Das Brot Bakery in Playa Del Carmen-taste the love!

Das Brot Bakery Playa Del Carmen

Das Brot Bakery

Many people in Playa Del Carmen know Anja from local markets where she has sold breads and pastries. Here unique style and German background gives people a different option to satisfy their sweet tooth and get hearty and wholesome bread. Her Das Brot Bakery is the place to go for wholesome breads and tasty treats.

The bakery is open!

Now Anja has opened a bakery on 8th Street near the center of Playa Del Carmen where she can share even more her passion of baking. The bakery name is Das Brot or “The Bread” in German. This cute bakery makes for a nice place to sit and have a pastry.

Be sure to stop by in the morning when the cinnamon buns come out of the oven. Also, you can help out those cinnamon buns out with their organic coffee at Das Brot. Friday is also the day that bagels are sold. These are some of the best bagels around. 

Das Brot Bakery Playa Del Carmen
Anja the baker!

Why not stop by and say hi to Anja and taste the love that is put into the baked goods. We are sure you will enjoy whatever you eat.

Das Brot Bakery Playa Del Carmen
Fresh cinnamon buns!

Hours of operation

Monday-Fridays 8:30am-7:00pm. Saturdays 8:00am-2:00pm. Closed Sundays.

Das Brot Bakery

Where is Das Brot Bakery?

This Das Brot Bakery is on 8th Street between 20th Avenue and 25th Avenue. There is a small plaza, and it is in the middle of it.  Street parking is available. (See photo below)


For more information on bakeries and places to get something sweet to eat, see our guide to Playa here!

Have you been to the Das Brot Bakery? What are some of your favorite things? We would love to hear from you in the comments below.

Das Brot BakeryThe new location of Das Brot Bakery.

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  1. Today, I went to Das Brot Bakery. I was really impressed such a bakery existed in Mexico. I had to try several things and will try to go back before I leave. This is a great bakery to check out!

  2. Every weekend I try to buy something here at the bakery. Very good quality and lovely lady that runs it.

  3. Sweet little bakery. Nice pastries and selection of breads. I will make this my go to place for bread and treats. Much better then grocery store breads and things.

  4. I found this bakery on your website and stopped in. Lovely cakes, cinnamon rolls and bread! I will be going here again for sure.

  5. One of my favorite bakeries in Playa. I always stop here when I am staying because the pastries are always fresh and served with a smile.

  6. Im glad that Anja is the First German Baker in Playa del Carmen that brings for the Germans the taste of Bretzeln into the Riviera and smoothens someone’s homesickness. Also, it’s bringing more multi-cultural wealth for this unique future Mexican City and diversity is cool, including foreign cuisine which allows anyone mixes its experience

  7. love this place….I go for the breakfast goodies all the time but noticed the pretzles, only on Tuesday, they are fantastic….

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