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C-Grill Restaurant Thompson Hotel Playa Del Carmen

The C-Grill is a beachfront restaurant in the Thompson Hotel’s property called The Beach House on 8th Street in the center of Playa Del Carmen. This restaurant brings a little “Playa” back to Playa because it is a small-scale restaurant on the beach, only this time it is with a chic twist. This is an upscale restaurant serving all three meals a day beachside.

Note: If you want to check out breakfast at C-Grill, see more details on our Breakfast Guide to Playa here

The Menu at C-Grill Restaurant

This is a seafood and meat restaurant with a mediterranean taste. The wood fired grill is used for much of the menu. Below is a look at some of the food.

C-Grill Restaurant Thompson Hotel Playa Del Carmen
Whole grilled fish.


C-Grill Restaurant Thompson Hotel Playa Del Carmen
Shimp skewer on rice.


C-Grill Restaurant Thompson Hotel Playa Del Carmen
Coconut ceviche.


C-Grill Restaurant Thompson Hotel Playa Del Carmen
Dessert with grilled plantain.

Prices are C-Grill Restaurant

The lunch and dinner menu are about the same, so the prices stand as the following:

  • Appetizers range from about $10-18 USD.
  • Skewers are about $10-18 USD
  • Large plates from the grill average around $21-33 USD. There are some items that are more like the NY Strip and lamb.
  • Sides are $10 and $11 USD.

Our Recommendations

There are not many beachfront restaurants in Playa Del Carmen, but this is one. If you want to sit overlooking the ocean for an elegant evening, this is a good choice. The setting is small enough to feel exclusive and the view on a beautiful day will make your meal here even better. Since they have the same lunch and dinner menu right now, we recommend going for dinner. Since this is a more upscale restaurant the prices will justify a more elegant evening meal. This restaurant is much better that similarly priced ones on 5th Avenue and more relaxed. Come here for a nice dinner and enjoy the sea breeze.

Where is the C-Grill Restaurant?

The C-Grill is part of the Thompson Hotel’s Beach House property on 8th Street and the beach.

Have you been to this restaurant? What did you think? We would love to hear from you in the comments below.

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  1. We decided to have dinner last night, and I am sad to report the following,
    The place was close to empty perhaps 16 people including our party of 6. The service was appalling, and our waiter was either new or had no idea. We ordered a set of appetisers that were ok. We ordered mainly chicken and lamb skewers and frilled salmon and a few sides mainly the potatoes and grilled beetroot that was fantastic. the potatoes with truffle sauce (220 pesos OMG) The chicken skewers were over cooked and the lamb tasted if the meat was off. the salmon dishes ordered were both just ok. Also one of our guests orders was incorrect. In summery, the prices are way too expensive (they wanted 980 pesos for a streak which is nuts. I must say they did offer us a complementary deserts and a local discount that i was appreciate of. Perhaps teething problems as its only been open a few weeks. Cannot recommend.

    • We really appreciate you taking your time to write these comments. It is always good to hear from readers about their experiences. Best of all we like to pass comments directly on to managers and people in charge of restaurants in Playa Del Carmen so they can get better. We will keep an eye on this restaurant and since things change over time, so do our articles. We like to keep things up-to-date and accurate. Thank you again and be assured we will pass your comments directly to the restaurant. We like being a voice of customers.

    • Hello. We just contacted their media relations department on your behalf. They mentioned they are going through a staff adjustments currently. So hopefully things will improve. We are sorry your experience was not the best there.

  2. Thank you much appreciated, we eat out all the time in Playa and i think its important to assist in making dining experiences better for all. Not to add insult to injury but was of our guests was quite ill last night from this experience.

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