Beachfront movies at Thompson Beach house

Thompson Hotel Beach House Playa Del Carmen
Movie night at the Thompson Hotel.

What could be better then sitting by the beach watching a movie, in the sea breeze, at night, inexpensive food and drinks and at a beautiful hotel? Sound good to you? Well read on so you can do this while in Playa Del Carmen.

That is the type of evening you can have if you go to the Thompson Beach House Hotel’s movie night. These events promote the hotel and introduce it to locals that might not have come down 8th Street to see it.

When is movie night at the Thompson Hotel?

Movies are played on Wednesday nights and it is twice a month at the Thompson Hotel. The movies are set up by El Cine Club and you can check the schedule here at their Facebook page.  For the Thompson Hotel location, just see when they will be there next. These events should be playing all summer.

What do they have for food and drinks?

Thompson Beach House has the C-Grill Restaurant but during the movie nights they have  a special menu. The menu is drastically different then the regular menu. Here is a sample of what is on the menu.

  • Small pizza 128 pesos
  • Wings 6 for 160 pesos 12 for 304 pesos.
  • Fish and Chips 128 pesos
  • Mini hamburger and fries 128 pesos
  • Hot dog and fries 128 pesos.

There are drink specials as well. If you sit in the restaurant you can order off the regular menu, but most people are coming just for the movie and order on the special menu.

Thompson Hotel Beach House Playa Del Carmen
Fish and chips option.

How do you get in and what is the cost?

Here is the good news! It is open to the public at no cost but there is limited seating. They used to have a signup online that you could reserve a spot but now it is first come first serve. The doors open a half hour before the movie begins. there will be a line forming. It usually does fill up in the first 20 minutes, so come early. At least you know people will not be arriving after the movie starts. This is one time people are ahead of schedule in Mexico!

People come early because those that know the Thompson Beach House,  and like the venue. The screen is in front of the ocean and the tiered seating area is used with the cushions and beach chairs. This makes for a perfect place to watch a movie out under the stars. Why not go out for a night and enjoy this Playa experience!

Thompson Hotel Beach House Playa Del Carmen
Movie seating at the Thompson Beach House

Have you been to see a movie at the Thompson Beach House? How was it? Let us know in the comments below.


  1. It is nice to go here at night for the movies. It is ashamed that such a nice hotel has a crappy beach. The Thompson Hotel should do something about it. They also don’t let their customers know about the construction next door. A huge hotel is being build next to it and is an eyesore.

  2. I don’t see a schedule for Feb. yet but I’m interested in checking it out. Are the movies played in English or Spanish?

    • Hello Lisa

      The movies can be in either language and usually with subtitles. These movies are from Cineclub which promotes movies around the city. They have a Facebook page. The Thompson does different events from time to time and it looks like this is not a constant feature. We can check with them as see if they will start this up again or will do this on a somewhat regular basis. There is a new hotel next door so this might effect the light and sound.

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