Alux Restaurant-Most Unique Restaurant in Playa Del Carmen

Alux restaurant playa del carmen mexico cenote cave

Alux restaurant playa del carmen mexico cenote cave

This restaurant is a hole in the ground, literally! This restaurant is really the epitome of Playa Del Carmen. It serves up a fusion cuisine of local taste and highlights the natural landscape of the area in a way that no other restaurant does.

This restaurant is located in a cave/cenote which is just outside of the center of Playa Del Carmen. This should be on every tourist list for a unique experience for your trip to Playa Del Carmen and on locals list for at least going once in your lifetime and on a list to take guest.

The restaurant and lounge are open just in the evenings so plan your visit then. Most people like to come for drinks in the lounge and walk the loop through the cave. There are lights that come on as you walk around. It is open to all guest as long as there is not a private event going on. There is even a Mayan ceremony room where you can choose to have a wedding or vows renewed. This truly would be a special and memorable night in Playa.

Where the name Alux comes from

The name of the restaurant “Alux” comes from the local mythological elf-like creature that inhabits the woods. Like many cultures these creatures are blamed for their mischievous behavior and when items go missing people say “it must have been the alux”. The alux are said to live in caves

Dress code for Alux Restaurant

The restaurant overall is comfortable dressy. This means button shirt for guys with pants and woman with basic dress or flowing pants with blouse. The restaurant is more formal then the lounge so if you are just coming for drinks then you might wear something a little more casual. It should be noted that it can be more warm and humid then you would think a cave should be. So like the rest of Playa, wear light and cool clothes.

Menu at Alux

The menu is inspired by a fusion of cuisines just like the forces that created the unique culture of the area. Mayan, Mexican and International haute cuisine. You do know that when you see the words haute cuisine that prices are expensive and that is why we have categorized this place as a high end restaurant.Alux restaurant map cave cenote


Unless you are sold by the romantic location or something special on the menu, plan on coming for drinks and see how it goes. You might want to maximize your night in Playa by seeing this unique place, having some drinks and then having dinner on 5th Avenue or other downtown location.

Location Map

Av. Juarez between 65th Av & 70th Av, west of Highway 307, Playa del Carmen, Q. Roo, Mexico  This is just our of center and you will need to drive here or take a taxi. There is on street parking. A taxi should cost 25 pesos from the center, but, this is such a tourist place and you know doubt are a tourist, taxi drivers might charge more. You can always ask to see their chart, but 25-35 pesos is fine. There are usually taxis readily available on the return trip as well.


Open Monday-Sunday 5:30pm-11:00pm

Phone number



MasterCard and Visa accepted.


Alux restaurant playa del carmen mexico cenote cave
Bar at Alux Restaurant
Alux restaurant playa del carmen mexico cenote cave
Mayan Ceremony room

Have you been here before? What did you think? Let us know in the comments below.Mayan, Mexican and International haute cuisine. You do know that when you see the words haute cuisine that prices are expensive and that is why we have categorized this place as a high end restaurant.

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  1. Hola
    Traveling with wife e and twin toddlers. Looked for a New Years eve restaurant but looks like akul is closed
    Any suggestions? Grand hyatt wanted 165pp and 75 for toddlers!

    • Prices for New Years is always high. We never pay it. Almost every restaurant is going to be open so you have lots of options. Most of the ones on 5th are good for street views but you pay more for what you get. Many restaurants just off 5th are better and you pay about 20% less. Is there a type of cuisine you are looking for?

  2. Is it recommended to make a reservation? Or is it possible to stroll in after we’ve explored 5th avenue? I just can’t imagine such a beautiful restaurant being available for walk ins.

    P.S – Your site is amazing. It’s helped me so much and I’ve spent hours here. Thank you!

    • Wow, thanks for the compliments! In regards to Alux Restaurant, if you want to dine here it is good to make a reservation because it is an upscale restaurant and they like to be prepared and sometimes it can be rented out for an event or wedding party. You should note it is not on 5th or near 5th Avenue. You will need to take a taxi to it. It is not far but one of the reasons it is not always packed. If you cannot get in for dinner, going for drinks is good too because you can have a cool drink and walk the path in the cave. Enjoy!!!

    • Children are allowed but you don’t often see them at dinner because it is a fine dinning restaurant. The drinks are usually between 100-200 pesos each.

    • The price of a dinner here at Alux Restaurant will be about 150-300 pesos for a main course. Appetizers around 90-150 pesos and dessert 100-200 pesos. What you drink will affect the price a lot. Cocktails are about 100-190 pesos. Overall it is a very unique experience and something that tourist should experience.

  3. Can you just go to Alux for drinks in the evening? When are the quietest days that are unlikely to have weddings so you can walk round the restaurant? Thanks

    • You can just got for drinks. There is a separate lounge area you can sit at and self guide your way around when you are ready. The weekend is always a monte popular time there so if you go during the week it will be a little more calm.

  4. I heard it’s so hot and humid inside , that it makes it almost impossible to have dinner there . Is it true ? And do you know price range for private rooms there . Thank you .

    • The restaurant can be humid and for being a cave you might expect it to be cooler. There are fans and air conditioning in areas. Some might find it humid and warm. Most don’t mind for the experiences.
      You will need to contact them for the most current prices of private room.

  5. Spent May 2 to May 9 in Playa Del Carmen. Love this city. We preplanned before we arrived to come to the Alux. We were NOT disappointed! We had the Surf & Turf. The meal was amazing!!! The cave atmosphere was awesome and all the staff were great! There are many stairs to get into the restaurant, and staff were very helpful to ensure our safety.Highly recommend the Alux for a memorable experience.

  6. Fabulous final evening in Playa spent having a long dinner at Alux!!! 3 adults and 4 18 year old high school graduates. All were enticed by the exquisite setting, and food was fabulous. The beet and goat cheese salad was a hit, as were the shrimp tacos. Make it a ‘must visit’ spot on your Riviera Maya itinerary ❤️

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