictions.

This website gives a good map of the cloud cover and movement of the clouds. This can help you see if it will be sunny or cloudy weather for the beach. 

Cancun weather
The website mentioned above really gives a good live map of the clouds over the peninsula.

It is however harder to predict the tropical weather here and sometimes just good to look outside in the moment to see what it is like out.

What is your favorite season for weather in Cancun? What is your favorite website for predicting Cancun weather? Let us know in the comments below, we would love to hear from you.

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 Cancun weather
This is looking north up the coast toward the Cancun Hotel Zone on a beautiful weather day!

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    • Hello Victoria

      The weather in Cancun is very nice in December. In fact it is a very popular time for tourist to come. You will be able to spend the days on the beach and swimming as well.

    • Hello

      We had Harvey pass over us and it was more just a small rain event. It was nothing really. We were fortunate compared to what happened in Texas. The weather has been calm recently.

    • Hello Fennel

      The hurricanes have gone around us and we have had a calm late summer. We are experiencing the random daily shower which is typical for this time of year. Other then that, you can get some good beach time in.

  1. Hi I am going travel in the end of May I see the weather I will cloud and rain I think I am not going get enough sun ?

    • It does rain more in May but usually not everyday or all day. We have been getting sun for a good part of most days even though it may say thunderstorms.

    • I’m going in a few days which is also end of May and the weather looks terrible. How was it when you was there end of May a few years ago?

  2. What will weather be like in September 2018 in Cancun? Any predictions? Lots of rain? Did you have a hurricane in 2017 there?

    • Hello Sheila

      We have not had a hurricane in over 5 years! The waters are warmer this year so there is an increased chance but the currents have been taking the storms to the US and east coast. New York City of all places has gotten more hurricanes then us lately! Crazy!. In September we can get rain but usually not everyday. October is more the rainy month. The temperatures though are wonderful, calm and not too hot.

  3. Hello. We willbe traveling to Riviera Maya September 21-26. Since it’s a short trip, we are worried it might rain most of the time. Do you think that will be the case?
    Thank you.

    • Hello Susanna

      It usually does not rain several days in a row. Our current weather pattern is when it gets hot and the energy builds, we can get an afternoon shower. Usualy the mornings are sunny and nice and there is a chance of late day showers. It should not be something to worry about.

    • Hello Beverly

      We don’t often have several days of rain in a row. We have currently had a weather pattern of clear beautiful mornings and possible showers in the afternoon. You should be able to get some sun and fun here. We hope you have a great vacation!

  4. Trip to Cancun is tomorrow through Tuesday. I see there is a tropical storm approaching. Would you suggest still coming or trying to reschedule?

    • Unless you have travel insurance that will cover it, we say come. It will probably pass with some rain but they don’t tend to last too long. Usualy the weather is pretty nice after the storms.

    • Hello Joe

      It looks like the weather will be nice. We really lucked out with the last tropical storm because it was just off the coast and then hit the US as a hurricane. Today is a beautiful day already and we had a nice pink sunrise.

  5. We will be arriving Nov 14 to the 24th we usually come for first 10 days of may but wznt to spend Thanksgiving there. What can we expect the eeather to be like?

  6. We will be arriving December 17 and stay through Dec 21. I am very concerned because I see rain and thunderstorms in the forecast during our stay. What would the storm look like? Will the storm wash out our plan to go Chichen Itza on the Wednesday (Dec 19).

    • Usually when it does rain it is a short time and not all day. So most of the day should be dry if it does rain. Forecast are not very accurate here. The other thing to remember is that Chichen Itza is three hours away in a different state. So the weather can be different in the two locations. Chichen Itza is great to visit and a good tour company will have umbrellas if you need them. It is still worth going even if it rains. The place is large so it is hard to even imagine it raining the entire time you are there. We hope you have a good trip and any showers do not rain on you.

  7. Hi we get there tomorrow 1/7 and weather looks cloudy and rainy most of the week! Is it suppose to be like that all day?
    I’m bumming out!

    • Kim

      We have had nice weather lately and even when it shows a chance of rain each day that does not mean it will rain. Normally it is not rainy all day even when it does rain. You should still have some sun and fun. We hope you have a great vacation.

  8. I will be in Cancun Jan 20 to 26 and it shows clouds and some rain the whole time I am there. I am worried there won’t be much sun

    • Remember that the weather is more then a week away that you are looking at. It is very unpredictable here. And all weather is just a good guess. Most days there is still sun and maybe partial clouds. So don’t worry too much.

  9. I’ll be in Cancun from Jan 24-29.. days chilly? Do I need to bring sweaters on this trip.. also is the weather good for swimming g days we come

    • Swimming for tourist is year round. Locals tend not to swim in the winter months but that is because they are thin skinned. Tourists love the weather! Sometimes we get a north front that brings cooler air and it can be in the 60’s at night. If you are going on the ferry to Isla Mujeres sometimes the weather feels cooler. In general though it is normally warm and sunny. We hope you have a good trip!

    • Hello Debbie

      Expect hot weather! It is often the hotter time of the year with no rain. We often have 30-34 degrees out. It makes for good beach weather but bring sunblock.

    • It has been sunny and hot lately. We have a chance of showers each day but if that happens it is short and will not ruin the day.

  10. Hi!
    My friend and i are from the netherlands and want to come to Cancun in september, but we are not sure yet because of the weather. Can you tell us more about the weather in september? Is it really that rainy?

    • Hello Shanna

      It is not usually rainy in September. Usually the weather is nice because it is not the hottest time of the year. It is toward the end of hurricane season and there is always a small chance of a storm, but we have not had any in the past 8 years now.

  11. Hi we are staying at the grand Esmeralda lake hotel in Oct 2019 could you please tell me what the dress code for mealtimes is please and what the hotel is like thanks

    • Hello Brett

      Most hotels have a no swimsuit no tank top policy for dinning rooms and more formal dinning. Rules of dress are more casual in the Riviera Maya because they want guest to enjoy their stay with little rules. No dinning requires jackets or ties for men. For the exact policies of the hotel you can call their number here for details. 866) 266-3306

  12. Hi , I see 5 days of rain , and travelling next week sept 25th to oct 1st was hoping for sun , is it still possible ? What are the chAnce , I see 90% here in canda for Cancun..

    • Usually when the forecast says this it means there is a chance of one or two hours a day of rain. We rarely get several days of rain together. It would have to be a large store that is moving very slow. With 300 plus days of sunshine, it is very likely you will have mostly clear days for your trip.

    • Hello Tiffany

      Not to worry! This just means that there is a chance of an afternoon shower. When the energy builds, there often is a shower for an hour. It does not mean the whole day will be stormy. You should be able to get out and enjoy some beach time! We hope you have a great trip!

  13. We are suppose to arrive in Cancun on September29 for 10 days. It seems to be active lately. What do you think it will be like rain wise?

  14. hi me and my best friend are heading to cancun october 5-12 and the weather forecast is making us extremely nervous :(((((((

    • Well there is nothing to be worries about because that is nearly two weeks away and the weather forecast are never right that far in advance. Locals don’t even look at the forecast long term because it does not mean anything. Even with some showers, it can mean that there is a chance each day and you might have rain for an hour or two. Overall the weather has been very nice and enjoyable.

  15. Hi. Me and my boyfriend arrive in cancun on Wednesday and the weather is saying thunderstorms for the majority of the week. Would this usually be during the night and sunny in day times or is it likely it will be like it not if the day?

    • We are in for some fronts to pass this week. Today for example was mostly sunny with two periods of rain for about an hour each. Usually there are some parts of the day sunny so you can get beach time.

  16. HI. I’m coming to Cancun on the 13th of November until the 18th. The weather seems mixed. What can I expect? We are obviously coming for the sunshine!

    • Don’t worry about it now! The weather forecast are not that accurate that far in advanced. Lets see how it changes as you get closer to your take off.

    • Hello Muris

      There might be some showers for an hour or two but rarely does it rain all the day. So I would not be too worried. Plus the beaches have been beautiful lately!

  17. I have seen some photos of Cancun recently and it looks amazing! Is this the typical weather we can expect for the coming weeks?

    • Hello Ken

      Yes! This time of the year the weather is usually really nice and only if there is a tropical storm are we affected by bad weather. We hop you have a good trip to Cancun.

  18. Hello, I am traveling to Cancun next week 16~20 december. Looks like is going to be raining the whole 5 days with thunderstorms. Do you think is better to cancel?

    • Hello Cristina

      Often the weather forecast here look like that but often it is a possibility of an afternoon storm. It is totally possible that there should be some sunny days with no storms. I would not cancel.

    • Hello Nick

      We are having great weather now in the Riviera Maya. We are having warm days and breezy afternoons but not too cold. Maybe just a wind breaker if you go out at night.

  19. Hi, thinking of coming next December/ Jan however worry we will get a few days of cloud. over the course of 2 weeks how many approximately should we expect rain on out of 14 days? Do you recommend elsewhere in the Caribbean for 100% sunny weather.

    • December nd January are pretty sunny months with little rain and not so cloudy days. Any of the fronts that bring clouds to Cancun will also affect the weather in other places in the Caribbean, so there is no spot that is 100% sunny. We would recommend just booking and coming.

  20. Hello
    My wife and I will be arriving next week and just wondering how accurate the extended forecasts are.. It’s showing clouds and rain pretty much all week.. Seems kinda crazy based on what I’m reading..

    • We are expecting some rain. This is more or less when the dry season starts to end and the rains begin. This year we did not have a long dry season.

  21. hi! we have first week of october open and are thinking of going to cancun, playa and tulum…is that crazy? Will odds be in the rains’ favor?

    • No it is not crazy. There is a good chance you can have some good days or even a week with no rain. It is not monsoon season, it just rains in general more. So if it rains for a couple hours during your week, that is not bad.

  22. I will be in playa del Carmen this weekend Sept 3-7 I am freaking out about the weather!! It’s supposed to rain the whole time I am there!

    • Don’t worry. That is more than three to 10 days way and the weather forecast change daily. We seriously doubt it will rain the whole time. Even when it says there is a 70 % chance of rain, it means it might rain and if so, just part of the day or an hour.

  23. Hello,
    My husband and I are scheduled to arrive October 19th-25th the forecast is showing thunderstorms should we cancel and rebook? Just a little worried we won’t get much sun and I didn’t do much research until after we bought our tickets, thank you!

    • There is no forecast that is accurate more than one week. So something that says it will rain in 3 weeks is only a wild guess. So we would not worry about it.

  24. Hello we are booked to visit cancun in 08. April for 12 days. Now, we have 2 little kids and they love hot weather and swimming. Will it be hot enough to go in the ocean in April and not feel cold when coming out or swimming? We are so worried that we won’t be able to enjoy swimming and hot weather

    • Swimming in the ocean is possible all year. Locals dont swim as much in the winter months. April is a start to the hot months so for sure you should have some hot days.

  25. Hello – we are planning to go to Cancun next week and right now weather.com has rain in the forecast for all day for a few of the days. Is this accurate? Will it really rain all day?

  26. I want to book a trip to riviera Maya for September 2022 but I’m concerned about the weather. Does it rain all day?

    • It usually does not rain each day. We can have a shower for an hour and three hours of cloud cover, but you usually can work around this.

  27. Hi, I am 5 days away from arriving to Xcaret, right now it’s showing almost 2 weeks of rain straight through, how likely will this be? and how can this kind of weather be predicted so early on? Literally every single weather station I checked shows the exact same weather for the week of May 20-May 31.

    • It just means there is a chance of rain each day. It will not be a washout. There is an unstable system that is developing and we are watching it. It could be three days of rain as it passes. But usually after the storm, it is beautiful.

  28. Hi I am coming to cancun June 1-6. the weather looks pretty rough as its saying cloudy all day with rain and thunderstorms, should I be worried

    • Not really. It is too far in advance to predict the weather. So anything it says now is only about 30% correct. Wait until the week of and see what the weather is.

  29. I know this if off topic but related I think. How is the seaweed now in Cancun? Does it lessen with the cooler temps in winter months?

    • Hello Tim

      The weather in Cancun now is great! The beaches are also in some of the best conditions in years. 2023 was a very good year for the beaches. Normally in the cooler months is it less because the warm water makes it reproduce faster.

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