Ch’arki Jerky-Bringing beef jerky to Mexico

beef jerky Mexico Ch'arki jerky Playa Del Carmen Mexico

Beef Jerky in Mexico- The Ch’arki Jerky Story

Many of our readers like to hear local stories about products made here in Playa Del Carmen or people that are doing interesting things here. We sat down with Sara from Ch’arki Jerky to learn the story of how they make beef jerky in Mexico. Here is the interview.

How did the concept of Ch’arki Jerky come about?

  •  Currently in the United Sates and Canada it (beef jerky) is EVERYWHERE. It is the trendy snack food right now, and I am a huge fan. There was not any available here, and once I started developing the recipe and idea everyone went nuts for it, so I decided to bring it to the market properly.

Where do you make your product and was it easy to get your business running?

  • Everything is made and produced out of Playa del Carmen. Breaking into any market with a new product can be difficult, but doing it in another country brings its own unique challenges. The number one challenge thus far is introducing it to nationals as it is non-existent here, but once anyone tries it they can not get enough! The easiest part? I would have to say that nothing is necessarily easy, but it has been a challenge that has been fun and rewarding.

Why do you think your business was so well received by people?

  • I think more than ever people are more aware of what they are fueling their bodies with. This product is a heathy alternative to expensive imported snacks and is packed with protein, and low in fat. Plus the world has gone nuts for beef jerky!

What products do you make?

  • Currently I offer 4 flavors of gourmet hand cut artisan beef jerky in Mexico. For a detailed description of each you can check our website: Eventually I want to add a vegan snack option but for now I am sticking with beef!

Where can people buy Ch’arki Jerky?

Ch'arki Jerky beef jerky in Mexico
Ch’arki Jerky being sold at the Carmen Beer Company.

What plans do you have for the future of your company?

  • Expansion throughout Mexico and beyond!

We hope you are able to try their beef jerky in Mexico when you come to visit. This is another story about innovative people in Playa Del Carmen creating a business and a good product. We love to highlight these types of stories.

Beef jerky in Mexico Ch'arki jerky Playa Del Carmen Mexico
Packages of Ch’arki Jerky.

Have you tried Ch’arki Jerky? Do you think beef jerky in Mexico will catch on? Let us know what your thoughts in the comments below. We would love to hear from you.

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  1. please contact me concerning sponsoring a Hollywood USA golf outing at the Mayakoba in October 2017.
    It would be greart to get local support abd get your product introduced to thosands of people across the globe.Thank you Robert Tito

    • Hello Robert

      Thanks for your comments on the website. This is an article we have on this local company. It would be good if you can contact them directly about working with you.

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