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Blue Venado Beach Club-For when you want to get away

Blue Venado Beach Club in Punta Venado

Blue Venado Beach Club is just south of Playa Del Carmen and makes for a perfect get away for the day. What makes this club so unique is the fact it sits on the private area called Punta Venado (or “Deer Point” in English) which is  an enormous area of natural forest just south of Playa Del Carmen (see photo to the right, the star is the beach club and circle is the property).

Update: This place is now only open for private events as of October 2017

Blue Venado Beach Club in Punta Venado

Location of Punta Venado and Blue Venado Beach Club.

The Blue Venado Beach Club

This is the closest beach club to Playa Del Carmen that offers a natural surrounding and makes you feel like you are on a remote Caribbean beach. What we really like is the fact there are no hotels in view! Just beach and the coast are visible here. This is a beach club you go to relax and enjoy since it is not overcrowded. Since you need a car to get here and it is not permitted to bring outside food and drinks, it is a calmer place just for those seeking a quiet beach day with a few services.

They play light background music here.  The beach club and restaurant is used by the tours they offer but they tend not to bother the beach and are in the background. Since it is quieter here and more remote, it is nice to get in the water and not worry about your stuff on the beach.

The beach is kept clean. In the water there are rounded coral mixed with sandy bottom parts. You can swim and get in, it is just not all sand.

Blue Venado Beach Club in Punta Venado

Services at Blue Venado Beach Club

To use the beach club there is usually a 200 peso per person consumption charge. You can easily accomplish this by getting some drinks or food.

They have about 18 palapas and seating for 40 or more in loungers and other seating as well. There is one private lounge area for 10 people and you can have it for a 1,800 peso consumption. If you are not wanting  sun but want to come to the beach, the restaurant has a nice open air palapa and you can sit shaded here or by the bar in swinging chairs. There is also a shaded area with hammocks.

There are showers and bathrooms. Ample parking is available.

Note: Bring your own towels

Tours at Punto Venado

At this same location there are a lot of tours you can do like ATV, jet ski, snorkeling and horseback riding. You can ask for more information at the club. Here is our article with photos about the activities at Punta Venado.

They also do weddings here and we will cover this in another article. This is a great option for a remote and affordable beach front wedding with facilities.

Blue Venado Beach Club in Punta Venado

Beach palapas with chairs.


Blue Venado Beach Club in Punta Venado

Private area for reserved guest or rental.

Blue Venado Beach Club in Punta Venado

Food and Drink at Blue Venado Beach Club

Alcoholic drinks range from about 90-150 pesos depending on if you like top shelf alcohol or not. There is beach food like nachos and meals as well. Prices range from about 130-220 pesos.

What is nice about this beach club is the catch of the day specials. They work with local fisherman to bring in fresh fish and put it on the menu. There is also a lot of pastas on the menu and a good range of other food to give you a selection.


The beach club is open from 9:00am -5:00pm everyday. If you do have a reservation for a private function, they can stay open later.
Our Video of Blue Venado Beach Club

Directions and map

Coming from Playa Del Carmen you drive south on the 307 highway. It is 8km south. you will see the large wood sign with orange color that arches above the entrance and you will need to loop back around to go north for just a short while to the entrance. Follow the dirt road for about 8 minutes. There is on gate with guard and he will just ask where you are going. Continue for about 4 minutes to the end of the road and you come to the beach club.

Punta Venado is between the Calica port and Pamuul.

A taxi from Playa Del Carmen will cost around 260 pesos each way.

Note: It is  far to walk from the entrance to the beach club so plan on driving. But it is possible and a nice walk through the woods to the beach. They allow people to walk in, it is just about a mile and a half or over 2 kilometers.

Blue Venado Beach Club in Punta Venado

Main palapa building.

Have you been to Blue Venado Beach Club? What did you think? We would love to hear from you in the comment section below.

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  1. I just read your Blue Venado Beach Club at Punta Venado article and never knew this beach club was so close to Playa Del Carmen! I want to go here now. I always like to discover new things and you guys are always giving the best finds and suggestions. Keep up the good work!

    • Mr.Yucatan // June 20, 2016 at 2:46 AM // Reply

      Thank you Dolly! We try hard to bring you everything in the area and love doing it for you. Thanks for reading the site.

  2. Abigail Unger // July 16, 2016 at 7:49 PM // Reply

    Can’t wait to go tomorrow!!

  3. Love it..visited in 2014 & 2015…hope to get there our next trip

  4. Punta Venado was one of my favourite places in the riviera maya, unfortunately, the beach bar is no longer open, we tried to go there and spend the day , luckily we called before , and hey have informed un that they are now only open for private events 🙁
    We will really miss this great place !

  5. The place is now closed, only open for private events 🙁

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